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Friday, March 30
ZDNet: GameSpot: Video Games News: US Game Boy Advance launch shipment cut in half, just 500,000 GBA units will be available for the US launch in June.
The New Dot-Altruism The steady stream of layoffs -- according to a recent survey, 9,533 more dot-commers were given pink slips in February -- means that many skilled, energetic potential workers who would previously shun a low-paying, do-gooder position at a non-profit are on the market, looking for something to do with themselves.
Thursday, March 29
CNET Radio - Investment Challenged. What goes up must come down, and in this stock contest that's the goal. You have one month to decrease the value of your portfolio as much as possible. The three portfolios with the lowest values at the end of April will receive cash prizes of $2,000, $1,000, or $500.
Dimension 4. Time synchronization utility available today for versions of Windows 95 and higher.
House Votes To Cut Tax Penalty Moving swiftly on another major piece of President Bush (news - web sites)'s tax package, the House voted overwhelmingly Thursday for a bill cutting income taxes for millions of married couples and gradually doubling the $500-per-child tax credit.
Wednesday, March 28
Sair Linux Certification. Top 50 Things to Know to Pass Sair Exam 101.
Indrema. Linux-based open-source gaming console.
How to dance properly.
Japanese Sumo Wrestling Becomes High-Tech Fun Similar to human sumo wrestling, the goal is to push your opponent outside a circular ring, called a dohyo in sumo. Unlike sumo wrestling, size doesn't matter, and, in fact, robots are limited to 6.6 pounds. Some robots are radio controlled, and others, like Beast, zip around on their own. They are equipped with tiny computer programs and infared sensors telling them to avoid the white line circling the ring and charge toward opposing robots.
Tuesday, March 27
Manual Page: ab - Apache HTTP Server. ab is a tool for benchmarking your Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server. It is designed to give you an impression of how your current Apache installation performs. This especially shows you how many requests per second your Apache installation is capable of serving.
The Villa That Oracle Built / Ellison proceeds with dream digs despite market setbacks. Oracle Corp. may be trimming earnings estimates and cutting jobs, but business at the site of founder Larry Ellison's new Woodside mansion is booming. Once an army of workers completes the master bathroom built around a 60,000-pound boulder, another rock sporting a hot tub built into the top and man-made pond that will have a 3,200-foot shoreline, the Japanese-style imperial villa for the billionaire bachelor with humble beginnings will cost more than $100 million. Unfortunately for Larry, it's not the biggest: A certain gentleman's home in the Seattle area is now 48,160 square feet ... and counting.
Monday, March 26
my links section, restored. Phantasy Star Online Compatibility with Broadband Adapter It's a pain in the butt to get to work, but it DOES work.
Still Crazy Over Electric Cars. Rolling blackouts are now part of the California energy crisis, and clearly there isn't enough power to go around. So how come sales of electric cars remain brisk?
Census 2000 - USA Today has the lowdown on our population boom. The Solar Solution Stone sees vast, beautiful fields of solar dishes sprouting in the deserts of the Southwest, converting sunlight into electricity to power cities – without producing pollution, without accelerating global warming.
The Plumber Is Back. How Nintendo and Microsoft Are About to Open a Can of Whoop-Ass on Sony's Video Game Empire.
Sunday, March 25
Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts And 'Gladiator' Win Oscars
Saturday, March 24
Xbox chief vows no "blue screen of death" - Tech News -
ZDNet: GameSpot: Game Boy Advance News: First impression: Game Boy Advance : first impressions of the hardware, the games, and such peripherals as the GBA link cable and the AC adapter.
Daily Radar News - GBA Sells Out on First Day. The firm shipped 650,000 units for sale on Wednesday (launch day in Japan). In my opinion, the Japanese gaming market is somewhat similar to the us space. Glad I pre-ordered my son's but I probably should pre-order some games too.
Friday, March 23
Yahoo! Buzz Index - Movers Snapshot Every day, we determine which subjects hold the most interest for Yahoo! visitors by ranking subjects by their buzz score. A subject's buzz score is the percentage of users searching for that subject on a given day, multiplied by a constant to make the number easier to read.
Thursday, March 22
What's it cost to track a hacker? It took the intruder less than a minute to break into the university's computer via the Internet, and he stayed less than a half an hour. Yet finding out what he did in that time took researchers, on average, more than 34 hours each. "This guy can do all that damage in a half an hour," he said. Dittrich estimated that those 34 hours would cost a company about $2,000 if the investigation was handled internally and more than $22,000 if a consultant was called in.
