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Friday, November 30
'Buffy' Sex Scene Had to Be Trimmed
For those who thought the scene where Spike (James Marsters) and Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) finally consummated their -- whatever -- for each other was a bit much for primetime television, just wait until the director's cut is released. After UPN executives viewed the episode, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" executive producers had to trim the last scene by about 10-15 seconds -- what amounts to hours in TV time. "You should have seen the shot at the end before UPN cautioned us," Marti Noxon, the show's co-executive producer and showrunner, tells "It was much, much longer and that last image of them in the smoke -- that's CGI smoke we had to add for a couple reasons. One of the reasons is that we had to shorten that shot dramatically, but we also needed to obscure the action for the network."
How to crash a phone by SMS
So now you can send an SMS and crash a mobile phone, so that the user is locked out. Job de Haas, a security researcher at ITSX, has adapted a program called sms_client, which sends an SMS message from an Internet-connected PC, in which the User Data Header is broken.
Guru is the leading online marketplace connecting freelancers and consultants with contract projects, with more than 350,000 freelancers and 52,000 hiring companies. The company also delivers business management tools, product and service deals, and career advice to independent professionals.
Thursday, November 29
Slashdot | OpenBSD 3.0 Release, Interview with Theo
"Here is an interview with OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt. Interesting is his comment on Soft Updates and the comparison to the rivaling Journaling file systems technology. Further he links to a very interesting paper by some Soft Updates researchers." And although OpenBSD 3.0 has an "official" release date of December 1 for whatever reason, it seems to be available by FTP or CD already. Lots of changes since 2.9.
Slashdot | Homepage Usability
Last year I reviewed Jakob Nielsen's Designing Web Usability. Read on for my review of his latest book, Homepage Usability." This might make you want to go and revise your own home page.
Nintendo reports record GameCube launch
Nintendo had promised shipments of more than 700,000 units when the console launched Nov. 18, with about 80 percent going to U.S. retailers and the rest to Canada and rental outlets. Almost all the retail units sold out within the first week, Nintendo said in a statement, with more units now arriving at stores. Microsoft, which hedged on launch quantities for its Xbox game console, was believed to have had about 300,000 units available when the device went on sale Nov. 15. Most of those units sold out within the first few days, according to a Goldman Sachs retail survey.
Universal steganographic tool that allows the insertion of hidden information into the redundant bits of data sources. The nature of the data source is irrelevant to the core of OutGuess. The program relies on data specific handlers that will extract redundant bits and write them back after modification. In this version the PNM and JPEG image formats are supported. In the next paragraphs, images will be used as concrete example of data objects, though OutGuess can use any kind of data, as long as a handler is provided.
Wednesday, November 28
QuickLink Pen
An electronic highlighter that lets you copy, clip and store printed text, Internet Links, tables and charts, from newspaper articles, books and documents, and transfer the data to your computer, PDA or text-enabled cell phone. You can scan information directly into any application real-time, or store up to 1000 pages and transfer it at your convenience through the serial port, infrared or optional USB adapter.
Our free service is designed to help current and future students obtain information and discuss which classes to take. Our web site thrives on the generous contributors who have taken the time to share their classroom experiences. Students like you, who have already taken these same classes, provide these reviews for the world to see. is a free on-line service provided to college students for the purpose of getting and making course/professor reviews. We also offer other helpful features, including a textbook trade engine and a GPA calculator. The service was created in response to a desire for a more convenient way for students to communicate their feelings about courses and teachers they've had. Much of the desire came from experiences with unfair or boring teachers, as well as experience with enthusiastic, outstanding professors who deserve praise and compliment.
The Foundation For a Better Life
The Foundation for a Better Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The programs and projects of the Foundation are non-commercial and are solely humanitarian endeavors; the Foundation does not seek contributions or donations of any kind. The Foundation supports the belief that each individual is entitled to personal dignity and self-respect and that most individuals are willing, when given the opportunity, to take personal responsibility for their actions and well-being. The Foundation also believes that capable people may also benefit from encouragement and reminders from time to time.
A Sysadmin's Security Basics
System administrators are no longer alone in their concern for security. The increase in high-profile virus attacks, and a general sense of heightened security, means that executives are likely to have security on their mind. It may be easier than ever to enlist their support for securing our networks and systems, and they may be more likely to put up with some inconvenience for users if it means tighter security. This article gives an overview of the basics necessary to secure your network, including: Passwords, Email attachments and client settings, Firewalls and demilitarized zones, Securing insecure protocols, Wireless and Staying informed.
FREE T-Shirt - mr smiley
Fill out the form below and I'll mail your free smiley face t-shirt after 5 of your friends join.

