mark castillo
Wednesday, February 28
after almost exactly four years (give or take a couple of weeks), my 3com palm pilot professional died today. given the price i paid for it and length of time running, it served me well. now, i have to decide which pda to buy or should i even buy one?
Monday, February 26
eToys files for bankruptcy
Saturday, February 24 - Sci-Tech - 'Smallest' robot to take world by swarm - February 23, 2001 Engineers with a government national security laboratory have created what they think could be the world's smallest robot -- a brainy, mobile machine that can stop and almost sit on a dime.
Friday, February 23
Asteroid Comet Impact Hazards IS THE EARTH TARGETED FOR AN IMPACT?
marswire - a personal portal which serves fresh content thru weblogs, news and cool links. - NBA Basketball - It's official: Hawks send Mutombo to Sixers - Friday February 23, 2001 01:41 AM Mutombo and Roshown McLeod go to the 76ers, who have the NBA's best record, for Theo Ratliff, Toni Kukoc, Nazr Mohammed and Pepe Sanchez.
Thursday, February 22
Flex Your Power tips and ways to conserve energy.
Wednesday, February 21 Sony Pitches Its Broadband Plans for PlayStation Sony (SNE) Computer Entertainment delivered its "don't worry, buy PlayStation" message Wednesday by firing off three announcements with three of the hottest buzzwords of the new economy: broadband, wireless and online copy management.
sunday march 4, the lone gunman.
Tuesday, February 20
Basic Training for the U.S. Army.
moma:workspheres MoMA brings aesthetic beauty to the office.
TV Guide Online - [In The News] PITT WANTS FRIENDS : Survivor may have finally met its match. Responding to increasing speculation, Brad Pitt admits that he'd be willing to join his wife, Jennifer Aniston, in an episode of her NBC sitcom Friends. "It's certainly one of my favorite shows — even from before [I met Jennifer]," he told Access Hollywood. "I'd do something if it wasn't superfluous. If it fits."
Thursday, February 15
frontline: hackers highlights risks of the Internet's vulnerabilities, responsibilites, safeguarding tips, and interviews with hackers and security analysts.
Father, son accused in PlayStation 2 scam - Tech News - A father and son made more than $100,000 before Christmas auctioning Sony's hard-to-find PlayStation 2 video-game consoles over the Web, federal authorities said Wednesday. The problem was, there were no PlayStations.
Wednesday, February 14
O'Reilly Network: Monitoring Unix Logins [Feb. 14, 2001] In today's article, I'd like to take a look at utmp, wtmp, and lastlog. These three files are read and updated whenever a user logs in to your FreeBSD system. However, you can't read these files directly, so we'll also look at the various utilities you can use to garner the information contained within these files. We'll then finish off the article with some utilities that deal with logins and terminals.
Tuesday, February 13 | Korea: Cult of personality? RH: Can you point out for our readers how different things are in Korea versus the level of interest in gaming here? Bruce Shelley: Well, the big thing in Korea is Internet gaming rooms: There are between 15,000 and 20,000. You put that in perspective, the Korean population is a sixth that of the United States. There are twice as many Internet gaming rooms per capita as there are McDonalds in the United States. You can play games online for a dollar an hour anywhere within a couple of blocks of where you're standing. Gaming is much more of a mainstream entertainment. There are 20 to 40 cable stations in Korea that broadcast game tournaments being played live with commentary. Instead of like watching NFL, they're watching Starcraft being played by the best players in the world with commentary. You can go to school to study playing games. There's different curricula, the way you can set up your curricula in education in Korea, and you can actually study to become a top game player. You know, we hear negative things about games in America with the violence issue, which is really a minor thing, in terms of the number of games that are actually violent. But, there's none of that in Korea. All you hear about is what's cool and how exciting it is to be a game player.
Majestic Electronic Arts's (Nasdaq: ERTS) Chris Plummer says Majestic is unlike any other game because "you play you." It would be hard not to: the game, a combination treasure hunt and thriller, interacts with you through your standard communications devices -- email, phone, fax, and instant messaging. The computer-controlled characters in the game contact you at unpredictable times. You can also interact with other people playing the game, although it won't always be obvious who's real and who's programmed.
About BlogFinder Use BlogFinder to see if people have mentioned your blog in theirs, or use it for more noble pursuits like finding out what people are saying about a breaking news story. The web moves fast but webloggers move faster... BlogFinder helps you keep up!
Monday, February 12
Deja New to Google Google announced today that is has acquired's Usenet Discussion Service. This acquisition provides Google with Deja's entire Usenet archive (dating back to 1995), software, domain names including and, company trademarks, and other intellectual property.
Sunday, February 11
G E E K C O R P S - What We Do Geekcorps is a non-profit (501c3) organization committed to expanding the Internet revolution internationally by pairing skilled volunteers from the high-tech world with small businesses in emerging nations.
Friday, February 9
i'm wishing now i didn't throw away that extra keyboard. anyways, i need a keyboard right now.
