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Monday, December 31
Within the depths of this site you will find new hardware, various technical and non-technical material related to the Vectrex, many detailed "How-To's" for your building pleasure, current projects that other Vectrex enthusiasts and myself are working on, tons of archived historical information and pictures, and much much more. Go get your Woobie and a cup-o-Joe! Then sit down and start absorbing the vast resources of this site.
ClassicGaming's mission is to reunite gamers with their favorite games of old, allowing them to once again enjoy classic games via emulation. We also strive to create a home to emulation developers and fans of classic games by offering hosting services and exposure to exceptional classic gaming related web sites. Finally, we aim to become the largest source of information on classic games, giving recognition to the systems and games that shaped the industry into what it is today.

I've probably linked here already but just in case...

States ask judge to reject Microsoft delay request
Nine states opposed to a proposed settlement of the Microsoft antitrust case ask a federal judge to reject the company's request for a delay in hearings on alternative sanctions.
Is it buyer beware or Ebay's responsability when 75 winners of Playstation 2 systems receive nothing but a picture of the unit that cost them $300.00?
Sunday, December 30
Strategy Gaming Online
STRATEGY GAMING ONLINE has provided insightful and penetrating reviews on the web for computer games since August 1998. Addressing the needs of the core market of gamers, SGO has kept a strict focus on strategic games and continues to provide support with cutting-edge previews, downloads and cheats/hints to all the top games. SGO also offers industry news, release dates and site hosting for strategic game fan sites. Receiving an average of 10,000 hits a day, STRATEGY GAMING ONLINE is an essential bookmark to the serious strategy gamer.
When we first started to plan AllRPG we wanted it to be a place for fellow RPG fanatics to come together. But we didn’t want to be known as just a large message forum, we wanted to be known for our content and journalism above all else. All of the previous versions of AllRPG have been known mostly for their forums and news coverage. Now with AllRPG 4.0 we believe that we have reached our goal of living up to the "All" RPG name by having content that will match or outweigh the forums by comparison. It is our mission to provide you, the RPG players of the world with all of the most up to date information and news as it happens. As well as provide a place for you to express your opinions and interact with this environment.
Online spreadsheet provider to close site
Web-based software company Alphablox is ending its service, which provides interactive spreadsheets and calculators, according to a note on the Web site.
PlayStation 2 Holds Slight Edge in Sales Over Xbox
Sony Corp.'s year-old PlayStation 2 is leading the multibillion-dollar video game console race, followed closely by Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox and Nintendo Co.'s GameCube, according to a report released Monday by Credit Suisse First Boston. Sony sold 962,000 PlayStation 2 consoles between Nov. 11 and Dec. 8, according to CSFB estimates based on figures compiled by research firm NPDFunworld. Microsoft, which launched Xbox on Nov. 15, sold 934,000 consoles. The GameCube, introduced Nov. 18, sold 602,000.

