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Thursday, November 30
in observance of World AIDS Day, please visit the following sites to learn more HIV/AIDS :

The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt website < > has information about World AIDS Day on the Internet and in communities around the world.

The National AIDS Trust <> and AVERT <> provide information about HIV/AIDS services and World AIDS Day in the United Kingdom and internationally. The United Methodist Church < > provides World AIDS Day information in English, Spanish and French.

learn about A DAY WITH(OUT) WEBLOGS project <> . visit other participants of the project : < >

every now and then, i get these 2 error msgs on netscape 4.7:
  1. bookmarks have changed on disk and are being reloaded.
  2. warning: cannot allocate colormap entry for default background

when i get time, gonna look into this problem

FasTrak User Dead Last in Bay Bridge Dash/Metering lights prove to be his Waterloo in 4-way race
easyeverything, the world's largest internet cafe, opened on nyc's times square
entertainment news :
DAVID SPADE ATTACKED: David Spade was assaulted in his home by his personal assistant during an apparent robbery attempt on Wednesday, The Associated Press reports. David Malloy attacked the 36-year-old Just Shoot Me star with a stun gun, but fled the scene by the time police arrived. He was later arrested on suspicion of burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a stun gun. Bail was set at $50,000. Spade suffered only minor injuries and was treated at the scene.
Demand for elusive PlayStation 2 swamps e-tail sites
Wednesday, November 29
O'Reilly Network: The System Startup Daemon: init
Security basics, Part 1 Unix 101, Mo Budlong begins a three-part series on Unix security. In this installment, he explains how to set basic file and directory permissions.
It's a sad day, my mouse is wearing down. "Micro" is now showing instead of "Microsoft". They should have inscribed it onto the mouse itself. jen, what are you doing with your mouse?
Xbox to tempt parents with online banking option
BSD to leapfrog Linux?
visit George W. Bush or Chimpanzee and dance with gw
FiringSquad There isn't a simple way to describe Warcraft 3, so we'll simply refer to as the "ultimate Blizzard Real Time Strategy game." Blizzard has incorporated the best parts of all of its previous games into Warcraft 3.
keep clinton in office!
Nintendo keeps handheld gaming under its thumb. the gb advance looks like it will dominate the market as well. i wonder if they could include pda features, hmmm...
happy birthday luis!
Tuesday, November 28
Pocket PC devices making headway against Palm. and it's already starting, palm is headed down the same road as netscape.
read after lunch :
thanks vic!
wmx is a window manager for X. It's based on wm2, and it retains a similar look and feel, but it's intended to provide an experimental vehicle for features that fall comfortably outside the scope of the manifesto for the original wm2.
Monday, November 27
SuperSonics Fire Coach Westphal
Linux happened by accident, Torvalds autobiography says
installed W3M, it is a pager/text-based WWW browser which is similar to lynx but it can render tables, frames, and it's small.
Students Get out Vote ... Fraud? No matter what rules you have in place, college students are in a unique position to vote twice if they wanted to because they have two valid IDs," said Kevin Kennedy, the executive director of the State Elections Board, referring to a student's home address and college address. "And who knows how many illegal sets of IDs they have so they can drink beer?"
