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Thursday, March 27
  Shop at Tsinilas Clothing Company
Hi! Welcome to Tsinilas Clothing Company! Can I help you find anything today? Just looking? Okay, well feel free to look around. Right now, the majority of our products are t-shirts, but we plan on expanding most definitely. We've had people ask about sweatshirts, boxers, hats, beanies and even our very own line of tsinelas. Well, we're looking into all of it. So check back with us often, you may be surprised at what you find.
Wednesday, March 26
  MaARTe ka ba?
Kristia Castrillo is a sixteen-year-old, Filipino-American girl originally from San Francisco, CA. She now resides in Manila, Philippines where she has lived for almost six years. She was first published at fourteen by a rock n' roll magazine. And continues to enjoy words, paint, photos, and the like. While in high school she remains occupied with both web and print publishing, a starting T-shirt company, and various fundraising projects.
Friday, March 21
  Apple swaps stock, shops for director
It snared Al Gore earlier this week, but the Mac maker still seeks to add one more to its board. Apple also announces a voluntary program for employees to exchange stock options.
Thursday, March 20
  Old data update tool gains new converts
Designed for updating Net portals, RSS gets a revival among bloggers, news sites.
  Phantasy Star Online
The award-winning Phantasy Star Online (PSO ) sparked a worldwide gaming phenomenon. Now, the world of PSO is coming to Xbox and Xbox Live . The first online roleplaying game available on Xbox, Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II will feature all-new gaming modes and new content. For the first time ever, PSO gamers around the world will be able to communicate online using the Xbox Communicator headset . New character classes, weapons, enemies, items, and quests are only a portion of the new content awaiting discovery. With the new split-screen feature, four friends can adventure through the main quest, as well as the other game-play modes, on the same Xbox. Episode I includes all of the content from the original PSO and Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 (PSO Ver. 2 ), while Episode II brings a new, full-length adventure. The evolution of the original, revolutionary gaming experience continues.
Wednesday, March 19
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  Boyfriend for exchange
Boyfriend for swap. He is 5'8", smooth coat of follicles all over, well-padded, low-key, and easily amused. He is excellent in overseeing details, he would not notice or mind your bad hair-do. He has loads of bathroom humor, guarantee hours of non-stop fun. He is a sensitive environmentalist, he has a biodegrade lab in his own kitchen. He is an excellent fixer-upper for those of you who like major hands-on projects. Willing to exchange for a living space.
Tuesday, March 18
  Connecting Mac OS X to Windows PCs
A hands-on look at how you can share files between your Mac and your Windows machines, then explore how Windows applications can be run on your Mac.
  Securing Your TiBook (or Any Other Mac OS X Machine)
Here's how to make your Mac OS X laptop just a bit more secure by enabling a BIOS password, and by plugging some of the local and network openings. Ian Darwin takes you deep into your Mac's firmware and shows you how.
Monday, March 17
  X-Box Halo 2 slips
FANS OF FAVE X-BOX GAME HALO will have to wait for a sequel, Developer Bungie Studios has revealed. Despite rumours to the contrary, there will be no Halo 2 this year. A posting on the developer's website says: "We do want to state for the record that Halo 2 will not ship in 2003." The developer says, "there is just no way to squeeze all of the necessary work into this calendar year. We know many of you were hoping to get your hands on Halo 2 during the holiday season, and we're sorry to disappoint you - but making this game as good as we possibly can is our paramount concern." The company ominously states that Microsoft "understands and supports" its decision, which sounds a bit like shorthand for "they're after our asses", but of course we wouldn't suggest such a thing.
  Low-priced iPod still 'temporarily' out
Apple Computer's lowest-priced iPod MP3 player has been largely unavailable for the past two months, a situation that the company has called "temporary" but that analysts worry has become all too permanent. For weeks rumors swirled that Apple was on the verge of replacing its 5GB, entry-level model with a model that offered twice the capacity at the same price, $299. Instead, for much of the past two months the low-end model has been listed on Apple's online store as "temporarily unavailable," leaving the $399 10GB model as the cheapest iPod available.
Sunday, March 16
  ::Lifli Software::
iBlog is an elegant desktop blogging application that makes authoring and publishing your personal blogs a breeze. Unlike other blogging sytems, You don?t have to be an expert database administrator or a perl programmer to setup and use iBlog. You can preview and publish your blogs to your iDisk with a single click of a button. With iBlog you can create different blogs for your personal interests, hobbies, work activities, projects, tasks and anything you like to write about. You can create multiple categories under each blog to further organize your entries.