via Playstation 2 Outsells both Xbox and Gamecube

Saturday, December 29
Slashdot | A Newbie's Guide To A Lo-Fat Linux Desktop
"This article is what I needed a few years ago, when I first started playing with Linux. It's about building a fast and usable desktop using software that doesn't need a squillion horsepower." Good article if you are putting together an older machine to run as a dedicated box, or what to cobble together a terminal with spare parts.
Friday, December 28
Online shoppers evade holiday hassle
It is the dreaded season of gift returns--a particularly thorny issue online, where sending back a gift is usually confusing and costly for the customer and equally troublesome for the store. After years of trying to improve the system through software and online tools, an increasing number of merchants are falling back on a decidedly low-tech answer by simply letting customers bring their returns to brick-and-mortar stores. "More retailers are accepting goods in their stores, and that number will continue to grow," said Kate Delhagen, a Forrester Research analyst. "Wal-Mart didn't allow it last year, but this year they do. Overall, it's a positive for the consumers and, in some cases, for the retailers--but not always."
Thursday, December 27
Blogger is back. If you missed it before, Blogger was offline most of today due to a security breach (i.e., hackers/crackers, whatever you like to call them). We believe all data was recovered, and you can now log in with your normal username and password. As mentioned before, however, we strongly recommend you change your FTP server password if you stored it on Blogger. (We have no evidence this information was accessed, but better safe than sorry.) Also, it wouldn't hurt to change your Blogger password.
Why Goldfish Might Turn Blue
Through genetic manipulation, scientists are hoping to breed fish that will change color as a warning that their water is polluted.
Wednesday, December 26
Christmas was good. That's that.
Tuesday, December 25
ShareBuilder: Promotions
ShareBuilder offers investors a new and unique way to invest for the long-term. Through ShareBuilder, you can set up an account entirely online that will build your portfolio over time, by making automatic, recurring dollar-based investments.
Monday, December 24
State of Emergency Designer Diary Entry
The original concept and design for a game based on urban rioting was conceived in 1998 in the dank dungeon of the VIS Entertainment in Dumferline, Scotland. Inspiration? First and foremost, English soccer matches! I have been in the middle of a few myself, and I have never been pummeled. But perhaps the lunatics at VIS took a few beatings to the head at a few games...I think brain damage may explain how they thought up State of Emergency. Then again, Toxtead, Brixton, Birmingham, Bradford, and the Poll Tax Riots were also contributors to our exposure to rioting as we grew up.
'Four' Might Scare Japanese, Chinese to Death
Beware the number four -- or at least the power of the ancient Chinese superstition that links the number to death. A researcher at the University of California, San Diego has found that deaths caused by heart attacks among U.S. residents of Chinese and Japanese descent tend to spike on the fourth of the month, an increase linked to the psychological stress brought about by fear of the number itself. David Phillips, a UCSD sociologist, examined more than 47 million computerized death certificates for the 25-year period to 1998 for a study published in the December edition of the British Medical Journal.
Saturday, December 22
Dell pricing goof clears gadget shelves
A pricing mix-up on Dell's Web site has forced the PC maker to cancel some orders with Christmas right around the corner. The Austin, Texas-based company had been offering refurbished Altec Lansing AD880 speakers, which normally sell for $229, for about a tenth of that price on its Web site. The speakers were listed on the site from Dec. 6 through Dec. 11 for $24.95, according to the company, which attributed the mistake in pricing to "human error." Message boards geared toward online shopping discounts--such as news of the low price, and eager shoppers jumped at it.
Frugal Tips by Jean Scott
Q: We saw you and Brad on "Dateline." You both looked good, but was everything they said on that show really true? A: Every time Brad and I appear on TV, we get a flood of mail–e-mail and snail. No, not everything that was said on the show was exactly accurate. A little background here. The "Dateline" crew filmed us for two 12-hour days. They seemed very committed to portraying our lives realistically. However, none of the crew knew very much about casinos and gambling. I tried to give them as many details as I could so they could produce a balanced picture, but the glamorous stuff always impresses more than all the study and VP schedules. So, when they took all that film and cut and mixed it until they got the 10 minutes to be aired, some details came out, well, not quite right. No, we don’t "make a living" gambling. Brad receives a pension that would allow us to live comfortably if we never went into a casino and we have savings and investments from a lifetime of frugality. However, none of the crew knew very much about casinos and gambling. I tried to give them as many details as I could so they could produce a balanced picture, but the glamorous stuff always impresses more than all the study and VP schedules. So, when they took all that film and cut and mixed it until they got the 10 minutes to be aired, some details came out, well, not quite right. No, we don’t "make a living" gambling. Brad receives a pension that would allow us to live comfortably if we never went into a casino and we have savings and investments from a lifetime of frugality. However, we do play in the casinos about 80 hours a month (the total for the two of us). Because we’ve learned to use the comp system wisely, we don’t have to spend much of our own money for food, entertainment, gifts and many other expenses. So comps allow us to have a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.