BabyCenter | Your 3-Month-Old's Development
Sunday, November 26
Bush Declared Florida Winner. oh well, life goes on...
my little sis finally got her blog working. 8)
Saturday, November 25
tabloid news : Chelsea Clinton linked with movie star Affleck. i thought it was somewhat funny.
BSD Central, the /root for BSD resources
O'Reilly Network: Discovering Unix System Processes Part II
Man Finds His Stolen Car on in the Internet
Friday, November 24
Virtual woman woo Japanese men uh, ok Five Crappiest Tech Jobs
Openroot is a project where people can log into a box on my network and use root freely. People can (a) learn how to administer a UNIX system, (b) experiment, or (c) do whatever they see fit, create an irc server, web server, it's out of my hands. As long as you don't do anything destructive. i have my own box to play on but if you need one...
MP3 to kill the CD by 2005
Wednesday, November 22
fogbugz, web - based viral bug tracking system. $199 for small development teams (up to 5 users) and $1995 for a site license.
The PeopleSoftTouch PeopleSoft software has forced a Delaware manufacturer to cut paychecks to Mickey Mouse and let failing Wisconsin college students evade expulsion. Guess what software the San Francisco school district owns? from the article, it seemed like the bulk of the problem was caused by a third party consulting party. peoplesoft in the title was used just to attract more readers.
email forward : ...I see a conspiracy. Rob Lowe sleeps with an underage girl in Atlanta at the 1988 Democractic convention. He gets off scotfree. Now he resides in the Westwing which is the most blantant Democrat propaganda show ever and he has a brother named Chad. Coincidence? I think not.
watching the warriors - lakers game. the lakers are giving a clinic beating the warriors 70-43 at the half. shooting 80% in 2nd quarter, impressive.
for us residents : happy thanksgiving!
the beta Google Toolbar is out for only ie5 windows machines. besides the search, the only cool feature is the pagerank display of the current webpage.
at work, i am now using freebsd 3.3-release as my primary workstation and only using the w2k box for testing. trying to stop using windows as a crutch.
Mike Muuss, author of ping(1), dead at 42.
learn more about Discovering Unix System Processes
Yahoo shares drop to two-year low. is it a buy or the start of a downward trend?
FirstLinux provides a good number of resources for linux newbies.
Juno attempts to limit heavy Net use by making it harder for heavy online users to maintain a consistent Net connection, especially during business hours. with so many free isps, i would expect many to move to the next one. providing poor service isn't the best business pratice.
Tuesday, November 21
The Code of the Geeks v3.12
the blogger search is still offline. We're sorry, search is down for maintenance at the moment. It should be up and running again soon. i wonder if they just forgot to update the page after the upgrade.
came across : Xanboo Internet Home Management System, it will enable individuals to remotely observe, control their homes, businesses.
and the turkey of the year is ...
at work : yesterday, the router's hardware failed causing the loss of internet connectivity for a couple of hours. early this morning, our primary mail server died. this afternoon, pg&e decided to shutdown the power in our grid. hope everything stays up this thanksgiving break.

