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Thursday, February 28
Raymond: Cheap PCs will doom Microsoft
Microsoft's software monopoly is running out of time, says open-source guru Eric Raymond, and he's got a precise figure for when the company's position will no longer be sustainable: $350.
Wednesday, February 27
The Shmoo Group - How to Write Secure Code
In the process of writing and auditing our code, we've become increasingly upset at the lack of documentation about writing secure code. To try and fix that, and hopefully make your life easier in the process, we've compiled a list of resources we've stumbled across.
The Right Start - Babies to Kids
Booster seats and adult chairs leave feet dangling, thus restricting the circulation in children’s feet. Without proper leg support, children cannot sit still. The original Stokke® KinderZeat™ is ergonomically designed to provide foot, leg and back support children need for proper development and comfort. With its easy-to-adjust seat and footrest, the KinderZeat™ expands to fit your child at every stage and size.
Alicia Keys Wins 5 Grammys, U2 Takes Record of Year
Rookie R&B singer Alicia Keys won a perfect five Grammy Awards in the closing stretch of the Grammy Awards on Wednesday, including the coveted best new artist and song of the year races, while the hit country-themed soundtrack to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" was the surprise winner of the coveted album of the year award.
Slashdot | What Makes a Good Web Design?
"I'm currently redesigning my website and I have checked out tons of various web sites, gone from link to link, find the best web design techniques, layouts, and features. Wow Web Designs proved to be a pretty useful site, as it showcased virtually 'the best of the web' in design and creativity. I was wondering what the Slashdot community has to say about web design and what the best web design should implement and address. From browser compatibility, to simplicity and complexity, and customization to user interaction, what should a perfect web design incorporate?"
Tuesday, February 26
Finding Things in Unix
One of the most useful utilities to be found on any Unix system is the find command. In the next two articles, I'd like to work you through the syntax of this command and provide you with some practical examples of its usage. The command itself has a very simple syntax: find where_to_search expressions
Monday, February 25
Ex-NBA Star Charged With Manslaughter
Former NBA star Jayson Williams surrendered to police Monday and was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of a limousine driver — a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison.
Bright Idea for Electric Scooters
SolarMove, a startup from Berlin, believes that electrical scooters make sense. E-scooters move silently like prowling cats. They are zippy enough and they aren't stinkos. However, on Germany's streets e-scooters are seen about as often as pickup trucks with American flags –- almost never. What if streetlight poles were redesigned to double as electric fueling stations?
Sunday, February 24
Daniel Will-Harris' Wallet Reading
Wallet Reading offers a systematic approach for analyzing yourself and others. You'll know more about someone in within five minutes of reading their wallet than some of their friends learned in years. Best of all, it's empowering , so important in the new milennium!
Russell Warner's wallet
Slashdot | (Another) Cut of Blade Runner
"Director Ridley Scott is set, once again, to re-edit Blade Runner for the Special Edition DVD due for release later this year. He discusses his plans for the new version briefly in an interview in Empire Magazine, excerpts of which can be read here. It’s getting so it’s hard to count all the different versions of Blade Runner out there; We have the original theatrical release, the Home Video version originally released on VHS, the Director’s Cut, and now the Special Edition DVD, to say nothing of the various LaserDiscs, and pre-release screenings. I can’t wait for the next version where, in addition to being a replicant, we find that Deckard was actually the first female president of the United States."
Friday, February 22
blogtoday covers blogging related news and issues.
Thursday, February 21
Kidnapped WSJ Reporter Confirmed Dead - U.S.
The Wall Street Journal on Thursday said it believes reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped last month in Pakistan, was killed by his captors and the State Department said it had evidence to confirm his death. A statement issued by Journal Publisher Peter Kann and Managing Editor Paul Steiger said, ``We now believe, based on reports from the State Department and police officials of the Pakistani province of Sind, that Danny Pearl was killed by his captors.