Friday, December 21
Flocking to the Web for last-minute gifts
Holiday shoppers are clicking for last-minute gifts and bargains in record numbers this year, and online merchants are pulling out all the stops to keep orders coming until the 11th hour. Popular online merchants such as,, eBay and say traffic on their sites has been much higher this year in the last two weeks of the season--a time when holiday-shopping traffic usually drops off over concerns about on-time delivery. Monday was the best sales day of the year at, and the site has had its top three days ever for visitors this week, according to Vice President of Marketing Barry Judge. Last year, the site's best sales day was the Monday two weeks before Christmas.
Tuesday, December 18
DVD service delivers online
The epiphany came to Reed Hastings at the video store in 1997, when he tried to return a month-late copy of "Apollo 13": Blockbuster, we have a problem. The serial entrepreneur was hit with a $40 late charge and the idea for NetFlix, a new company that would combine the Web and mail order to give consumers a better way to rent movies while avoiding punishing late fees. "We were passe during the bubble because we weren't cutting-edge," said Hastings, NetFlix's CEO and co-founder. "But like AOL, we've focused on the ease of use, flat fees and unlimited usage." NetFlix's fortunes are rising at a time when many investors consider Internet commerce a financial black hole. There are a handful of success stories, of course--the Internet travel sector and online auctioneer eBay come to mind. But those starkly contrast the heaps of e-commerce cast-offs. In retrospect, many of those dead dot-coms shared a blueprint for failure: lavish marketing budgets; young, inexperienced management; and thinly threaded business plans. Why Is Offline? has enjoyed a sucessful life as a leader in the area of archiving television and radio advertising and related information for both consumers and the advertising industry. Our business, although strong, has been unable to weather the current economic realities beseiging the United States today. The short answer: we became so popular so fast that we couldn't stay afloat! We thank you for your continued support of, and hope that we will be back in full swing someday soon. Interested in helping out? You could always just send us some money... or send your condolences.
Slashdot | MacOSX Vs BeOS ShootOut
"After Palm purchased Be's assets, the future of BeOS became uncertain and a lot of users have left the platform. One of these users was Scot Hacker, mostly known for his 'BeOS Bible' book among other things. Scot tried to stick to Windows, then to Linux but he ended up with MacOSX. He has written a long and detailed article comparing, from the user's point of view, his beloved BeOS to his new favorite, MacOSX."
Monday, December 17
Lik Sang: Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set
The Flash Advance 64M/128M/256M is the first professional mass produced flash Card for the Gameboy™ Advance. Just like a Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data in it's Flash Memory. Once you have sent games, demos or programs to it's memory using the Flash Advance Linker, it can simply be plugged into the Gameboy Advance and it will act like an original game! The Flash Advance 64M/128M/256M will also allow you to store savegame data. This means once you've opened a lot of levels or you got some extra points in your game, you won't need to start from the scratch - it will save the game status just like an original cartridge with the game. Savegame data can be stored on your local PC Harddrive too, so you won't loose any data when you are using the flash card for other games.
Sunday, December 16
Michigan U. Offers 'Simpsons' Class
It won't be taught by the Simpsons' evangelical neighbor, Ned Flanders, but a philosophy class being added to Siena Heights University's curriculum will be based on the popular animated TV series. This winter, the university is offering a two-credit class on how religion and philosophy are part of popular culture, including ``The Simpsons.'' Readings will include ``The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer'' by William Irwin, and ``The Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the Most Animated Family.''
Saturday, December 15
Official: Bin Laden's Voice Detected
American forces heard Osama bin Laden giving orders over short-range radio in the Tora Bora area of eastern Afghanistan (news - web sites) during all-out assaults this past week on the rugged mountains and caves where he is believed hiding, a U.S. official said Saturday.
The Video Game Museum
Video game pics, scans, endings, and more. Ask Bagu about it many times.