Is this for real? Seems like a pyramid scam for collecting email addresses.

CamWorld: Thinking Outside the Box
How Microsoft Gets Big and Remains a Monopoly: From Scripting News, I read with interest this article about IronPort, a startup that aims to sell custom mail gateway hardware/software servers. You have to note that almost the entire IronPort executive management team comes from Hotmail and Listbot, two companies that were acquired by Microsoft. It's safe to assume that IronPort, whose main competition is Sendmail, will at some point be acquired by Microsoft. Since Microsoft acquires companies and technologies that they can use to undermine and/or monopolize other markets, it makes complete sense for them to acquire IronPort since it could be marketed to those companies that refuse to install an Exchange server (for security reasons).

This is an interesting business plan, even if it's hidden from plain view. Build a startup that targets an industry that Microsoft does not have a strong foothold in. Then, once you have your technology (or service) solidified and working, go knock on Bill Gates' door to see if he'd be interested in buying you out for a few hundred million. If your startup is succeeding in an area that Microsoft wants to get a foothold in, a buyout is very likely.

So how can you make money off this? Simple, start looking at startups that might be juicy acquisitions for Microsoft. Need an example? How about PacketVideo, who has figured out how to broadcast video to your cell phone and PDAs. Perfect killer app for Microsoft's stinger phone/PDA. Once you've located a good bet, try to get a job with them or figure out a way to buy pre-IPO stock options that will be traded for Microsoft stock after a buyout

Daypop - a current events/weblog/news search engine
Daypop is a current events search engine. Daypop crawls the living web at least once a day to bring you the latest information relevant to your searches. The living web is composed of sites that update on a daily basis: newspapers, online magazines, and weblogs. Weblogs are a new form of personal journalism. Think of them as opinion columns or slices of life. Newspapers give you the international headlines and weblogs give you both a subjective view of current events and a personal view of the author's life.
Read your favorite weblogs your way, with BlogTracker! BlogTracker lets you see when your favorite weblogs have been updated last, so you can read the freshest blog entries. Based on, BlogTracker lets you pick the sites you like from thousands available, and hides the rest. It can even show you new weblogs that have been recently added to the system, or automatically hide them so you only see the weblogs you like. BlogTracker is the first and most popular interface, and the best way to keep up with the weblog world.
Brand Ben Brown
Ben Brown is a one man Web application powerhouse. He brings his expertise building community software, content management, XML data storage and manipulation, and high-end Web applications to your needs. Custom-built software is available at a reasonable, hourly rate. We have off-the-shelf content management software and community software that can be customized to your specific needs. We also have software to manage Yahoo-style hierarchical directories and e-commerce shopping cart systems.
Design for Community: Excerpt: Chapter 8: Extreme barriers to entry
After his visit to the Berkeley tub, Clark knew what he had to do. In his words: "We announced that due to too many people spread out too far in the world, we were going to kill the list and start over. In 24 hours the list would cease to exist entirely. A new list would be started up and the address given out at an in-person meeting in San Francisco. We did just that. In a month we had 200 people on the new list, even though only 20 to 50 came to the meeting. The people far away who were long-time members got back on the list through friends who were able to come to meetings and get the address. After three months we were up to 300 and have been around 300 to 400 ever since. 'Hot Tubbing' has become a known NoEnd technique, and whenever the list gets a little to active or off track we talk about it openly."
Study cites divide for rich, poor kids
Big inequities seen in Bay Area. Children Now recommends steps to narrow the inequities including: increase funding to low-performing schools and continuing incentives to entice veteran teachers to teach there; and assuring access to high-quality child care, preschool programs and after-school programs. To read the full report online, go to:
Plot Outline: Two aspiring boxers, lifelong friends, get involved in a money-laundering scheme through a low-level organized crime group.

rented the dvd yesterday thru blockbuster. 3.7 out of 5 stars. vince vaughn was throughly annoying in this movie but it suited the character. for some reason, it ran similiar to swingers.