State of Emergency
Without question, State of Emergency is one of the most violent games to come along in a great while. After a few delays, the game is finally ready for the public. While the game is sure to cause quite a stir just for the extremity of its content, There is a technically proficient and engaging game within
PayPal hit by class-action suit
PayPal frequently locks customers' accounts if it suspects that fraud played a part in a transaction, even if the amount in doubt is a fraction of the total amount in an account, said Gail Koff, an attorney and founding partner of Jacoby & Meyers, which filed the lawsuit. The result is that customers can't accept any more payments via PayPal, pay anyone through the service, or withdraw any of their money until PayPal clears the transaction. That can often take days or even weeks, customers charge.
Welcome to the project that lets webloggers review each other's blogs. The idea with this, is to let more people be seen and interact with other bloggers. This is how it works: You sign up to participate, which means that you submit your blog for review. At the same time, you also agree to review another blog in return. When the project closes for submissions (on March 20th), I will send out an email to each participant with the url for the blog, that person is supposed to review. I will also post a complete listing of who's reviewing who here.
Yippie-Yi-Yay! 'N Syncer Lance Bass is going to be a real space cowboy! The 22-year-old boy band member is in talks with the Russian space agency Rosaviakosmos to fulfill his "lifelong dream" and take a Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station in November. Bass would have to undergo six months of training at a space training center outside Moscow beginning in May. A Los Angeles TV production company may co-sponsor the $25 million trip and document it for a TV special — titled Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass. We like Lost 'N Space better, but that's just us.
Robot Store
Mondo-tronics Robot Store is having a garage sale at our warehouse this weekend. All of the items from our website will be available to purchase, as well as many "one of a kind" items and "seconds" (dog-eared books, kits with dented packaging, opened videos, kits missing parts, etc.). Included are a bunch of LEGO MindStorms Robotic Invention Systems version 1.5 at discounted prices. You'll also find some office equipment we've outgrown and plenty of old Macintosh relics. It'll be like a techno stroll down memory lane, don't miss out!
Wednesday, February 20
TV Guide Online - [In The News]
X-Philes everywhere, rejoice! David Duchovny will reprise his role as FBI Agent Fox Mulder for The X-Files's two-hour series finale (May 19, 8-10 pm/ET). According to the show's official website, "The final episodes of the series will examine many of the pieces involved in the long-running mythology that has continued throughout the show's nine seasons." Duchovny is also slated to direct the April 28 installment, which is based on a story idea he co-wrote with X-Files creator Chris Carter and executive producer Frank Spotnitz.
Tuesday, February 19
O'Reilly Network: Scanning for Rootkits
When a hacker gets access to your system, he will leave himself an easy way back in, called a rootkit. Oktay Altunergil shows us how to detect rootkits and remove them.
Google Search Solutions
The Google Search Appliance enables users to search your company's information with the same quality, speed, and ease of use they experience searching the Internet with Google. By putting all your shared documents one click away, the Google Search Appliance saves your company time and money.
Monday, February 18
Open-source projects grab dot-com dropouts
Open-source programmers, many of them "between jobs," gather at CodeCon to show off their latest projects and discuss peer-to-peer applications, encryption and digital law.
Blah, Blah, Blah and Blog
There's perhaps no better proof that an idea has gained the attention of the mainstream than a mention on National Public Radio. For blogging, that happened Wednesday -- and NPR's three-minute piece on how weblogging is transforming journalism was just one more sign that blogging has outgrown its underground trendiness. Time magazine, The Times of London and several other newspapers have recently reported on blogging, with many of the outlets proclaiming blogs the thing of the future.
Sunday, February 17
Three tickets match winning numbers for $193 million lottery
Three tickets matched the winning numbers for an unprecedented $193 million state lottery jackpot, officials said Sunday morning. The winning tickets were bought in Montebello, Orange and Half Moon Bay. The lottery numbers drawn Saturday were 6-11-31-32-39 and the meganumber was 20.