A great resource for old video games. I just got my top loading nes from ebay. I'm into the old school thing right now.

How to pick the "perfect" Christmas tree.
So, how can you tell if a tree is fresh? First of all, check the bottom of the tree where it was cut. The sap or pitch should be soft and sticky. If it's hard and dry, go on to the next tree. The second test of freshness comes when you stand the tree upright and "bounce" it to loosen the branches. Be warned - only a few needles should fall off. Last, check the twigs and needles. They should be soft and flexible. An older tree will start to lose its needles from the inside up, and out towards branch tips.
mark castillo
changed back to really simple design. just felt like it, wasn't using the links on the side anyways.
Friday, December 14
Winona Ryder Arrested for Shoplifting in LA
When authorities were summoned they found Ryder with $4,760 worth of allegedly pilfered items and an unmarked bottle with prescription drugs inside, he said. Gilmond said Ryder was described by arresting officers as ``very courteous, polite, friendly ... a true lady,'' Gilmond said. Ryder's attorney, Mark Geragos, said during a press conference that the actress' arrest stemmed from a ''misunderstanding'' and predicted that the charges against her would ultimately be dismissed.
Microsoft rushes to close IE security hole
Microsoft released a security patch to plug a hole in its Web browser that could allow hackers to steal passwords and trick people into downloading virulent files. Microsoft said customers using Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and 6.0 should install the patch immediately. The patch, released Thursday, can be found on Microsoft's Web site. The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant, which in recent months has patched a wide range of security holes in its Web browser and Web server software, said the patch eliminates all previously known security problems affecting the two versions of IE and plugs three new holes.
Sellers cash in on Xbox, GameCube
If you're looking for a Microsoft Xbox or a Nintendo GameCube online this holiday season, expect to pay a premium. When they have the game systems in stock, online retailers such as, and are only offering them in bundles with games and extra controllers--and they're charging at least $100 over the prices for the consoles themselves. Consumers can find consoles without games and extras on auction sites such as eBay, but they should prepare for a bidding war. "There definitely are some frustrations among consumers," said Greg Bottorff, who runs and, Web sites that provide news and tips about the new game systems.
Thursday, December 13
YOJOE.COM | The 3 3/4" G.I. Joe Collector's Site
Dedicated to the G.I.Joe of the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond - G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero! YO JOE!

I'll post my restarted collection.

Wednesday, December 12
Report: American Taliban Says Biological Attack Near
The officials told the Times they questioned the credibility of Lindh's claims because of his apparent low-level status within the Taliban, which is loosely affiliated with al Qaeda, led by Saudi-born Islamic militant Osama bin Laden. Commenting on the story, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, Kenton Keith, said, ``We certainly have no indication that this report is based on fact. We don't have information on that.'' ``Where John Walker stood in the hierarchy of al Qaida is I guess for us to learn. It doesn't strike me that he would be on the inner circle of Osama bin Laden and (Ayman al-) Zawahiri and people like that, but I could be wrong,'' Keith said.
A Robot That Thrives on Slugs
Scientists at Britain's University of West England have developed the ``SlugBot,'' a prototype robot capable of hunting down more than 100 slugs an hour. It operates after dark when slugs are most active and uses their rotting bodies to generate the electricity it needs to power itself. The SlugBot is the brainchild of engineers at the university's Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory who wanted to build the world's first fully autonomous robot.
Monday, December 10
Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

forwarded email

Sunday, December 9
Slashdot | Wiring A New House?
"I'm building a new house. Once the electrician has run the phone lines I want to run cat5e ethernet cable. I figure two drops to each of the 6 rooms with phone lines. I've never done this but my plan is to run the ethenet cable through the same path that the phone lines follow. I'll use up the rest of the 1000 foot spool by running a third cable to a few of the rooms. Ethernet cable is cheap. I found solid cat5e 1000 foot spools for $60 delivered so the decision to run cat5e cable is a no brainer. The question is should I run fiber? I really don't know how much the cable costs since I don't know what cable to use. It is much easier to run cable before the drywall goes in so I want to make an informed decision now. Ten years from now will I need/want fiber?"
Saturday, December 8

If I were a work of art, I would be Piet Mondrian's Composition A.

