mark castillo
Tuesday, October 31
Furious George cgi game [via metafilter]
jen, be careful if you go out tonight. i think they still throw eggs in jc.
oh yeah, happy halloween!
SQL for Web Nerds
Monday, October 30
Link Log
my first homepage was like this site. i used it as a journal of sites i visited. i like this site
top referrers for october:
pop tart
Scamming Google Webmasters can drive traffic to their site through Google by creating rings of pages feigning discussion of a given topic. tsk tsk tsk
IES L-600, first open-source console and something to watch for spring 2001
Sunday, October 29
Ridge Racer V, was the only game i could rent from blockbuster. looking for Dynasty Warriors 2. looks interesting but not something i would buy until i played it
on mtv's fear, 5000 bucks is not enough for the possible risk of psychological damage
redesigned the site, not sure i like it yet. table spacing and font errors on netscape but it's too late to fix them, sorry. trying to keep it simple still. changes: layout, removed cartoon image, some blogger settings, and the link/ bio format
Friday, October 27
Yankees win World Series!
Thursday, October 26
Dungeons & Dragons trailer
eBay item 477588627 (Ends Oct-26-00 14:19:22 PDT) - Sony Playstation 2 II Game Console. Currently $1,525.00 First bid $399.99 Quantity 1 Time left 1 hour, 10 mins + . ouch. if he waited, $1500 would be enough for the system and all 26 games
Wednesday, October 25
jen, the pics should be in all lower case. tn_fin.jpg
222am EST happy birthday ry
Some 72,000 customers lose power in San Francisco for an hour Wednesday. maybe it was good i drove into work today
bush thumbs via metafilter
NBC's 'Tucker' Is First Casualty of Fall Freshmen. great, the one show i really liked gets canned.
link to archives. reminder to add later
Tuesday, October 24
Mets will win today, i doubt that
2 days till p2
Friday, October 20
sorry ry, got caught up in something. have a good weekend
Wednesday, October 18
testing a theory...Rate Me on!
the bestpretty goodokaypretty badthe worsthelp?
well. it's already the 19th on east coast time. happy birthday jen! good luck on those exams. i think ryan's birthday on the 26, the p2 release date
lyn, you would like this site : The Buffy Log!
Every company should have an option #7
> >it's safe, don't worry...
> >Follow the directions below:
> >Call National Discount Brokers at:
> >1. dial 1-800-888-3999 (yes, its free)
> >2. listen to all of the options
> >3. after hearing #7, hit 7
Don't forget j hilario's Birthday on October 19
well vic, i been the foosball whipping boy for the past week. not good, it's bring down my winning percentage.
Tuesday, October 17
Couple Trades Gunfire With Police During Chase Through S.F.. pls avoid any shootouts or car chases during rushhour and in the soma area, that would really help my commute home
fast.WebLogs.Com. sweet but is it really faster? and if you read a lot of weblogs, i suggest signing up for an account. it's free!
i missed the first half of dark angel because of the yankee seattle game. ny subway series, here it comes. i grew up watching baseball, more specifically ny yankee baseball, with my dad. so over the years, i slowly stopped watching except when the yankees make the playoffs. watching them over the past couple of games, it really brings back some memories and man, they are really good. one final point: as bob costa been repeating over the entire playoffs, it's too bad this game now takes over 4 hours to play
kub from Parker Lewis Can't Lose is on dark angel. maybe they'll make him a regular
why is jessica alba been frisked again on dark angel? the hitman on the first show and now by some cop. that's the second time in three show.s. i missed last week so there might have been more. if it's a regular thing, that would be funny
Geeks for Gore, hehehe. lyn, you'd like this site News | Save me, Alex Rodriguez We non-New Yorkers implore the baseball gods: Please don't make us suffer a Subway Series.
mmm, spam
Monday, October 16
another reminder, for my cuz jen . i know this is you, so post something because i don't think this is your page
reminder for vic : put up the link to as well as to update some links.
blogger seems slow. wonder what the problem could be
Sunday, October 15
while luis was at a friend's house, we took ethan to the mall yesterday. he was so quiet and slept almost the entire time. i think he likes riding in the stroller.