Slashdot | Linux on Older Hardware
"One of Linux's strengths has always been the wide variety of older/obsolete hardware it supports. However, most modern distributions seem to assume that the user has a brand-new machine with processor and RAM to spare. Linux Journal reports on the RULE project (Run Up2Date Linux Everywhere). They are trying to come up with a low-resource-requirement, easy-to-use Linux installation for use on older hardware, intended as an option when you install Red Hat Linux. The FAQ has more information."
Blog This
Bloggers are turning the hunting and gathering, sampling and critiquing the rest of us do online into an extreme sport. We surf the Web; these guys snowboard it. Bloggers are the minutemen of the digital revolution. “Blog” is short for “Web log.” Several years ago, heavy Web surfers began creating logs—compendia of curious information and interesting links they encountered in their travels through cyberspace. Improvements in Web design tools have made it easier for beginners to create their own Web logs and update them as often as they wish—even every five minutes, as this guy was doing. Blogs are thus more dynamic than older-style home pages, more permanent than posts to a Net discussion list. They are more private and personal than traditional journalism, more public than diaries.
mark castillo
it's 12:24 am sunday morning, i should be sleeping. i'm starting to hear things. not a good sign.
Judge Says Microsoft Must Give States Windows Code
Microsoft Corp. will have to supply the computer code for its Windows program to a group of states seeking stiffer antitrust sanctions against the software giant, a federal judge ruled on Friday. Nine state attorneys general had argued that they needed to see the Windows source code in order to verify Microsoft's claim it could not offer a simpler version of the Windows personal computer operating system, stripped of features like the Internet Explorer browser.
Saturday, February 16
Welcome to The California Lottery
Super Lotto Plus for Saturday, February 16, 2002 $193,000,000. Winning Numbers Super Lotto Plus 39 31 32 11 6 Mega 0 Draw #1552 Saturday February 16th 2002.
PTypes - The Idealist Temperament
Temperament Score : Idealist 13 : Rationalist 8 : Traditionalist 9 : Hedonist 0 : Your temperament type is Idealist.

I rediscovered this test.

Big lottery winners know a lot about what not to do
Research shows that a significant number of lottery winners lose their winnings within five years, said Stephen Goldbart, a psychologist and co- director of the Money, Meaning and Choices Institute in Kentfield, which advices people who come into financial windfalls.
A Manager's Guide to Neural Networks
Neural networks represent a meaningfully different approach to using computers in the workplace. A neural network is used to learn patterns and relationships in data. The data may be the results of a market research effort, the results of a production process given varying operational conditions, or the decisions of a loan officer given a set of loan applications. Regardless of the specifics involved, applying a neural network is a substantial departure from traditional approaches.

Traditionally a programmer or an analyst specifically "codes" every facet of the problem in order for the computer to "understand" the situation. Neural networks do not require the explicit coding of the problem. For example, to generate a model that performs a sales forecast, a neural network only needs to be given raw data related to the problem. The raw data might consist of: history of past sales, prices, competitors' prices, and other economic variables. The neural network sorts through this information and produces an understanding of the factors impacting sales. The model can then be called upon to provide a prediction of future sales given a forecast of the key factors.

PayPal: IPO Omen or Anomaly?
Disproving the skeptics, online-payment firm PayPal pulls off an initial stock offering and actually does very, very well in first-day trading. Experts say it's a tentative sign investors are warming up to Internet firms.
Circuits shows six degrees of separation TRN 112101
The circuits that make up computers, the computers that make up the Internet, and the people that make up a country have something in common: six degrees of separation. Complicated networks like the Internet and social circles share several traits, including the ability to transmit information from one node to any other node in six or fewer steps, or hops between neighboring nodes. Help Desk will remain a separate site, but with the changes to registration and feedback, it will now be easier than ever to buy and sell on both and eBay. You will have one User ID and one feedback rating that applies to both sites. By registering on one site, you are automatically registered on the other, and if you want to change your email notification preferences, your contact information or any other account information on one site, it's changed on both sites - automatically.