since the building had no electricity ( 3 hr + outage ), i got to go home early and spend some extra time with my baby boy. 8)

the primary mail server at work is down. err
Monday, November 20
according to IQ Test, i have an iq of 89 ( Partially retarded, Worldwide Average: 102 ). i took this test some time ago and just checked my spam account today.
Sunday, November 19
played Fear Effect ( which i got used for 13 bucks, what a steal ) and so far it looks like a good game. the story and graphics are great but the camera angles and the load times are giving me problems. also playing the starcraft demo but only on the commute to work.
Saturday, November 18
Robots I've Built. looks like a good inexpensive hobby, should start here. found it thru his weblog.
right now : i'm reading some favorite blogs, waiting for laundry while striking distance is playing on showtime in the background. in other words, i'm just killing some time
Friday, November 17
my link log : linkwatcher is a system designed to publicize and monitor weblogs. It visits all the blogs it knows about once every hour, updates the search engine, and determines whether each blog has changed. metalog is a personal weblog, combining entries from a journal, a self-improvement site, a programming site, and other stuff I just wanted to remember.
blogger has More server problems.
learn about unix system processes. :: blogtrumps. it reminded me of weblog junior high.
entertainment : robin williams was hilarous on Whose Line Is It Anyway. maybe they could try to get jim carrey? lakers beat the kings. didn't see the game but saw kobe on the highlights. on the tonight show, ben affleck's impressions of gore and clinton were funny until his impression of leno
testing.. blogger is acting funny.
Thursday, November 16
France's First Gene-Screened Baby. the start of Gattaca
5th Annual Obfuscated Perl Contest: Awards - The Perl Journal [ via slashdot ] pretty cool stuff. Technology | Do-it-yourself "Star Wars". reminder : watch movies later
Wednesday, November 15
changed the colors. not sure about the yellow for the links. i didn't want the links underlined but then you couldn't tell if they were links. so i made the links yellow
The Bradlands | World AIDS Day | Day Without Weblogs
Specialty's Cafe & Bakery opened up shop in the building i work. a welcome addition to the scarce affordable eating establishments in the soma area
Tuesday, November 14
You've Got Blog. pretty cool read, if you follow meg, jason or blogger.
happy b-day alyssa!
The iRobot-LE [ via geekpress ] great christmas present. hint hint.
AltaVista Entertainment : Mr. Rogers Leaves 'Neighborhood' [ via danelope ]
Cubism, Web-Browser Style The browser works with ordinary Web pages and is an alternative to having half-a-dozen browser windows open at once. Instead, the 2Ce browser allows six pages to be worked on simultaneously -- in the same window. seems like a great idea especially caching the linked pages in the background
Netscape 6. it seems a bit faster but opening pages in new windows is still slow.
Monday, November 13
some cool 'by filipino' websites
i was able to get some play time on Kessen. this game is the exact reason why i rent games before i buy them. that sounded really bad but kessen (imho) isn't a keeper. the graphics were ok but i thought they could have been better. as for the gameplay, either i was extremely good or the game was really easy. i was mowing thru enemy forces like they weren't there. i liked dynasty warriors 2 better, even though i wouldn't buy that title either
Philippine President Estrada Impeached The House speaker on Monday proclaimed President Joseph Estrada impeached on charges that he received millions of dollars in illegal payoffs. With a bang of his gavel, Speaker Manuel Villar declared that the articles of impeachment would be sent to the Senate for a trial to determine whether Estrada should be removed from office.
NBA ON TNT "LA Lakers @ Sacramento Kings", THURSDAY - 11/16 8:00 p.m. et / 5:00 p.m. pt. i think i can catch the second half
Sunday, November 12
there's a pretty cool Mosquito Killer game in flash 5 on PeteDotCom
a rented copy of Kessen is sitting unplayed on the counter. i might not get a chance to play it this week
Saturday, November 11
just saw Keeping the Faith. great romantic comedy. stiller, norton and elfman were wonderful.

right now watching :: David Spade: Take the Hit on hbo and spade is killing me. he is so funny.

Friday, November 10
got on Power Bloggers. 34. mark castillo dot org :: 9 :: 1. must be a mistake
the link to the superstats public stats doesn't seem to work. Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function getpubreportslist() in /usr/local/lib/phplib-6.1/php/ on line 42. i guess i should do something about that.
Ballot Child's Play for 8-Year-Olds [ via metafilter ] ouch.
Winona Ryder's hush-hush relationship with rocker Beck has reportedly come to an end. According to US Weekly, the couple - who never publicly admitted they were an item - decided they made better friends. interesting
somebody tell me when it's over ( the election fiasco ). i'm quite tired
cool stop more random cool sites, hehehe. [ via slim.girl ]
Thursday, November 9
re-enactment of the entire Star Wars Trilogy with Legos [ via /usr/bin/girl ]
Wednesday, November 8
jen, what is a Moderate Populist? i wish (or some webiste) had a faq of all the parties, their stand on the issues, links, blab blah blah blah. you know what i mean Centrist adj : supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative [syn: middle-of-the-road] n : a person who takes a position in the political center [syn: middle of the roader, moderate, moderationist]
according to - VoteMatch Presidential Candidate Selector, i am a Centrist. my scores: Personal Score 58% Economic Score 54% (still not sure what it means)
tim russert looked like such a herb with that white board last night.
here are some gift ideas
the father to be. great site. before my baby boy was born, i was thinking about starting a similar blog. my wife had some objections to it which i can't seem to recall. anyways, it seems like a great site.

here's another thing i found interesting: instead of having Blogger write the HTML code for me, I have it spit out the journal entries in raw XML format. From there I use the handy, but a little tricky, XML::Parser Perl module to generate some browser-readable, and W3C-validated, XHTML code. nice.