I am rigidly organised and regimented, although my cold and unapproachable exterior hides a clever way of thinking and a rebellious and innovative nature. A lot of people don't understand me, but I can still affect them on an emotional level.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

Friday, December 7
I'll Be Hacked for Christmas
As thousands of XBoxes, iPods, talking Monsters Inc. dolls and other tech gifts make their way under Christmas trees this season, a few dedicated hobbyists are tearing these products apart in hopes of making improvements that manufacturers either didn't think of or didn't deem cost-effective. To help others who'd like to make the gift of technology a little more personal, these hackers are publishing their findings online alongside step-by-step instructions for duplicating their modifications.
Thursday, December 6
HBO Online: Sex and the City
Season 4 of Sex and the City returns in January 2002 with 6 new episodes.
| NINTENDO GAMECUBE Selling Non-Stop at Rate of 27 Per Minute
Nintendo of America reported today that, based on direct communications with its retailers, its new NINTENDO GAMECUBE home video game console has reached sales of nearly 600,000 units in America in 15 days, or an average of 27 per minute--nonstop--since its November 18th introduction.
Hacker had WorldCom in his hands
Internet backbone provider MCI WorldCom has acknowledged that network-intrusion specialist Adrian Lamo used a security hole in a company Web server to grant himself access to its administrative network. The quizzical hacker poked around WorldCom's system four times over the past two months, ending last Friday when he told the company of the hole and helped it secure a misconfigured server.
Syndicate Your Page
Do you have a webpage that you'd like to see provided in RSS, a syndication format used by hundreds of programs and read by thousands of people? Now it can happen. All you have to do is add a simple marker around each item.
The Age of Paine Revisited
Long ago -- so it feels -- in a galaxy far away, I wrote a story for Wired Magazine called "The Age of Paine" in which I prophesied a utopian outpouring of digital pamphleteering, individualism and democracy, all sparked by the liberating powers of the Net. Like other writers and editors at Wired then, I imagined a new kind of digital citizen, empowered by all the information the Net would bring him by the Net's distributed architecture. The digital citizen would be smart, civil and rational, outgrowing labels like "liberal" or "conservative", engaged in civics, technology, business and government; transcending dogma and cant. Maybe he or she will pop up, but probably not in my life.
The Battle Of The Consoles: From Atari To The Xbox
"There's been a lot of talk about Xbox, and GameCube, and even more speculation about the technology inside the box. However, the console wars are not going to be won based purely on technology. There's a long history of cyclical win and lose peaks and troughs for companies that have tried to stay the course in this business. Nintendo stands alone in having survived a number of generations of innovation and still managed to remain a contender in the market. Tom's Hardware has delivered this unique assessment of The Console Wars."
Wednesday, December 5
A new hope: Can "Star Wars" aid eBay?
Lucasfilm is also contributing two items that were inspired by the movies, including a replica lightsaber built by the model makers at Industrial Light & Magic, and a Darth Vader helmet cast from the original one used in the films. Industrial Light & Magic is Lucas' special-effects company, which created the visual effects and models for all of the "Star Wars" movies. The other 11 items Lucasfilm is contributing are models put together by Industrial Light & Magic model makers from kits sold by companies such as AMT. All of the items offered by Lucasfilm include certificates of authenticity, some signed by Lucas himself. The first item up for sale is a model of Anakin Skywalker's podracer, which Lucasfilm listed Tuesday night. The bidding starts at $200; as of Wednesday morning, no bids had been made.
Goner-A: How far will it spread?
The W32.Goner.A@mm or Goner worm is disguised as a screensaver that comes attached to an e-mail message. When the recipient opens the attachment, the worm activates and seeks out any locally installed antivirus and personal firewall software. The worm then attempts to erase all the files in the directory where the software is installed. It can also spread through file attachments sent by instant messaging systems.
Monday, December 3
Segway Human Transporter (HT) is the first enhancement to personal travel that fully integrates the user in the pedestrian world. Cover more ground. Be more productive. Move more intelligently.
Here is New York
HERE IS NEW YORK is not a conventional gallery show. It is something new, a show tailored to the nature of the event, and to the response it has elicited. The exhibition is subtitled "A Democracy of Photographs" because anyone and everyone who has taken pictures relating to the tragedy is invited to bring or ftp their images to the gallery, where they will be digitally scanned, archivally printed and displayed on the walls alongside the work of top photojournalists and other professional photographers. All of the prints which HERE IS NEW YORK displays will be sold to the public for $25, regardless of their provenance. The net proceeds will go to the Children's Aid Society WTC Relief Fund, for the benefit of the thousands of children who are among the greatest victims of this catastrophe.
I'll trade you two Picassos for three Monets.
While Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) may not be worth millions of dollars at auction (yet), the idea is starting to catch on. Participants create 64 by 89 millimeter (hockey card size) works of art using any media they want. Instead of selling the cards, the artists (and others) then trade them at local ATC gatherings. An exhibition of over 5000 cards is currently taking place in my hometown of Medicine Hat, but if Medicine Hat is not your holiday destination of choice, you could always organize a trading session in your own neighborhood.
HP philosophy gets political with Compaq deal
"Today, the HP Way has been diminished to only one (objective)--profit. Employees no longer feel valued, and (they) fear for their jobs," said an 18-year employee at a facility in Boise, Idaho. "I personally feel that HP is only catering to Wall Street these days so that the stock price will go up, stockholders will be happy and they can cash in their options." Management--and even some employees--see the situation differently. "The HP Way has always stood for respect for individuals. It is management by objectives. It is not about rewarding non-performance," said Jim McDonnell, vice president of worldwide marketing for HP's business customer organization. "In the current economic situation, we have had to do things that we haven't had to do before."
The Segway is a self-balancing people mover - powered by batteries and controlled by tilt-sensors and five solid state gyroscopes - that looks like a rotary lawnmower. The magic is in the balancing act š no matter how hard you try, it won't let you fall.