Friday, February 15
Thailand Life - Written and Photographed by a Student who lives in Thailand.
Sawatdee Krub! My name is Nattawud Daoruang. I am a teenager from Thailand who wants to show you about my country. In my weekly web magazine, you will find lots of information about me which is about Thailand Life. OK then, come to learn about life in Thailand and compare it with life in your country. I think you might be surprised that some things are the same!!! You can go with me to meet my family and see where I live. Come and visit my school and see what subjects I study and the uniforms I wear. See what I like to do at the weekend and the holidays I have been on around Thailand. If you are interested in Buddhism, you can see what I do when I visit my local temple and also read about when I was a novice monk.
Dream Catcher -- What did you dream last night?
This is a weblog where anyone can post about their dreams: describe them, relate them to real life, analyze them...anything goes. via evhead
Sending old PCs up the river
Inmates at a new federal prison in California will soon be able to join the high-tech economy via the burgeoning field of electronics recycling. The U.S. Penitentiary in Atwater, Calif., which is set to open this quarter, will employ approximately 350 prisoners in the handling of PCs, monitors and related devices that have reached the end of their useful lives in government agencies and private enterprise, according to Larry Novicky, general manager of recycled electronics products and services group Unicor. Unicor is the trade name of Federal Prison Industries, an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. When the aging electronic goods get to the Atwater facility, the inmates will test them and then put them onto one of two tracks. The devices will either be cleaned up for resale or donation, or they will be "mined" for materials including glass, plastics and copper wiring.
Canadian Duo Awarded Figure Skating Gold
Canada's Jamie Sale and David Pelletier will be awarded a gold medal in the Olympics pairs figure skating, an International Olympic Committee source told Reuters on February 15, 2002. Pelletier and Sale are shown on the medals podium after being awarded the silver medal at the pairs free skating competition Feb. 11.
Thursday, February 14
Give the Gift of Sight
You can help by donating your old eyeglasses to LensCrafters or a Lions club. Or, you can lead a collection drive at your school, place of worship, or community center. In the U.S., LensCrafters and Lions recycle glasses and hand-deliver them to people in developing countries. For the nearest LensCrafters, please use our store locator or call 1-800-541-LENS in the U.S. or 1-800-465-5367 in Canada.
A special Ralph Wiggum message!
PayPal raises $70.2 million in IPO
PayPal late Thursday raised $70.2 million in an initial public offering that had been pushed back from last week after the fast-growing Internet payment service was sued for patent infringement.
"The term 'grognard,' as applied to veteran wargamers, was first coined back in the early 1970's by John Young. He was, at that time, an employee for [the board] wargame publisher SPI, and the use of the term around the office (and among the local playtesters) soon led to 'grognards' being mentioned in one of SPI's magazines (Strategy & Tactics). Several hundred thousand board wargamers picked up the term from that publication and it spread to computer wargamers, as the the board wargamers (the ones with PCs, of course) were the first people to snap up computer wargames when they appeared. via thinkhole.
Wednesday, February 13
Interesting Computer Projects
In this page I keep together my links to projects I find interesting and I like to follow how they develop. As you can deduce from my collection of links, I'm very much interested in small Operating Systems (recovering old hardware) and One-Floppy-OS Projects (making terminals, routers, etc. cheap and easy to set up and maintain).