Tuesday, November 7 got slightly annoying. just to view a couple of links, you have to register. errgh
on, i fixed the exclude and favorites. i also added the search the weblogs feature.

my commute home doesn't look too good. why does this report have to be in ALL CAPS?!

so i found this link as a referrer. wierd, couldn't find a link to my site anywhere
lyn, you would like this
the other mark castillo
jen, Make sure there is a check in the box called "NO FILE RENAME" otherwise the file won't post. for the support pages on, click here
blogger is extremely sluggish today
User Interface Design for Programmers. read later is up now. sweet and now if you use blogger, posting will be so much easier
Monday, November 6 Sony Pulls in Over $250 Million at Launch. i helped contribute to this insane number although my portion might be lower than others. so we broke in two games, dynasty warriors 2 and smuggler's run, which i able to rent from blockbuster. dw2 is a really good and might spark a new genre (i got that from a review but i believe it). it's a fight fight hack and slash game with some great graphics. the fight moves are very limited and repetitive. but imagine yourself getting on a horse and wiping out half an army with huge sword. it's unreal but that another game. sr is crazy taxi but with multi player.
i missed the growing pains movie reunion yesterday. dicaprio wasn't going to be on even though he was part of the last season. if you watched, please email me about it
The Milwaukee Channel - Cigarettes Distributed For Gore Vote. very disturbing
Kessen review on, read later.
Wireless Developer Network - Introduction To XSLT and XPath. unfortunately, i could not get the example to work. it would have been a nice work around for using xml without having actually installed a xml parser on my machine. but i would be excluding a small section of users who still use netscape
maARTe! - pinoys telling stories on the web
Sunday, November 5 GBA: IGNpocket's Game Boy Advance FAQ. a lot of info
Saturday, November 4
watching Rules of Engagement. the beginning looks pretty good
Friday, November 3
fonts seem wierd on netscape 4.08
Mike's Message 01/12/00 about gwbush
It appears you cannot read and write on an adult level. I'm sad to say it, but you may be a functional illiterate. How can we entrust our nuclear secrets to you if you can't read them?.


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the exclude and favorites buttons aren't working on gotta fix that and add the search app
i'm in the process of moving all my content (the very little i have) to blogger. it just seems easier to manage everything, plus i'm lazy
site info
this site is currently running apache/1.3.12 on openbsd. the box is a compaq presario 774cds, intel pentium 75mhz, 725mb hd, 16mb of ram and a netgear ethernet card.
about me
i'm a twenty-something happily married dad living the sfbay area. i work as a qa tester, which means i get to break stuff. i was born in the philippines but grew up in jersey city. that's my brief bio, thanks for reading
when i post
monday - friday : 10 am to 5 pm and 9pm to 12 am
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made my own version of which is really plain. check it out at i'll post more info later today
Thursday, November 2
bookmarked GeekPress
GeekPress is a filter for technical news, summarizing the most interesting and offbeat technical news and commentary of the day.
Wednesday, November 1
mp3 playlist qtip, sarah mclachlan, tlc, alanis morissette, beastie boys, bjork, fiona apple, lauryn hill, lenny kravitz, jewel, tribe called quest, aaliyah, beck, erykah badu, jodeci, dido, dru hill, d'angelo, destiny's child, wu tang, janet jackson, swv, poor righteous teachers, digable planets, rage against the machine, no doubt, anita baker
the debut - a filipino american movie via [imnotweird]
hi romeo. thanks for signing my guestbook but i'm not latin.
one dumb redesign to another. i'm not even changing that much. oh well
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