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Tuesday, October 30
Clemens + Rivera = Yankees win
The Yankees showed the Diamondbacks they have an ace of their own -- not to mention the top postseason reliever ever. New York fought to a 2-1 Game 3 win behind seven solid innings from Roger Clemens and two from Mariano Rivera, slicing Arizona's lead in the series to a game and forcing the first November game in World Series history. Mike Morgan allowed a two-out single to Scott Brosius in the sixth that made Brian Anderson a loser. Game 1 winner Curt Schilling will start in Wednesday's Game 4 against Orlando Hernandez.
How Linux saved Amazon millions
Online retailer shaved millions of dollars from its technology costs last quarter by switching to the Linux operating system, a disclosure that could provide some guidance for other companies seeking to cut expenses in a stagnant economy. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the e-commerce giant said it was able to cut technology expenses by about 25 percent, from $71 million to $54 million. The reduction was attributed primarily to Amazon's "migration to a Linux-based technology platform that utilizes a less-costly technology infrastructure, as well as general price reductions for data and telecommunication services due to market overcapacity," according to the filing.
Coke to Buy Niche Drink Company Odwalla
Coca-Cola Co. on Tuesday said it will acquire U.S. beverage company Odwalla Inc. for $181 million in a deal that strengthens its presence in the fast-growing non-carbonated premium drink market.
Snapfish acquired by world's largest mail-order photo processor
We have exciting news! Snapfish, the nation's largest online photo service, has joined the District Photo family - the world's largest mail-order film processor with over 50 years of experience in the photo industry.
Monday, October 29
FBI Issues New Terrorism Warning
The FBI issued a new terrorism warning Monday asking Americans and law enforcement to be on the highest alert for possible attacks this week in the United States and abroad. The alert was based on new information that was deemed credible but was ``not specific as to intended targets or as to intended methods,'' FBI Director Robert Mueller said.
Judge Sentences Two Ohio Men to Dress as Women
Gamers compete for new video consoles
Each year it seems, a new game console is unveiled and a shopping frenzy is whipped up. Last year, it was Sony's PlayStation 2. In previous years, Nintendo's N-64, Sega's Genesis and Atari's 2600 had gamers and their parents lining up at brick-and-mortar stores. At stake among gamers are bragging rights over who brings home a console first. "With gamers, consoles are all about: 'I have one and you don't,'" Bartlett said. It'll be twice as bad this year with the debut of two consoles, both likely to be in short supply during the holiday season. Gamers are already scouring the Internet for information, poring over newsletters and message boards and tipping each other off via instant messages as to where the coveted machines may show up next.
Sunday, October 28
Ocean's 11
Bringing you the latest on director Steven Soderbergh's retelling of the classic Frank Sinatra film Ocean's 11. The movie stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and many other Hollywood stars. The film follows Danny Ocean and eleven of his friends as they attempt to rob three casino's in Las Vegas. The film is scheduled to come out around Christmas and will be one of the big blockbusters of 2001.
SF Gate: Promotions/Sponsorships: RUN TO THE FAR SIDE® The California Academy of Sciences will direct funds raised from this event toward environmental research and educational public programs. The 5K and 10K start together on John F. Kennedy Drive at Eighth Avenue in Golden Gate Park. The 5K is flat. The 10K includes two hills.
Bay Area Backroads: San Francisco Bay Area travel and history with host Doug McConnell
Coastwalk : Discover an organization dedicated to creating a continuous coastal trail from Mexico to Oregon. Shaunadega 500 : Go slot car racing in a Mountain View garage.
Friday, October 26
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Steves Digicams - Fuji FinePix A101 - User Review
The FinePix A101 is a good "entry level" one-megapixel digital camera for those looking for a simple and easy to operate camera that delivers good image quality. If you're looking for a good starter digital camera or a stocking stuffer for a budding digi-photographer this is a good choice that won't break the bank.
Lockheed Martin Chosen to Build Jet
The Pentagon chose Lockheed Martin Corp. over Boeing Corp. on Friday to build its high-tech, next-generation fighter jet, a contract that will be worth at least $200 billion, the largest in Defense Department history.