CIA Operative Dies in Prison Riot
CIA officer Johnny ``Mike'' Spann was killed in a prison riot at Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, the first American known to be killed in action inside the country since U.S. bombing began, the CIA said Wednesday.
40 million people living with AIDS
The AIDS epidemic gripping millions worldwide spread at lightning speed in 2001, with countries of the former Soviet bloc now facing the fastest growing infection rate, a U.N. report said on Wednesday.
Slashdot | Disney World Goes 802.11b
"Over at CNN they report that Disney World in Florida has a 47-square mile 802.11b wireless LAN through the park with 200 access points. The move comes after visitors complaints that they couldn't use credit cards at every place in the park. Plus, it allows "cast members" to offer guests goods and services anywhere, not restricted to where the credit card machine is at. The man responsible, Murshid S. Khan, Director of Telecommunications and Technology Support sees this as a valuable technology, citing mobility and flexibility as the main reasons for the switch. Khan goes on to say that the system is protected by a 128-bit encryption scheme and software installed to detect intrusions. When he was asked if visitors will have access to the wireless network, CNN quotes him to say: 'We need you to come to the park and enjoy the park,' he said. 'If we start opening Internet cafes, you won't do that.' He's a smart man." So, running AirSnort wouldn't probably be the best idea? *grin*
Tuesday, November 27
Philippine Rebels Release Hostages
Muslim rebels released dozens of hostages Wednesday in exchange for safe passage through Philippine military forces that have besieged them for more than 24 hours. The group had already released 21 hostages as they endured a series of assaults by war planes, helicopter gunships and infantry, and waded through all-night negotiations.
SHOUTcast is Nullsoft's Free Winamp-based distributed streaming audio system. Thousands of broadcasters around the world are waiting for you to tune in and listen. Take a peek through the SHOUTcast directory (immediately listed below) to start browsing the most popular stations. Be sure to select your connection speed and then what kind of music you're looking for over on the right hand side for optimal listening pleasure. All you need is a player (we recommend Winamp) and you're set to go! Wanna be a broadcaster? It's Free! Check the online docs to get started!
SMC Wireless Broadband Router Review
The SMC Broadband Router should be a god-sent for people staying in apartments that pose too much of a challenge and hassle to wire up. Indeed, wiring up can be such an endeavor as it may involve activities like hacking walls, burying cables, and sealing the walls back. This is definitely not cost-effective for me. I'm not exactly hot on the idea of laying a trap of Ethernet cables all over the floor either!
Slashdot | Design For Community
"Derek Powazek is the designer of both and, fairly active web "communities" from which he spun off a consulting career, helping others to design online interactions. Being a consultant, he is consitutionally required to write a book. Powazek's book, "Design for Community: the art of connecting real people in virtual places", is an attempt to advise people on adding community features to their websites. As such, the intended readers of this book are people who are considering taking a static website and adding interactive features to it. That is, making online communities. Powazek recognizes the pitfalls of the word "community" in relation to some of these online interactions, but seems to settle on it as a handy short hand for the series of user-generated, self-organizing, deliberative, effective etc. features that have fallen under the general aegis of "online communities". For Powazek, it's enough to define community as users interacting directly on a site."

If you are thinking of starting an online community, you should get this book. The descriptions of major considerations, with examples from the realities of what's been done before, will be a helpful starting place, though by no means the end of your research. If you are not going to start a community, or are already embroiled in one, this book still has quite a bit to offer. The interviews with various community builders makes for fascinating reading, and could be expanded into a book all its own. Overall, this is not a revolutionary work redefining our concepts of virtual community, nor does it want to be. It is a handy book on designing online interactions, with compelling examples and rich narratives that make for a quick, fun read.