prepaid for p2 and we're gonna get it on oct 26. sweet

Friday, October 13
waiting for laundry again
should ethan be a carrot for halloween?
ethan finally cooed at me when i talked to him. he's been doing it for a while with my wife but i never heard him. he just made my day better
not using jscript to syndicate my blog. everything is here now and the redirect to my geocities mirror has been removed. we now return to your regularly scheduled program
Thursday, October 12
must see thursday, it's not the same without seinfled
tired already. this week is going by really slow
woof woof
changed my guestbook again. do not sign it. (reverse psychology, hehehe)
paper cups are not re-useable. if you put coffee into it, gotta throw it away. you can't put it back with the new paper cups
Wednesday, October 11
so how does an already horrible commute day end? car lights left on and a dead battery. in the morning, i luckily got the last parking spot in the dirt but i missed my train causing me to miss the shuttle bus. on the way home, i end up standing in a usually empty shuttle bus. the train is delayed so i have to stand in a packed car for an hour. then the car/battery thing. funny thing, i was thinking about driving into work which probably would have avoided this whole mess.
and i should be able to make phone calls too
wanted the Compaq iPAQ H3600 Series Pocket PC, but that 500 dollar hit would really hurt. not too keen on the visors anymore. i just want an affordable all-in-one device where i can listent to mp3s, read web clippings, play some games, manage my life with pim apps, watch some short movies and maybe change a channel or open the garage. is that too much to ask? until then, i have to settle with my aging 2 year old palmpilot pro. errg
added redirect to geocities mirror. apologize for any inconvenience
Tuesday, October 10
missed dark angel, oh well
updated my other site, fish bait. random news articles from the web
Monday, October 9
seth green was hilarous on tucker. i wonder if he's going to be a regular.
i don't recall ever having columbus day off. anyways, thank you chris columbus. i was able to get parking (actual parking, not on the sidewalk in the dirt) at the train station today.
Sunday, October 8
ny baseball teams knock the bay area teams from the playoffs.
October Sky, great movie based on a true story.
Friday, October 6
if you're on ie, you probably won't see this post on . however if you're reading this on, you probably will. what's going on?
Digimon: The Movie is coming out today. surprised luis has mentioned wanting to see it yet
Thursday, October 5
watching the 1992 all star bball game on espn. the east is getting spanked 99-66, ouch
if you were trying to read my blog within the last 5 hours, you had jscript turned on. i accidently left in quotes which breaks the jscript. sorry
don't know what broke but my dsl internet connection seems to be back up. yah
not sure if you know each other. unabashed and vic, aurora borealis post. coincidence or maybe it's just because they are both in canada
listed in Open Directory. sweet, connection came up long enough to be reviewed
think my dsl connection is back up. pls
so in preparation for no dsl tonight, i downloaded netzero. 56k, 8|
work connection seems to flakey. unrelated to dsl at home
dsl connection went down yesterday night so my site is still down. if you're reading this right now, you are on the geocities mirror site
Wednesday, October 4
mail server slow, still waiting for email i sent to myself
reposted because it's happening again : yahoo companion is acting wierd again. it alerts me to a new email message but there isn't one
Tuesday, October 3
in dark angel, there was a scene with max and some other girl playing foosball. you're not supposed to spin, just wanted to point that out
still up, waiting for laundry again
dark angel was pretty good. the scenes with max on the Space Needle were cheesy. btw, i hate sites which crash when you want to skip the flash intro.
got an invite in the mail for a johnnie walker party. how do i get into these mailing lists?
Monday, October 2
nbc monday night lineup was pretty good. i liked daddio and tucker alot. tucker reminds of parker lewis can't lose
jess tried to sign the gbook but got a 404. not looking like a good switch so far. thanks again for trying to sign it
added to asianlog webring. thanks Dican for clearing up the confusion
changed my guestbook. please sign it, pretty please
Baby Cam: The camera trained on Kimberly’s crib automatically switches between daytime and a special low-light nighttime mode. that camera might be useful for us, not as netcam though. hook the cam to the tv. at night i could leave the tv on and we could see ethan instead of just hearing him on the baby monitor
came to work late. my timing is all off
Sunday, October 1
still up, waiting for laundry again
lyn, i think you would like this weblog. The Leaky Cauldron: We Blog for Harry.
i need to organize my bookmarked weblogs. there's a folder called random which contains over 30 bookmarks, ergh
Daemon News : Answerman - Help, I've Fallen, article about shell scripting. read tomorrow
my back hurts. not a good sign
listed in FilDesign
ryan, that splash page is hilarious
ethan don't cry, daddy got you now, daddy loves you so, ethan don't cry this little song seems to calm him down and Staples are offering $1 domains for a limited time.. i got one and it was only a dollar
waiting for laundry again
added a guestbook. Sign My Guestbook, please
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