Tourist Jailed for Oral Sex
A German tourist who pleaded guilty to having oral sex in Zambia was sentenced on Thursday to six years in jail with hard labor, court officials said.
Thursday, October 25
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"Psychic" plans WTC victims show
Studios USA’s 'Crossing Over with John Edward' will attempt to communicate with victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in several episodes planned for the November sweeps for the syndicated and, perhaps, cable runs of the show. Steve Rosenberg, the studio’s domestic syndication president, anticipating concerns by viewers, says the shows 'will be done tastefully…and won't be exploitative,' and notes that the idea grew after relatives of victims first approached Edward, not the other way around.
Wednesday, October 24
'Gaydar' device clears up mixed signals
Gaydar, or gay radar, billed as the first portable interactive electronic icebreaker/matchmaker for gay men and lesbians, ends the guesswork about the sexual orientation of that person across the room.
Tuesday, October 23
Gaming Age - FiXbox
There’s an Xbox that’s broken and it isn’t in any living room in America yet. The Xbox demo unit at a nearby Toys R Us store could not give consumers a taste of the new Microsoft console because of severe loading problems. The Xbox unit had no disc inside and displayed a menu screen to access the hard drive and CD player. But customers who tried to navigate through menus could do little else but wait while the machine tried to load the next menu. The audio that accompanied the menu screen transition skipped severely as well. After a three minute wait, the Xbox reached the next screen but continued to have load problems. Multiple resets also failed to resolve the problem. Soon after, a screen appeared that said the Xbox needed customer service repair. The screen provided a list of customer service phone numbers to contact.
Start-up creating Linux-Windows combo, a 20-person San Diego company led by former Chief Executive Michael Robertson, plans to sell a preview edition of the software for $99 this quarter, with version 1.0 coming in early 2002. The software is based on years of labor devoted to the Wine project, an open-source effort to mimic the commands that Windows programs use. Lindows adds proprietary software with improvements such as making fonts appear better or software install more easily, Robertson said in an interview.
Wizards 105, Nets 92
This is why Michael Jordan returned to the NBA. Jordan scored 27 points and hit two clinching baskets in the final three minutes as Washington beat New Jersey 105-92 at the Bi-Lo Center on Tuesday night.
Sunday, October 21
BART official says 'not the right time' for a strike
BART officials said today that little progress has been made in talks with an employee union threatening to strike on Tuesday if its concerns over job security are not met, and issued a warning that the public would not support a walkout.
Friday, October 19
The most likely motive for the Anthrax being sent to congress is to discourage congressmen from reading letters from the people of the United States, thereby making the CIA controlled media and rigged polls the only source of information in which Congress can act.
Fact Or Fiction? Can You Tell Web Fakes? Details on 'How To Spot A Hoax'.
Tuesday, October 16
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Child of ABC Worker Tests for Anthrax
Investigators took to media mailrooms across New York after learning that an ABC News producer's infant son was diagnosed with anthrax. Hours earlier, the scare moved into the halls of Congress when a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle tested positive for anthrax bacteria. The diagnosis of the 7-month-old child marked the second anthrax case at a major news organization in New York in three days, following one at NBC in which a female employee was infected by a letter carrying anthrax. ABC News President David Westin said Monday the boy developed the skin form of anthrax after spending time at the newsroom last month. The child is taking antibiotics and is expected to recover.
Monday, October 15
Woman Enigma Cracker Was Dissed
A British woman cracked a key component of Germany's top-secret Enigma encoding machine before World War II began, but her supervisors dismissed her theory as too simple, according to a new book published on Monday. British newspapers ran excerpts of the book, Action This Day, which claims that discoveries made by a female codebreaker known only as "Mrs. BB" could have opened the secrets of the encoding machine and shortened the war. Codebreakers including Alan Turing, the father of the modern computer, were trying in the late 1930s to break the Enigma cypher, the key to Germany's communication system.