Iraq: Not Afraid of U.S. Threats
Iraq isn't afraid of U.S. threats and is ready to defend itself against any attack, the Iraqi government said Tuesday. President Bush warned Monday that Iraq and North Korea would face consequences if they produce weapons of mass destruction. He urged Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to allow arms inspectors back into the country ``to prove to the world he's not developing weapons of mass destruction.''
Monday, November 26
mark castillo
and we're back up. ups went down, wife didn't know what was wrong, other chain of events, site down, and we're back up. stupid ups (uninterruptible power supply).
XBox vs. Cube Is a Waiting Game
None of this, remember, is meant to suggest that either of these systems has any real pitfalls. The XBox, at $300, is $100 more than the Cube. But if it's price you're concerned about, buy a Sega Dreamcast, which was reduced to $50 this week. It's hard to guess that many people will think twice about the C-note difference between the systems. Instead, to continue the war analogy, this fight can shape up in one of two ways: It could be a war of attrition, a pitched battle of near-equals, which continues for years with neither side giving in. Or, through mere luck and marketing savvy, one side could suddenly get the upper hand, and then trounce the other. (Think of VHS vs. Beta.) Either way, there will be casualties: The thousands of people who buy the "wrong" system, the one that, like that Dreamcast, nobody cares about anymore. For that reason, if you're itching for a system at the moment, the wisest choice might be a Playstation, which has the largest library of available games. Otherwise, take a deep breath, put your hundreds in the bank, and check back here in March.
Bounty of DVD-recording PCs hit market
A year ago, no computer manufacturer offered drives for recording home DVDs. Now there are plenty of DVD-recording PCs to choose from--though many use formats that are incompatible with one another. However, analysts say that unlike the Beta and VHS tape wars of the 1970s and 1980s, when choosing the wrong recording format could mean owning a collection of useless cartridges, consumers can safely buy whichever DVD recording drive or PC they find most appealing. The drives produce discs that can be played in the majority--but not all--of consumers DVD players on the market, regardless of recording format.
Mountain Voices: oral testimonies from mountain and highland regions round the world
This website presents interviews with over 300 people who live in mountain and highland regions round the world. Their testimonies offer a personal perspective on change and development. This project is part of Panos' Oral Testimony Programme, which aims to amplify the voices of those at the heart of development: people who are disadvantaged by poverty, gender, lack of education and other inequalities. Collecting and disseminating oral testimonies allows the least vocal and least powerful members of society to speak for themselves, rather than through outsiders or "experts".
OPENSEWER.COM - The Enema of The Information Age
The Cause is to make the world human again. To fix priorities. To save the environment.
Sunday, November 25
Get out. Do good. Find a volunteer opportunity for whatever you like doing.
Van46 - Indy Photojournalism
Pics and video from the Ottawa IMF/G20 demos.
Windstorm cuts power in Bay Area
I'm not sure what happened on friday but my web server went down and I didn't bring it back up until later that night. In any event, I added an ups and I'm starting to backup some of the content on that box. I really got to get some work done. errr.
are you electrolicious?
I'm a freelance word-whore in my early late twenties, living in Seattle underneath three enormous radio towers. If you're looking for labels, cross raised-by-hippies with used-to-be-a-raver, then put her in a pair of smartypants, and you get a hint of what I am. Here's the backstory: I was born on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. I am an only child, and the night of my birth, my father held me in his arms and envisioned me as a messenger similar to my namesake in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Messenger, to him, meant a writer. And look! Today I am a writer. Well, and an editor. But who looks at an infant and imagines her 26 years later debating apostrophes in conjunction with acronyms?
Saturday, November 24
Slashdot | China Plans Manned Space Launch By 2005
"CNN.COM has this article on China's space program planning to send a man to the moon. 'The mission is part of Beijing’s plans to create a space industry and earn the prestige of joining the United States and Russia as the only nations to have sent humans into space.' I wonder if they'll make it before the recently mentioned amateurs."
Welcome to the Alameda County Fairgrounds!
Model Train Show. Presented by: GATS Ltd. Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: $6 adults; free to youth under 12; $5 parking. Summary: America's largest touring model train show; Exclusive layout for you and your kids to operate; Workshops on a variety of different model railroad topics; Many dealers from across the United States.
Friday, November 23
Slashdot | XBox Netplay Already
"Well, it's been a little while since the XBox was released and people are already playing online! The folks at have written a program to create an ethernet bridge between xbox's over the net, fooling the xbox's into thinking they're on a LAN. 1v1 seems to create no major lag and reports have come in like this one that claim up to four xbox's work fine. It seems a DSL connection is preferred for hosting the server."
Climbers Get Pricey Loo with a View
Weary Japanese climbers will be able to relieve themselves in style after local authorities shelled out nearly $600,000 for two mile-high toilets. After a sky-high flush, a purification vat and micro-organisms will break down and clean the waste, recycling the water in the process. ``One of the reasons it turned out to be expensive was that we had to use helicopters to transport the supplies,'' the official said. ``But it is a popular mountain in the region, so there has always been the need for better toilets.''
Thursday, November 22
pyRads :: order #337
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"ALL men by nature desire to know" - Aristotle
Impressions delivered :: 3,349
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A buck per vistor, not bad. Really, I was testing and supoorting blogger.