For the past three months, Kamen allowed TIME behind the veil of secrecy as he and his team grappled with the questions that they will confront - about everything from safety and pricing to the challenges of launching a product with the country at war and the economy in recession. Reinventing the Wheel
This week the guessing game comes to an end as Kamen unveils his baby under its official name: Segway. Given the buildup, some are bound to be disappointed. ("It won't beam you to Mars or turn lead into gold," shrugs Kamen. "So sue me.") But there is no denying that the Segway is an engineering marvel. Developed at a cost of more than $100 million, Kamen's vehicle is a complex bundle of hardware and software that mimics the human body's ability to maintain its balance. Not only does it have no brakes, it also has no engine, no throttle, no gearshift and no steering wheel. And it can carry the average rider for a full day, nonstop, on only five cents' worth of electricity.
Saturday, December 1
Dean Kamen Set to Unveil Mysterious 'IT' Invention
``IT,'' the mysterious, much- hyped invention that a down-on-its-luck hi-tech world has seized on as a possible revolutionary breakthrough in the realm of personal transportation, is ready to be unveiled on Monday. IT, also known by the code-name ``Ginger,'' is said to be some sort of personal Hovercraft or radical new transportation device, perhaps one that relies on an emission-free Stirling engine that recycles much of its own heat.
Excite@Home pulls plug on AT&T; more could go dark
At least one cable partner of Excite@Home has terminated high-speed Internet access to its customers in wake of a Friday court ruling that threatened to shut down the service, and others may be preparing to do the same thing. AT&T and Excite@Home confirmed Saturday afternoon that most of the 850,000 AT&T cable modem subscribers around the country were without high-speed Internet access.
World AIDS Day
So wear the Red Ribbon. Ask us about HIV and AIDS. Volunteer your time or make a donation, however small, however large, to your local HIV/AIDS organisation. Because lives depend on it.
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