NBC Anchor Says He May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax
NBC television nightly news anchor Tom Brokaw said Monday he might have handled hate mail containing anthrax, which has already afflicted his assistant and possibly another NBC employee. ``I actually saw it (the letter) and I think I even picked it up at one point and so I may have been exposed. I'm not sure but I'm confident that cipro is going to get me through this,'' said Brokaw, shaking a bottle of antibiotics. Hundreds of people have been tested across America for anthrax. People in three states have been exposed to the bacteria. The targets were NBC in New York, a supermarket tabloid newspaper company in Florida and a Microsoft Corp. office in Nevada.
Saturday, October 13
Think Fast, Clever Robot
Half a century ago, Alan Turing, the mathematician who pioneered computational theory, came up with a simple test to determine whether or not a computer could "think." The test involved asking the machine a series of questions; if it responded with the same unmistakable joie de vivre of a human being, you could call it a thinking machine. Thinking machines aren't easy to come by. To anyone's knowledge, no machine has passed Turing's test, even though there has been a $100,000 prize offered for it during the last 10 years. That prize -- the Loebner Prize, named after Hugh Loebner, its philanthropist sponsor -- is being held again this weekend in London. But again this year, few people are holding out hope that one of the eight robot finalists will be human enough to bag the 100 grand.
Friday, October 12
Terrorist Attacks Imminent, FBI Warns
The FBI warned yesterday that additional terrorist acts could be directed at U.S. interests at home and abroad over the "next several days," marking the most specific and urgent call of alarm from the Bush administration since the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington. The two-sentence warning, issued by FBI headquarters in Washington shortly before 4 p.m. EDT, offered no details about the type or location of possible attacks or about the information that led to the unusual public notice.
Thursday, October 11
U.S. sending 'anti-terror team' to Manila
The Philippine government says the United States is sending a "sizeable" military delegation to Manila as part of efforts to crack down on militant groups linked to terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden.
Elmo's Worth More Than a Tickle
Squeeze his furry red tummy and the new Tickle Me Elmo doll bursts into a fit of giggles. The incessant chuckling drives adults nuts, but come January a handful of parents will be laughing all the way to the bank. On January 9, 2002, select Elmos will stop chortling and announce to five people that they are winners of a big-money sweepstakes competition. The grand prize winner will receive a $200,000 check toward the purchase of a new house, $60,000 in savings bonds for their child's education, a Volkswagen Beetle, a new PC and a ride-on battery-operated VW car for the child.
Osama Has a New Friend
Now, in a move that defies all rules of logic, a doctored photo showing Bert from Sesame Street with the world's most-wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, seems to have made its way into an anti-American Islamic protest in Bangladesh. Reuters photographs of a rally this week organized by Jaamiat-e-Talabaye Arabia, a radical Islamic organization, show that protesters created a pro-bin Laden sign out of a collage of photos they apparently lifted from Internet sites.
Tuesday, October 9
Next Phase To Include More Troops
"In the next week, you'll see people start moving," one official familiar with the planned movement said. Rumsfeld signed the order for the troop movement on Friday night, another official said, adding, "They will probably deploy, but it isn't clear what they'll do."
How Anthrax infects humans
A co-worker of the Florida man who died of anthrax has tested positive for the extremely rare disease that experts say could be used as a biological warfare agent, officials said on October 8, 2001.
GameCube sells out fast at Amazon
"I had one in my cart, and when I hit (the button to) complete my order, it said they were sold out," said one message posted on Amazon's discussion boards. "Insane."
Monday, October 8
Feds enlist Hollywood for spook theories
In a reversal of roles, government intelligence specialists have been secretly soliciting terrorist scenarios from top Hollywood filmmakers and writers. But one USC insider describes the ad hoc group as focused ``on the short-term threats against the country'' and said that Army Brig. Gen. Kenneth Bergquist had been heading the effort, which has met twice already via teleconference with the Pentagon.
Monday, October 1
Jordan Explains NBA Comeback
Michael Jordan's need to play basketball again is stronger than his fear of tarnishing his legacy. ``When I retired last time, I didn't say I was ready to quit the game,'' Jordan said Monday at a news conference attended by about 200 media members. ``It's an itch that still needs to be scratched here, and I don't want that itch to bother me for the rest of my life.
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