Broken Undersea Cable Snaps Web Access to Millions in China
Keeping Up With the E-Joneses A new community about to be built near Fresno, California, will combine the various communications pipes that come into the home in one fat pipe that supports modern communications ideas, like broadband and virtual private networks. The Property Development Group is creating a new apartment building, condominium and single-family homes project that it calls "an e-village" because it will support future growth of telecommuting and faster technology access.
When Web sites attack - Tricks designed to keep you trapped on one site are among the most obnoxious on the Web. We found two common sticky wickets, plus the best ways to break free.
Thursday, February 8
Slashdot | Get Free World Dial-Up -- With a Few Catches Remember the Free World Dialup project? From their page: "In the Fall of 1995 several of us had been throwing around the idea of "patching" Internet phone to regular telephone lines in order to allow true "patching" of international phone calls over the Internet - not just for people with computers but for anybody with access to a phone... and this is how the Free World Dialup project got started. As commercial VOIP gateways became available, Free World Dialup II in 1997 was the first free network to provide a free phone to phone service to over 15 countries using commercial hardware and software." Well, they're at it again and are looking for members." It costs about a hundred bucks to become part of it (for hardware), as well as broadband access.
blots Every day, eblots posts a simple line drawing on its home page, kind of like a visual haiku. Your job is to type your initial impression, then view similar responses from other sensitive, perceptive souls. Consider it a kind of creative and emotional barometer (e.g., Is that a tulip or a tire tread?). And here's the best part -- everyone is assigned exotic colors as anonymous identifiers: flat teal, mottled chartreuse, shiny lavenderblush, etc. A great site for poets, dreamers, and bored office workers.
TV Guide Online - [In The News] WHO WANTS TO SPEND A MILLION DOLLARS?: Rich man Donald Trump is pitching to the networks a new reality show in which he would challenge contestants to spend $1 million in 30 minutes. The Donald would host the proposed series — titled Billionaire — from his perch atop New York's Trump Towers, Variety reports. "I like the selection process, because they'll be taking people in strange situations," Trump said. "They will be enlisted when they're about to get married or there'll be a husband in a delivery room, waiting for the birth of his child. He can take a pass, or say, 'Honey, I'll be back in an hour.'" Of course, there are rules: Contestants can't use the phone or computer to make purchases, and there's a $200,000 cap on any single item.
Why AOL should harvest Apple
Wednesday, February 7
Gunman Is Shot Outside White House A middle-aged accountant with a history of mental illness fired several shots outside the White House Wednesday and then was shot by the Secret Service as he waved his handgun menacingly, authorities said.
Sun Microsystems-Reality Check An Open Response to Microsoft
Traffic Patterns: Online Chatters Among Heaviest Web Users People who chat online are among the heaviest users of the Internet, according to research by NetValue, which found chatters generate twice as many online sessions as the general Internet user. NetValue found chatters to be online more than 17 days a month, and also discovered chatters to be heavy users of other Internet protocols, particularly audio-video streaming (used by 54 percent of chatters), secured connections (92 percent), and instant messaging (59 percent). Not surprisingly, chatters send and receive more than twice as many e-mails as the general Internet population. Male chatters send and receive more than three times as many e-mails as the general male Internet user.
BSD Today: Book Review: The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide According to its preface The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide is written for beginning FreeBSD administrators who want to use FreeBSD on a network that also contains Microsoft systems. The book is meant to introduce FreeBSD to a person who has only worked on Microsoft products and help them determine which functions to switch over to FreeBSD (e.g. file and web servers, routing) and which to keep on Microsoft servers.
Akamai walks fine line with Web hosters - Tech News - Technology for speeding content across the Web, pioneered by companies like Akamai, has matured to the point that these content distribution companies can handle far more than the fast delivery of Web page elements such as static graphics and text they began with two years ago. Now Akamai, which analysts say remains the biggest name in the business, is creeping into new territory and threatening to take significant amounts of business away from Web hosting centers, even as these companies scramble to reinvent themselves amid an overall downturn.
i commented out the final fanasty movie. if you really want to see it, view the source and uncomment the code or go to the final fanasty web site.
Disney chairman expresses interest in Yahoo - Tech News - In response to speculation that Disney might be pursuing Yahoo as a means to compete with the merged entertainment behemoth AOL Time Warner, Eisner said he would be willing if the price were right. "Yahoo is a great company," he said. "The problem is it's just overvalued."
Tuesday, February 6
Outpost Ends Free Overnight Delivery on Some Orders As of Feb. 1, orders worth less than $100 have been charged a shipping fee, marking a turn-around in the company's year-and-a-half old free shipping policy. ``A very small percentage of our orders and revenues is under $100, yet it's very costly to ship those cost-free overnight,'' Chief Executive Katherine Vick, who took the reigns of the company in January, told Reuters in an interview.