SPARCstation 10 SUN4m Architecture
When you first spot a Sparc 10, you may mistake it for a Sparc 2, as initially, the case looks almost exactly the same as the Sparc 1 & Sparc 2 exteriors. Only upon closer examination do the differences reveal themselves. In the photo above, the topmost machine is a Sparc 2, the center machine is a Sun Sparcstation 10, and the bottom machine is the Axil 311, a Sparc 10 clone machine built by Axil/Hyundai. The Sparc 10 was built before the Sparc 5 was, which is why Sun didn't use the "Aurora" chassis that became common for the Sparcstation 20 and the Sparcstation 5. In fact, looking at the SS10, you'd almost think that they essentially took a SS2 chassis and just squeezed a lot more computer in there. However, as you'll see, the SS10 is a completely different breed of machine.
B.D.Tyagi Photo
B.D.Tyagi, a resident of Bhopal, India displays the longest ear hair in the world, measuring 10.2 cm (4 Inches) Tuesday Feb. 5, 2002 in Bhopal. Tyagi received a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records on January 29, 2002 for the feat.
Kobe Defeats Jordan and the Wizards
They weren't booing Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles after this performance — a triple-double against Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards.

Great game and so was the Magic win over the Knicks!

No-Tech Schools In Tech Land
"This article in the Oregonian tells how some hi-tech parents at Intel are opting for a school without computers for their children. From the article: 'Conventional wisdom holds that children can only benefit from exposure to technology', but children, 'shouldn't spend first-grade skipping coloring and learning to keyboard... Emphasizing computers doesn't seem to enhance students' creativity and could even stifle it... We want them to eventually see what a computer can do for them, but only after they know what they can do for themselves.'" Clifford Stoll has argued and written along similar lines.
PayPal Booted Out of State, Under Legal Siege
It has not been a very good week for PayPal. First, the online payment company was forced to delay its initial public offering because of a lawsuit filed by rival CertCo. Just days later, the state of Louisiana ordered PayPal to stop doing business with its residents without a license.
Tuesday, February 12
'Rings' Leads Oscar Nominations
The fantasy epic ``The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'' led the Oscar field Tuesday with 13 nominations, best picture, director and supporting actor among them.
Basic network flaw threatens Net's users
Software bugs in a fundamental language of the Internet could leave routers, switches and even PCs open to attack, an Internet security watchdog said Tuesday. The problems affect the Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP, a basic language used to talk to routers, switches, printers and other managed network devices to allow network engineers to glean status and performance information. The software vulnerabilities could be exploited to varying effect, Lindner added. In some cases, PCs, routers and other devices could be shut down or cut off from the Internet. "In the extreme case, you could exploit a buffer overflow to take control of the device," Lindner said.
Monday, February 11
The Sims
the sims is evil!
Putin Warns U.S.: Don't Attack Iraq
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against U.S. military action against Iraq, saying that the situation in the Persian Gulf nation was different from Afghanistan and that only the U.N. Security Council could sanction any attack. In an interview published Monday in The Wall Street Journal, Putin called his nation's partnership with the United States the key to stability in the world. The two powers have reached a "new level of trust," he was quoted as saying.
GameSpot Presents: A History of Real-Time Strategy Games
Trying to imagine a time without real-time strategy games is perhaps a bit like trying to imagine a time before the World Wide Web: We all know it existed, but as gamers, we can't quite understand how we got along back then. Today, real-time strategy is a staple of many people's gaming diets, and publishers regularly turn to real-time strategy as a primary vehicle for development ideas. Quite an achievement for a genre that didn't even exist for the first 15 or so years of computer gaming. Early computer strategy games adhered firmly to the turn-based concepts of their board game ancestors, where--by necessity--players had time to plan their turns before their opponents had a chance to move. Real-time strategy changed all of that so that games would begin to more closely resemble reality: Time was limited, and if you wasted yours, your opponents would probably be taking advantage of theirs. via slashdot
Sunday, February 10
Yahoo! News - West 135, East 120
Jordan was all alone ahead of the field a few moments later but blew a one-handed dunk, causing his Eastern teammates to rise off the bench laughing in unison. Jordan laughed off the moment, too. Tracy McGrady had a spectacular dunk early in the second quarter, banging a pass to himself off the backboard, zipping past three players and slamming the ball through with such authority that the crowd didn't stop buzzing for a good 30 seconds.
