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Friday, January 31
  Slashdot | OpenBSD Gets Even More Secure
Telent writes "As seen in this post by Theo de Raadt, OpenBSD is getting even more secure, working on smashing script kiddies running buffer overflow exploits dead. Tightening PROT_* according to the POSIX standards and creating a non-executable stack on most architectures are just two of the recent enhancements, most of which are in -current now."
Sunday, January 26
  Super Bowl postcard
Computer picks: A year ago, XBOX simulated the New England-St. Louis Super Bowl matchup on NFL Fever 2003 and predicted Patriots 20, Rams 17. That turned out to be the exact score of the game, thanks to a last-second field goal by the Pats. XBOX played Raiders vs. Buccaneers this week and it was Oakland 28, Tampa Bay 17. It turned out a little different on PlayStation2, however. On NFL GameDay 2003, it was 28-8 Bucs.
Saturday, January 25
  Slashdot | Attorney Sues eBay over Negative Feedback
Mephie writes "MSNBC is running a story on an attorney who is suing ebay over negative feedback a seller left about him. It sounds like a classic case of buyer leaves negative feedback for seller; seller responds accordingly. The plaintiff claims he'd not be filing the suit if he didn't feel ebay's policy needs revision, stating 'They can control content and for them to fail to do so is unconscionable.' Yeah. That's great."
Friday, January 24
  Slashdot | How Much Does it Cost to Produce a Recording?
An anonymous reader writes "How much does the average new album cost to produce? I have seen this cost estimated between $500,000 and $1,000,000, but some quick figuring does not support a cost this high. According to various sources (Ok, Slashdot stories?), somewhere around 27,000 albums are produced each year and 906.6 million albums are shipped. I would guess that the album retail (about $15 per album) is based on a 100% markup, so that these 906.6 million albums are sold at wholesale for about $7.50 apiece, which means that the revenue from wholesale sales is about $6.8 billion. This means that the actual production cost has to be less than $250,000 per album, otherwise the record industry is losing money. I have left out the cost of actually printing and copying the albums as I think that the average cost is probably less than $0.25 per copy."
  Slashdot | Nintendo Confirms New Console In 2005
GweeDo writes "It is official. Nintendo will be releasing their next console right along side Sony's PS3 in 2005. The news was released here by They also went on to say that Retro Studies is working on a Prequel to Metroid Prime. The best quote to all you people that said Nintendo was leaving the console market is this: 'Iwata emphasized Nintendo's plans to stick in the console industry by saying, "When we withdraw from the home game console, that's when we withdraw from the video game business."'"
  Slashdot | PC Baangs In America
VonGuardwrites "Ahoy hoy! I've written a new article for the East Bay Express about the rise of the PC Baang in the Northern California Bay Area. While in Korea, Starcraft is still the most popular Baang game, here in the US, Counter-Strike reigns supreme. Are these to be the malt shops and arcades of our time?"
Saturday, January 18
  iBook: What To Do When It Won't Run on Battery
If the battery does not appear in the Control Strip or has a red X through it, you may want to try the Battery Update 2.0 available for download from the Apple Software Updates Web site at
Friday, January 17
  Slashdot | APC Recalls 2.1 Million UPS Units
Controlio writes "Check your cubicles. APC has recalled two of its Back-UPS CS models, the Back-UPS CS 350 and Back-UPS CS 500, in both the 120 volt and 230-volt flavors. The units were sold between November of 2000 and December of 2002. The affected units have the potential to overheat, melting the outer casing and causing a potential fire hazard. Yikes."
  A Man And His Mutt - The Need For Speed
Me, I'm not a big fan of those graphically-rich clients, complete with detachable toolbars and searchable help. I'll take economy over excess any day - give me a nice, uncluttered interface, a simple man page and power to spare for those occasions when I need it, and I'm a happy guy. My dream email client is a lot like my dream car, the Ferrari F355 Spider: plain-vanilla seats, a simple dashboard and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds. Which is probably why I like Mutt so much. It fits the description above perfectly - it's small, fast, flexible and comes packed with enough features to make most other mail clients crumple up and cry for Mommy. It's also free, which immediately makes it a whole lot more affordable than the F355.