Thank you for e-mailing Sega Technical Support. Due to the overwhelming demand for the Broad Band Adaptor, all inventory has been completely sold out! Unfortunately, due to manufacturing constraints, SEGA does not have future plans to produce or sell the Broad Band Adaptor in the United States. To get the maximum gaming experience, we strongly recommend only using Sega licensed products, such as controllers.

Are they suggesting I get it overseas?

Network for Good
Network for Good, an independent, 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by the AOL Time Warner Foundation and AOL, Inc.; the Cisco Foundation and Cisco Systems, Inc.; and Yahoo! Inc., in partnership with over 20 nonprofit foundations and associations who share the desire to foster the informed use of the Internet for civic participation and philanthropy. The Website aggregates content and resources from these leaders, organizes them and makes them available in one comprehensive, easy-to-use destination, which also helps to expand the reach, effectiveness and pervasiveness of all of Network for Good's nonprofit partners.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (The Accidental Tourist)
Claim: A photograph captured an unlucky tourist posing on the observation deck of a World Trade Center tower seconds before a hijacked airliner smashed into the building. Status: False.
Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Action Network works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action. Since it was founded in 1985, the Rainforest Action Network has been working to protect rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests. From the beginning, RAN has played a key role in strengthening the worldwide rainforest conservation movement through supporting activists in rainforest countries as well as organizing and mobilizing consumers and community action groups throughout the United States. Our first challenge was to bring the plight of the rainforests to public attention through education, communication, and direct action.
Wednesday, November 21
Sega cuts prices to unload Dreamcasts
Sega of America announced Wednesday that it is dropping the price of its discontinued Dreamcast video game console to $49.95--around the price of a single game for consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
National Meditation Center
The National Meditation Center for World Peace is one of the most unique organizations in the US. The center is a youth , cultural and environmental advocacy and has been operation for 15 years. We are a privately funded Humanitarian organization promoting Cultural training , Volunteerism , Sustainable development with a Training Center and work camp to train agencies.
Krispy Kreme Shares Fall in Early Trade
Shares of high-flying doughnut chain Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. fell as much as 5.9 percent in early trading Wednesday, a decline some analysts attributed to investors cashing in on big gains. He rates the shares ``long-term buy.''
Tuesday, November 20
Red Hat Proposes to Enhance Microsoft Settlement Offer By Providing Open Source Software to All U.S. School Districts
Red Hat, Inc. today proposed an alternative to the settlement announced today of the class-action lawsuit against Microsoft. Red Hat offered to provide open-source software to every school district in the United States free of charge, encouraging Microsoft to redirect the money it would have spent on software into purchasing more hardware for the 14,000 poorest school districts. Under the Red Hat proposal, by removing Microsoft's higher-priced software from the settlement equation, Microsoft could provide the school districts with many more computers--greatly extending the benefits Microsoft seeks to provide school districts with their proposed settlement. Microsoft had proposed that, in settlement of class-action claims of price-gouging, the company donate computer hardware, software and support to 14,000 poor school districts throughout the United States. Under the proposed settlement, a substantial part of the value provided to schools would be in the form of Microsoft software.
O'Reilly Network: Road Testing the PowerBook Ti 667 [Nov. 20, 2001]