Slashdot | Cops Bust Starcraft Clan I think the essentials of the story are right: cops, confiscation, clan, and (absurd) worry about trash talk being death threats.
wasn't my isp, blackouts. errr...
well, my isp seems to be down. which means, sites hosted on this box are down but that doesn't really matter. if you can read this, i'll be already back up. bash-2.03$ traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( 1.272 ms 1.041 ms 1.108 17 ( 82.885 ms 82.097 ms 83.093 ms 18 * * * 19 * * * 20 * * * 21 * * * 22 * * * 23 * * * 24 * * * 25 * * * 26 * * * 27 * * * 28 * * * 29 * * * 30 * * *
Smart Check-In Cuts Airport Lines Travelers looking to jet to the boarding areas will be able to cut through check-in lines using a biometric scanning system. The ConciergeCard automates moving through customs and baggage lines.
Techweb > News > e-commerce charity > Amazon's New Motto: Support Your Favorite Site > February 5, 2001 Amid layoff announcements and lowered forecasts, the company said Tuesday it will launch Amazon Honor System, a program that allows website visitors to donate to the sites they like. Users pledge anywhere from a buck to $50, and Amazon gets a 15-cent and 15 percent cut of the action. How does the program work? A company that wants donations registers through the homepage; the system is then up and running on its site in less than a minute, according to Caplan.
Cruise, Kidman Separate "Citing the difficulties inherent in divergent careers, which constantly keep them apart, they concluded that an amicable separation seems best for both of them at this time." The official news also said that there would be no unofficial news.

what does that last sentence mean?

Aussies Show Off Their Solar Ferryboat/Zero-pollution run suggested for Alcatraz The next big new thing on San Francisco Bay may be a ferryboat powered by electricity, the sun and the wind. A prototype of the boat, called the Solar Sailor, is in operation in Sydney harbor in Australia. "The operators love it, the passengers love it, and it produces zero water pollution," said Robert Dane, a physician and sometimes yachtsman who invented the solar panel wing device that is the heart of the boat.
Monday, February 5
Cyberacks i met his guy in this class i'm taking and he's selling this really cool but expensive bike rack. if the price went down, i would definitely buy one...
eToys anticipates shutting down in April - Tech News - Struggling toy e-tailer eToys on Monday issued layoff notices to its remaining 293 employees as it anticipates going out of business in early April.

An exclusive look at Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within The Crown Prince of Seventh Avenue David Lauren wants to turn Polo Ralph Lauren into a multimedia empire. And he's got $200 million of somebody else's money to make it work.
Sunday, February 4
the xfl game today reminded me of the replacements. regardless, it's more football.
developerWorks : Linux : Common threads -- Awk by example, Part 1 Awk is a very nice language with a very strange name. In this first article of a three-part series, Daniel Robbins will quickly get your awk programming skills up to speed. As the series progresses, more advanced topics will be covered, culminating with an advanced real-world awk application demo.
Saturday, February 3
happy birthday lyn!
Friday, February 2
Software Quality Engineering assists software professionals and organizations throughout the world with improving their software testing and quality engineering practices.
run lola run is on. unfortunately, i don't feel like reading sub-titles tonight. We are sad to report that the major changes in the marketplace that occurred during the last year now require that we close the AllAdvantage Viewbar and our pay-to-surf, sweepstakes and other incentive programs.
Thursday, February 1
week in review : at work alot of testing. released 2 products today, hectic. at home my eldest has been sick since tuesday. i've been tired, so is my wife. my baby threw up on me again. don't worry, it's normal. site design, nothing special.
Magnitude 3.5 quake hits Bay Area i felt it, thought it was the wind. stupid me. | Product Detail Nike PSA60 Portable 32MB MP3. lyn, i've heard some good things about this mp3 player. 200 bucks, though.
Fairvue Central >> Features >> First Annual Weblog Awards 2001 Weblog Awards™. The Bloggies™ are publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs in 30 categories.
Daily Radar Feature - USC Game Conference Pt. 1 "Well," he says with a laugh, "what we have to do is give players a very subtle and satisfying way to backstab each other. Basically, what I have in mind for The Sims Online is a popularity contest. It's high school times 10. There is going to be an enormous dog fight where people try to climb on top of the pile and become the most popular."
Daily Radar Feature - Sega's GBA Games: In Depth The three games Sega announced for Game Boy Advance, Sonic the Hedgehog Advance, Puyo Puyo and Chu-Chu Rocket are all fairly well known.
Online Games Get Real's "Sims Live," due out in April, could turn online gaming into the next mass medium
EVHEAD!: Essay the company (Pyra) is not dead, and the service (Blogger) is not going away. However: We are out of money, and I have lost my team.
NSA looks to Linux for virtual security - Tech News - Called "NetTop," VMware's answer would turn each computer into a number of virtual PCs running on a Linux computer that would sit on each worker's desk. The security system would erect supposedly impenetrable, but virtual, walls between public data and more sensitive information on the same computer.
Linux Comes to the Big Screen A new film, Revolution O.S., explores the human side of the open source and free software movements, telling the inside story of the hackers and programmers rebelling against the corporate machine.Revolution O.S. also depicts the culture of the open source movement by documenting the Installfest parties where people can bring their computers to get free, expert Linux tech support, and the Refund Day protest marches, where Linux users demand reimbursement of the extra fees that get tacked onto the purchase price of new computers for pre-installed Microsoft applications.
lyn, this post is for you. happy feb. 1st!
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