Tuesday, January 14
  Slashdot | Palm Kills Off Graffiti
Ed writes "PalmSource, the company that makes the Palm OS, has decided to stop using Graffiti for text input in all future versions of its operating system. Instead, it will switch to using a version of CIC's Jot recognition system, which will be called Graffiti 2. PalmSource was forced to make this move after losing a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Xerox. Jot is already used by the Pocket PC operating system
Sunday, January 12
  NPR : 'What Should I Do With My Life?'
Po Bronson calls it "the most obvious and universal question on our plates as human beings: What should I do with my life?" For Morning Edition ,Bronson describes what he learned from the people he interviewed, and focuses on four: Debbie Brient, once a sales executive; Rick Olson, a onetime lawyer; Don Linn, a former investment banker; and Leela de Souza, whose resume includes stints as a ballerina, Stanford MBA and White House fellow. Each approached their desire for a life change a little differently, he says. But like most of the people he interviewed, ultimately these four were searching for "a place where they can be content, grow roots a little, and make an impact."
  Nintendo To Sell Old Consoles To China?
drfishy writes "An interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on IGN hints at the possibility of Nintendo entering the Chinese market with their products soon. The most curious part of the interview is that Satoru Iwata says Nintendo is considering releasing older generation hardware to combat piracy, could this mean the big N is going to start making Super Nintendos again? Will there be new games? How would this fight piracy?"
Thursday, January 9
  Brown Companies: The Houses at Sagaponac.
It is the philosophy of the project that a community of homes, beyond being a great place to live, should challenge architects to achieve excellence in design, illustrated with a modesty of scale and economics. The Houses at Sagaponac will pay tribute to the Hamptons of the 50s and 60s, before the advent of the pretensions (and McMansions) of the 90s. It is hoped the project will also inspire a shift in design for single family dwellings elsewhere, away from the conventions of endlessly repeated, uninspired traditional designs, which trade art for size, to sensibilities of modesty and a contemplation of environment (both psychological and physical) which belong in spaces created by and for thinking people.
  Tsao & McKown Architects
The relatively young architecture/design practice of Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown is unusual for the breadth of its practice and in having a major body of built work and realized furniture and product designs. The firm has earned an international reputation for creating architecture that has a clear relation to its cultural context. The work ranges from urban scale projects, such as a 6 million square foot civic center in Singapore, to hotels, restaurants, retail, and residential projects around the world. Their diversity also extends to furniture and product design, as well as exhibition design, and design for theater and film.
Tuesday, January 7
  Apple - Safari
Safari offers you a superior Web experience with outstanding performance. Even the most complex of pages load at breakneck speed. In fact, Safari loads pages more quickly than any other Mac Web browser. But thatís not all. Safari uses the advanced interface technologies underlying Mac OS X to offer you an all-new view of the Web, one thatís much easier to use.
Sunday, January 5
  Lindows CEO funds Xbox hacking contest
Michael Robertson, CEO of software company Lindows, has revealed himself as the formerly anonymous donor of $200,000 in prize money in a contest to translate the Linux operating system to Microsoft's Xbox video game console. The revelation was made in a posting earlier this week on the Xbox Linux Project site at SourceForge, a site for collaborative development of open-source software projects. Robertson disclosed his identity as the person funding the contest and extended the deadline. Robertson confirmed the SourceForge posting in an interview Thursday with CNET, saying he funded the contest not for business goals but to promote open access to technology. "There is no business justification; that's not why I did it," he said. "I did it because I thought people should have the choice to run the software they want on the hardware of their choice...I don't think when you buy a car, they should be able to tell you what brand of gas to put in it."
Friday, January 3
  Slashdot | 1660 Diary Becomes 2003 Weblog
EnlightenmentFan writes "When technology improves a book that was already good, that's good news for nerds. I'm not talking about the Two Towers, but the diary of Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) (pronounced Peeps, as in marshmallow peeps), whose diaries record not only the Great Fire of London and the plague but his many seductions, trickeries, encounters with the king, almost getting executed, etc. Brit blogger Phil Gyford realized that this diary would make a great weblog--clickable footnotes, online feedback and all. So now he is serializing it daily , starting Jan 2, 1660, supposedly over the next ten years. The BBC has the backstory. I hope Gyford will deviate from Gutenberg's 1893 version to include some of Pepys's more outrageous sexual adventures, reduced by the 1893 version to "....""
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