Laid-off dot com employee 1040 tax form
Wednesday, March 21
Unleashed: Robodog goes for a walk - Tech News - Robodog goes for his first public 'walkies' Wednesday, with its British master saying the world's biggest four-legged automaton will scare off smaller robo puppies from Japan. As tall as a grown Labrador, the artificial dog can climb over obstacles, play football, do handstands and even move like a crab. And it's strong enough to raise itself off the ground with a five-year-old child on its back, its inventor claims. The company that is holding the leash is Roboscience, set up by inventor Nick Wirth to develop the dog in just seven months with a six-figure sum he and a partner put up. The unromantically named RS-01 can also guard its patch in the absence of its master, who can log onto the Web and monitor the situation at home through the Webcam in the dog's eyes. News | Heeeere, Mir Taco Bell says it's going to buy every man, woman and child in America a taco if the core of the Mir space station lands on a 40-by-40-foot target the fast food chain will float in the Pacific Ocean east of Australia.
Audrey's life cut short - Tech News - Audrey's quick demise--the $499 device debuted in October--is the latest evidence of a growing trend. Namely, consumers don't want simplified computing devices for surfing the Web, or at least they don't want them yet.

speaking for myself, i do want an internet appliance which is less than $300 and wireless.

Tuesday, March 20
The Internet Mini-List: A Subset of the 2000 Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing privately held U.S. companies.
yesterday, the site was down cause an ethernet jack was plugged into an incorrect port. err...
Friday, March 16
Mexico City Says Hola to Linux. Barberán said it would take about two years to make the transition from commercial to open-source software, which is already being used in the city's motor vehicle licensing agency. A program to install the free Linux operating system in Mexican public schools, for example, has reportedly saved the government $3 million in Microsoft licenses, he said. | Is that a pay phone in your pocket? Telespree will be releasing a one-button cell phone (weird enough) for which the disposable battery packs also contain the minutes (even weirder). When you want to buy more minutes, you actually purchase a battery that contains the electronic ID to enable more on-air time.
MSDN Online User Interface Center User experience and interface design in the context of creating software represents an approach that puts the user, rather than the system, at the center of the process. This philosophy, called user-centered design, incorporates user concerns and advocacy from the beginning of the design process and dictates the needs of the user should be foremost in any design decisions.
Thursday, March 15
Yahoo! News - Most-viewed content It's what everyone else is reading.
Transmeta Takes Linux Plunge Transmeta releases the Midori Linux system -- and raises a possible conflict of interest. Will Transmeta employee Linus Torvalds, who has the last word on Linux kernal features, put his company on a fast track to profitable features?
I opened a virtual bookstore thru It's free, nice templated design, and pricing seems comparable to other online stores (I did a quick scan so pls compare prices against other stores).
Wednesday, March 14
Gamestock 2001 - Check out video clips of some xbox games : Halo, Oddworld, Project Gotham, and Nightcaster looked really good.
BBspot - Test Shows 99.99% of High School Seniors Can't Read Perl The four hour test had 2 sections, a simple translation section and a project section. The first part asked students to translate easy Perl phrases into their standard English equivalent, and the second section required students to produce a simple MP3 player in Perl.
Tuesday, March 13
OpenBSD Links to Guides, Tutorials and Information Topics include reviews, concepts, network configuration, basic administration, installation and booting, Internet servers, database servers, performance optimisation, and miscellaneous tips and tricks.
[] March 2001 the premier online magazine for FreeBSD users everywhere. With everything from articles to BSD news, we bring you the latest information on the FreeBSD front.
lyn, i still don't know if you made back ok. you never called me back.
redesign :: simplified the look, a lot. removed a bunch of links ( will replace later ), removed superstats image ( force to use apache access logs ), and changed the font size ( thought it was a bit too large ). [a world unfolding] When was the last time you wrote a letter? A real one? A personal one?
Monday, March 12
THE WEB SERVER FIRST AID KIT. Handy Tools for When All Hell Breaks Loose. Let’s take a look at the handy tools and the usual suspects — the top commands and tools to use, and common places to look that will at least shed a clue on most server problems.