My overall rating for the Titanium experience is 8+ points out of 10. Apple is proving that they are worthy competitors in a tough computer market. They are focusing on every stage of the customer experience -- from designing functional, beautiful products to their delivery. During his MacWorld keynote address, Steve Jobs said that the Titanium PowerBook combined sex with power. After having used it for a while, I want to add that part of the allure results from having Mac OS X rendering the graphics, keeping the performance stable, and sleeping and waking with the speed of a PDA. In my opinion, it's Apple's new operating system that has elevated the TiBook from a good computer to a great one.
Recession child's play for Xbox, GameCube
Consumers may be curbing their spending in some areas, but they apparently don't mind splurging on the two newly released video game consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft, according to new research. "We note that Nintendo's shipment policy appears to be staving off serious shortages," the survey said. Toys "R" Us is well stocked with GameCube consoles, according to Goldman Sachs' research, but "it is only a matter of time before Christmas demand consumes this inventory." Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us both lack Xbox inventory and do not know when shipments will arrive, the report said, adding that (at the time of the survey) Electronics Boutique stores had both systems in stock.
Monday, November 19
Man Killed in Fight Over Bad Singing
One man was killed and another wounded when a brawl broke out in a Philippine karaoke bar over the quality of singing, a local newspaper reported on Monday.
Photoshop: It's All the Rage
But doctoring images -- or Photoshopping, as its practitioners call it -- is a booming online pastime for hobbyists and graphic designers whose altered documents have taken up residence in the popular imagination alongside political cartoons and satirical text, like that published by The Onion.
Shippers Wrestle With Box Issues
Why does Amazon pack two CDs in huge boxes that can handle 10 times as much material? 'You just look at it and scratch your head,' one observer says. Why do companies ship small items in large boxes, wasting space, creating more disposable waste and driving up shipping costs? Simply put, some companies believe it's cost-effective. But other companies, like computer maker Gateway, pay close attention to matching item size with box size.
PC Magazine - OS Alternatives
What are the BSDs? And why should you consider using them if you're looking for a non-Windows operating system?
Officials: Hiding Harder for bin Laden
``We do not need the events of September 11 to tell us that Saddam Hussein is a very dangerous man who is a threat to his own people, a threat to the region and a threat to us because he is determined to acquire weapons of mass destruction,'' she said.
Sunday, November 18
| Nintendo GameCube|
We were tenth in line for midnight sale. The system is very small and cute. Rogue Leader and Luigi's Manson were fun. Pics tomorrow, after the Raiders game. - They're wild about Harry! - November 17, 2001
The first big-screen adventure of the boy wizard, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," grossed $31.3 million in its debut Friday, the highest single-day take ever, according to distributor Warner Bros. -- a sister AOL Time Warner company to The previous record-holder was "Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace," which took in $28.5 million on opening day in 1999.
Your guide to the meteor fireworks
Here are some suggestions for getting the most from any meteor shower:
•Get out of town: Find a place as far away as possible from city lights and obstructions.
•Stay up late: The meteor count usually picks up after midnight local time, when Earth starts turning into the trail of meteoric debris.
•Get comfortable: Bring a lounge chair and keep warm. Give your eyes time to adjust to the dark.
•Keep your eyes open: Although meteors appear to originate from a particular point, they can show up anywhere in the sky.
Italian astrophotographer Lorenzo Lovato imaged this Leonid fireball on Nov. 17, 1998.
Weekend Leonids Shower to Be Intense
Brew some coffee. Unpack the lawn chairs. Astronomers predict this year's Leonids meteor display, expected to appear before dawn Sunday, will be a dazzler worth missing a little sleep. ``It's now or never,'' said Robert Naeye of the Astronomy Society of the Pacific. ``Astronomers don't think we'll see another storm like this one until the year 2099. We will probably never see a better meteor shower in our lifetimes.''