Saturday, February 9
A Computing Chameleon in a Little Black Box
The MetaPad from I.B.M., can be attached to a keyboard and monitor running Windows XP, or slipped into a Palm OS screen. Use Linux? It runs that, too. via metafilter
Richardson Wins Slam Dunk Contest
Jason Richardson of Golden State got an extra chance to attempt his last dunk, and he made an awesome one to prevent Sacramento's players from being the Kings of All-Star Saturday.
Friday, February 8
Your 17-month-old's behavior: Self-control … or a lack thereof
It may help you to deal with your toddler's tantrums if you understand what's behind them, at least in part. At 17 months a child is in constant pursuit of accomplishment. He wants to master stacking five blocks on top of one another. Or he's determined to put his own shoes on, to ride his older sister's bike, or to eat with a fork. When he can't — either because he's just not quite there yet or because you put a stop to it — he gets frustrated. Since he doesn't have the verbal skills to express his frustration, he screams, throws things, hits, or pulls hair. Tantrums are more likely to occur when your child is hungry, tired, or over-stimulated. But no matter what the cause, what your child really wants to do is assert himself and let you know that he's important and worth listening to.
The FreeBSD Diary -- Checklist for a new box
These are the things I add to almost every new box I create
San Francisco OpenBSD Users Group
Have Fun, Use and Advocate OpenBSD
T-shirt printed with a drawing of actress Winona Ryder
A T-shirt printed with a drawing of actress Winona Ryder and the slogan 'Free Winona' is pictured in this undated publicity photograph. A Los Angeles boutique is selling the shirt as part of a grass roots political campaign following Ryder's recent arrest on suspicion of shoplifting at the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue store.
Thursday, February 7
FreeBSD Week: Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD
By now, anyone who is even remotely related to an IT-type position has heard about Linux, and has most likely used it, if only to see what all the hype is about. However, GNU/Linux is not the only "free" Unix type OS available. FreeBSD and its cousins, NetBSD and OpenBSD are all offshoots of BSD UNIX, a commercial UNIX also known as Berkeley Software Distribution. This article will help you learn more about FreeBSD, its differences from Linux, and it will ease a potential migration process.
With remarkable efficiency, the feature documentary "" tracks the rise and fall of an Internet company named GovWorks. In doing so, the movie alluringly evokes the rush of late '90s capitalism, a heady period just two or three years ago, when a business plan and a confident handshake could secure millions of dollars in venture capital; when vision was more important than experience; when it seemed anyone could get filthy rich on an idea. But the movie is about much more than that. Filmmakers Chris Hegedus and Jehane Noujaim wisely center their film on a human drama. (The film was produced by documentary filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker, Hegedus' husband. The couple directed the Academy Award-winning documentary "The War Room," about Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for the presidency. Noujaim was a producer at MTV; this is her first film.) Amid all the biz-speak and buzzwords, the goatees and dry-erase flowcharts, is a story about two best friends: Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman.
OWT Tech List Archive: Re: Newtear
Newtear is an old DOS (denial of service) attack that affects unpatched Win95 and NT4 machines. If you are vulnerable, you will get the Blue Screen of Death.
Wednesday, February 6
Err Msg: ScanDisk Has Restarted 10 Times Because Windows...
To resolve this issue, use the following methods. After you use each method, run ScanDisk to see if the issue is resolved. If the issue still occurs, continue to the next method.
mark castillo
$ uptime
9:29PM up 32 days, 17:21, 1 user, load averages: 0.15, 0.10, 0.09

my longest uptime has been around 180 days or so. damn blackouts.

CIA's Tenet Defends Agency, Warns of Fresh Plots
CIA Director George Tenet on Wednesday defended the intelligence agency against congressional criticism that it failed to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks and said further plots were being hatched by al Qaeda.