  O'Reilly Network: Hackers Meet Soldiers
DARPA has funded OpenBSD through a program known as Composable High Assurance Trusted Systems (CHATS). The University of Pennsylvania oversees the specific proposal behind this grant, called Portable Open Source Security Elements (POSSE). The grant money has allowed De Raadt to hire former part-time volunteers as full-time employees. This staffing accelerated development and provided time for the team to report on its research by writing academic papers. De Raadt answered several questions about the contract for this article. He explained that no development serves only government purposes: "Nearly everything that is being developed is going into the OpenBSD source tree. All of what we do is free. Any changes which do not go into our source tree are a result of discarded work: something went wrong, something was not useful, a semantic is flawed, etc."
Friday, March 14
  PeopleSoft wants in on IM craze
Eager to profit from the growing corporate use of instant messaging, the business software maker plans to draw on features from IBM, Microsoft and Yahoo.
Sunday, March 9
  / :: The Grocery List Collection /
I found an abandoned grocery list in a Schnuck's parking lot in St. Louis in 1996 or 1997. I decided to keep them every time I came across one. And the internet is a great place to do stupid things. So here it is. I like other people's grocery lists. They're funny. A lot of people cannot spell very well. I try not to make fun of them too much. And some people buy funny combinations of things. That's all. I used to collect key chains. I also collect lamps shaped like people and small stones that look like shoes.
  3/22: Geocaching
Introduction to Geocaching Seminar By Marin Outdoors Sat. March 22nd. 1:00pm at McInnis Park in San Rafael. Coordinates N38 01.172 W122 31.425 Telephone (415)453-3400 If you have never been geocaching and would like to learn more about it, bring your GPS and join us for the afternoon. We will have some caches hidden for this event. We may even have a couple to hide.
Saturday, March 8
  AlwaysOn Home
In the next wave, media companies will have to share control with the audience they serve. eBay taught us the power and profitability of that idea in the first wave. But giving up control is a huge challenge for an old, crusty and entrenched industry. At AlwaysOn, we invite some of the smartest chiefs, geeks, investors, boosters and wonks to come play in our spontaneous and uncensored arena.
Thursday, March 6
  eBay to close
eBay plans to shutter its site next year, completing a long-standing plan to merge the online discount store with its popular auction site. eBay will retire the site and brand name by the end of 2004, said eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove. The company on Thursday told its 65 employees about the plan and the resignation of President Josh Kopelman, who will leave eBay next month, Pursglove said. eBay acquired for $241 million in stock in 2000 as part of a strategy to compete head-to-head with Pursglove said it was always eBay's intention to fold, a person-to-person marketplace for used books, compact discs and DVDs at fixed prices, into its main eBay site.
Weblogs are a growing part of O'Reilly Network content. We have more than 80 bloggers who take turns publishing interesting items every day. Currently, our weblogs account for more than one-tenth of overall page traffic throughout the Network, and that includes our domain sites such as ONJava, ONLamp, and Mac DevCenter, plus forums, search results, and other tallied pages. Clearly, the time had come to create a new home for this flowing stream of topical information, and that's exactly what we did. Now, at, you can quickly peruse top 'blogs from the last month (who's hot and who's... well you know), descriptions about our active contributors, and a topics list that helps you quickly pinpoint content in the areas that you find most interesting.
Wednesday, March 5
  Apple to Launch Music Service?
discstickers writes "The San Jose Mercury News is running an article about an Apple music service that might be ready to launch next month. $.99 a song with the ability to burn to CD doesn't sound too bad."
Tuesday, March 4
  Mac fans wait for 17-inch PowerBook
Mini Me may have his 17-inch PowerBook, but the rest of the world is having to wait as Apple Computer is apparently having problems ramping up production of the extrawide notebook. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the world's largest laptop at January's Macworld Expo, he promised that the machines would be available in February. However, early customers--even some who ordered the day the giant laptop was introduced--say they are still waiting. Reports of the delays are chronicled extensively on the Mac laptop site PowerBook Central. Some who say they ordered right after Jobs' keynote speech say they are being told they might not get their machines until March 24.
Sunday, March 2
  miracles do happen.
What is Sari Sari? sari sari means "variety" in Tagalog. In the Philippines, sari-saris are also mini-marts the size of an office cubicle, selling anything imaginable behind the counter, from Tylenol to chapstick to soda to toilet paper to canned tuna. They're charming things, with thatched roofs and cozy service, and can be found on every street corner. And so it goes. The creation of two wayward journalists, this online magazine is just a variety of everything you could ever imagine and never need.
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