Sunday, March 11
weekend recap : spent a couple of hours in napa, shopping the in outlets and getting some cheese and wine. after a week and a couple of days, my sister flew back to new jersey early sunday morning. sniff sniff. sunday, a lot of errands and a lot of movies.
Friday, March 9
Lawyers With Hacking Skills "Ultimate Hacking: Hands On," a new crash course offered by the security-consulting firm Foundstone, will teach lawyers about common cybercrimes by re-enacting them in the classroom.
Graphics 101 - Web Building - By the end of the tutorial, you should be able to manipulate Web images with confidence, avoid common mistakes, and make your sites look as good as possible. Even if you're an experienced Web designer, you're likely to find solutions to nagging problems that may have been limiting your designs. We give you the basics.
Thursday, March 8
Advertising Supported Services Since 1996, has offered free services to millions of users. We have supported these services with the help of advertising sales, but due to a recent and sudden downturn in the Internet advertising industry, is no longer able to continue offering free services without incurring substantial losses. We will, however, continue to offer the paid versions of most of our services.
Game Boy Advance US Launch Details A new era of portable video gaming arrives here in the US on June 11th. The system will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $99.95, while new game software will retail for between $29.95 and $39.95. More than 60 exclusive Game Boy Advance titles are expected by Christmas, and virtually all games sold for previous Game Boy systems are compatible with the new hardware.
As you know, our online advertisers currently subsidize the cost of your film developing. And, as you may have heard in the news, the online advertising market has become more uncertain. As a result, we need to introduce a new, low developing fee. You will still continue to see ads on Snapfish and thanks to continued support from our advertisers, the developing fee will be only $1.99 per roll.
Wednesday, March 7
Yahoo seeks new CEO as Chief Executive Tim Koogle steps aside, issues revenue warning - Tech News -
SISTERS STEP UP / At a mother's death, 2 new lives -- and 2 lives altered Chantha and Chanthan Khiev didn't plan to be teenage mothers. But that's the role the 17-year-old twin sisters assumed when their own mother died while giving birth to a set of twin boys, their younger brothers, nearly three weeks ago.
Tuesday, March 6
Will Xbox drain Microsoft? - Tech News - Microsoft could lose as much as $2 billion on Xbox--potentially selling the game console at a loss for three years or more--before breaking even in fiscal 2005, according to a Merrill Lynch report released Tuesday. "Ironically, the more units sold in the early years, the greater the losses," Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget said in the report. Blodget estimates Microsoft will "lose $125 on every Xbox console--and that's before taking into account" sales, marketing and other administrative costs.
Good news about BabyCenter's future. Many of you have e-mailed us over the past few weeks, asking how the financial troubles of our parent company, eToys, might affect BabyCenter and expressing concern that BabyCenter itself might not survive. We've been deeply touched by your kind words, and today we have good news: We have a new owner, Johnson & Johnson -- a company with a long and proud history in baby care -- and a much brighter future.
Monday, March 5
Tag - You're Hit : Electronic price tag alteration. Here's how it works: After choosing a product and receiving pricing information, a hacker can use a standard browser's "edit page" feature to show the hidden HTML code on the page. The thief then saves the page to his computer, alters the price information and then hits the "publish" key on the browser. In many cases, that page is then accepted by the shopping cart software - and that $999 watch becomes a $3 special.
Thursday, March 1
O'Reilly Network: A Palm Robot in Action [Feb. 23, 2001] In this Palm robot demonstration, I use the PenFollow application. Once you launch the app, you can plot simple two point paths to instruct the robot which direction to go and how fast to move. Shorter lines tell the robot to move slowly, and longer lines increase its speed.
Microsoft Obsecurity - World's Most Secure Server FAQ
The FreeBSD Diary -- Stripping ^M from your files if you have transferred a file from MS Windows to FreeBSD.
WebMap WebMap is the map of the Internet as a whole, featuring more than two million Web sites. It creates a new Internet experience that is visual rather than textual. The map will automatically customize itself to you, creating your personal gateway to the Internet. No more scrolling through endless search results. WebMap guides you exactly where you want to go. It allows you to find what you are looking for, faster and more conveniently.
Daemon News : BSD in a Microsoft Office After tinkering with FreeBSD at home for a while, amidst all the noise and distractions that go with a family setting, I decided to see if I could install it on an unused pc at work. The logic being that I would have the chance to learn more about BSD/UNIX at work, since, like most of us in this day and age, this is where I spend the bulk of my time...
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