Slashdot | Google Programming Contest
"Google has just announced its first annual programming contest! The objective is to write a program that will do something "interesting" with the about 900,000 Web pages' worth data that's Google provides. In addition to writing the program, contestants also have to convince the judges why their program is interesting (or useful) and why it will scale (that is, handle a constantly increasing load of data that grows as the Web grows). The prize is US$10,000 in cash, a V.I.P. tour of the Google facility in Mountain View, California and possibly a chance to run their program on Google's complete billion-Web-page store." - Create-A-Bundle
Last week Nintendo enacted a global price drop on its best-selling Game Boy Advance. Now you can get a Game Boy Advance for only $69.99! Choose from four colors: Arctic, Indigo, Glacier and Fuchsia. While you're at it, browse through our selection of games and accessories and build the ultimate GBA bundle.
Brandy's Secret Marriage
Brandy has hit upon a unique way to hype her new album: The R&B singer-actress announced Tuesday that she's pulled a Janet Jackson and was married on the sly last year.
Hot Deals Club - updated many times daily with the best deals
Envision 15" LCD monitor $200 after rebate
Tuesday, February 5
Everything There Is To Know About the Xbox
The Xbox is definitely a generation ahead, compared to the Playstation 2 at least. It paves the way for new milestones in video gaming. For the first time, a system of this type lets you play in 3D 5.1 sound. It fools you and clearly changes the games' dimension by immersing you, like it's never been done before. Already with the first games, the graphics are stunning. The possibilities offered by NVIDIA's processor, with vertex shaders, anti-aliasing and a library of efficient programming show you games with extraordinary graphics.
Maximo Updated Preview
For those who've not yet heard of the game, Maximo is a 3D action platformer, with a definite emphasis on the action. Though it definitely has its share of precarious platforms to traverse, you'll find that the game is especially combat-heavy; enemies spawn at maddening frequency, and you're given a nice array of moves and weapons with which to dispatch them. Maximo's combat is significantly deeper than the combat in most games of its type, and the pacing of the battles, as well as their level of difficulty, is most welcome.
Jet Set Radio Future Preview
Jet Set Radio Future takes place several years after the original and is set in a somewhat futuristic Tokyo. The setting is familiar yet slightly alien; buzzing light sculptures stand alongside common thoroughfares, for instance, lending the mundane environments a touch of futurist pizzazz. For those unfamiliar with Jet Set Radio's world and premise, it's really quite novel. A bunch of street gangs are vying for territory in Tokyo, and their tool for settling disputes is a spray can. To mark their dominance, these youths mark up the walls of rivals' territories and often even the rivals themselves. And they do this while riding inline skates.
EON Lands Elder Scrolls III: Morrowwind On PC And Xbox
EON Digital has just announced an exclusive deal with US developer Bethseda Softworks to publish a number of titles including both PC and Xbox versions of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.We dropped into EON's luxury Kensington offices to check out an early version of Morrowind, the latest entry in the acclaimed RPG series and here's what we discovered.
Monday, February 4
'Sesame Street' Getting Huge Makeover
Elmo and the ``Sesame Street'' gang are getting a makeover. With the opening of its 33rd season on Monday, television's best-known children's show will unveil its most dramatic overhaul ever, one designed with competition and a changing audience in mind. Rest assured, Elmo is keeping his red fur. And his goldfish. The street won't be different, but the way it's presented to young viewers will be.
Sunday, February 3
Gates sees no economic recovery in 2002
The Microsoft chairman says that he sees no global economic recovery this year, countering a budding groundswell of optimism tied to economic data pointing to a fast rebound.
Lik Sang: GP32 - The world's most powerful game handheld - in stock early next week We have great news for all developers, handheld fans and video game freaks: A shipment of GP 32 handhelds and software (so far only available in Korea) is on the way to us and should arrive until coming Monday. This small device is so powerful that it cannot only play GP32 software but also MP3 files plus it features an internet conectivity mode (which we still have to figure out further once the stock has arrived). The great idea about this handheld is that it uses standard Smartmedia cards as storage media. Development tools can be downloaded from the internet for free which means you can expect tons of cool freeware games for this device in the near future. Developers may have a look at We expect a large development community and scene to grow around this handheld once sufficient units are available.
Lik Sang: GP32 - The world's most powerful game handheld
We have great news for all developers, handheld fans and video game freaks: A shipment of GP 32 handhelds and software (so far only available in Korea) is on the way to us and should arrive until coming Monday. This small device is so powerful that it cannot only play GP32 software but also MP3 files plus it features an internet conectivity mode (which we still have to figure out further once the stock has arrived). The great idea about this handheld is that it uses standard Smartmedia cards as storage media. Development tools can be downloaded from the internet for free which means you can expect tons of cool freeware games for this device in the near future. Developers may have a look at We expect a large development community and scene to grow around this handheld once sufficient units are available.
Saturday, February 2
Rethinking Rules of Parenting
How do you get a child to obey without a fight? John Stossel reports that one expert is rethinking the old rules of parenting. Any parent knows how frustrating it can be when children just don't listen: when they refuse to get dressed, or throw a tantrum when told it's time for bed. But parenting instructor Mac Bledsoe has a radical idea: disobedience is not always bad. He believes it can be turned around to teach a child to think for himself. "Obedience as a tool for discipline is really, really dangerous," Bledsoe told 20/20 's John Stossel in an interview airing Friday night. "It does not teach children to think for themselves, and it teaches them to listen to an outside voice to find out how to act." Bledsoe believes parents should aim to teach their children how to make decisions for themselves, so they can act responsibly when left alone, and become more independent when they get older .
Parenting With Dignity
The Parenting With Dignity™ program will improve the lives of children by promoting and teaching effective parenting skills. Parenting With Dignity is a resource where parents learn new, essential parenting skills and gives them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children. We contact parents through existing youth activities and agencies including Juvenile Court Services. We focus on these organizations rather than public schools, because schools are already overloaded with unrealistic expectations to "fix what’s wrong with American Youth." Many in our target audience would not bother to watch a prime-time TV program about effective parenting, so we partner with existing parenting-related organizations.
Where Did All the Hackers Go?
In many ways, LinuxWorld 2002 was the ultimate bad blind date. Big business was briefly paired with hackers at the expo. The business folks got all excited and talked about long-term committed relationships, but the hackers were bored out of their minds. Many long-term LinuxWorld attendees said they thought the corporate presence at this year's show was both overwhelming and uninspiring, and they felt that the expo had lost its hacker heart.
Friday, February 1
Daemon News : Multiple webservers behind one IP address
This article discusses a network setup where multiple webservers reside behind one IP address. Such a situation may arise when you need a specific webserver for one task and a different webserver for another task, running different operating systems or webserver software. With only one IP address available from the Internet, you could simply use Network Address Translation (NAT) with port forwarding. However, this forces you to give each webserver an ugly URL with a non-standard port number. Luckily, there is a better way. In the setup described in this article, each webserver can be reached via its own fully qualified domainname on the standard HTTP port (80).
Lik Sang: Game Boy Develop & Backup Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set
The Flash Advance 64M/128M/256M is the first professional mass produced flash Card for the Gameboy™ Advance. Just like a Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data in it's Flash Memory. Once you have sent games, demos or programs to it's memory using the Flash Advance Linker, it can simply be plugged into the Gameboy Advance and it will act like an original game! The Flash Advance 64M/128M/256M is furthermore the perfect choice for any professional Gameboy Advance developers or even home developers - Create your own games using your PC (free software is available) and simply use the Flash Advance 64M/128M/256M to show your game/demo to friends or test it on real Hardware. If you believe it or not, even large software companies are developing their games using exactly this Hardware and this methods.
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