While the Leonids Shower wasn't instense, it was beautiful. If anything, it revived my interest in star gazing. I saw a couple of random brilliant flashes. My son got too cold and had to go back in. I also met some nice neighbors across the street, Matt and Lisa, while watching the meteor shower.

Friday, November 16
Leonid meteor storm Photo
The most spectacular Leonid meteor storm in 35 years is forecast for November 18, 2001 in the Americas and Monday in Asia and Australia as Earth passes near centuries-old debris left by comet Tempel-Tuttle. The celestial storm could affect some satellites orbiting close to earth, so NASA scientists are making sure their spacecraft stay out of harm's way.
The Smoking Gun
So, according to TV Guide, Jennifer Lopez "scoffs" at TSG. Seems like she's angry at us for our recent report that the singer had a long list of demands presented before appearing to film a cameo in the "What's Going On" video (which is benefiting victims of both the September 11 terrorist attacks and the African AIDS epidemic).
Interesting Slashdot articles:
Consoles aplenty for Xbox launch - Tech News -
But in the San Francisco area Thursday, after the lines wound down, there appeared to be plenty of consoles to go around. At the Electronics Boutique in San Francisco, business was brisk, but people walking in off the street were still able to plunk down $500 and walk away with an Xbox bundle. At a Circuit City electronics store nearby, Ken Nunes, a 31-year-old software salesman, happened to see a small line forming outside and decided to stop and buy one.

I think it depends what area you're living in. Major markets are going to have more stock. For example, I live in the Contra Costa county east of San Francisco (about 30 miles away) and all the stores were sold out. Not that I care, I'm getting a GameCube. 8)

Nintendo readies console counterpunch - Tech News -
"I think the dates were just coincidental," said Schelley Olhava, games analyst for researcher IDC. "They really shouldn't affect each other. It's two different products, two different price points, two different types of consumer." Added George Harrison, vice president of marketing for Nintendo of America: "This is the start of a marathon. A two- or three-day difference isn't going to make a difference." One thing both companies will be looking for is strong sales through the holiday shopping season, just getting under way. Microsoft starts the race as something of an underdog, but it has a healthy supply of marketing dollars and a demonstrated hunger for success. And both are going up against Sony, the leader in the field with its year-old PlayStation 2.
Thursday, November 15
Digital Photography Information and Freebies - was founded on May 9, 2001. I wanted to create a photography community like no other on the Internet. The Shutterline you see today recognizes talented photographers by featuring their work through our photo of the day contest, and our articles & central forum allow novice photographers to learn and become better at taking pictures.
eBay item 1664239356 (Ends Nov-22-01 04:29:18 PST ) - New "X"Box w/controller and wires Package NR
You are bidding on an "X"box. This package includes : 1) An "X"box Pictured below. 2) A controller. 3) a wire. **FROM A SMOKE AND PET FREE HOME**This is a very cool item. Buyer pays actual shipping charges. I accept payments in Money Orders/Well Concealed Cash. I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail. Serious bidders only :-) . I will contact you when the auction has completed. Happy Bidding. *Note this is an auction not for a microsoft xbox ,it was professionally made by me. hmm guess the name is some type of coincidence.
The Gator-Grip Store
You've seen it on TV. Gator-Grip® instantly fits over 1000 fasteners - virtually anything that isn't round: hex nuts and bolts from 1/4" to 3/4" (7-19mm), eyebolts up to 2"... wing nuts, square nuts, broken nuts and hooks. Use Gator-Grip® around the home, on boats, RVs, cars, motorcycles and bikes. Gator-Grip® is easy to use. Just press it on and turn. It works great with power tools. It's the one tool that everyone can use.
Microsoft's Xbox Launched at Midnight in New York
Hundreds of videogame enthusiasts flocked to New York's Times Square in the small hours of the morning on Thursday, hoping to be the first to grab Microsoft's Corp.'s highly anticipated videogame console, the Xbox. For Eduardo Glucksman it was worth the wait. None other than Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates sold him the first Xbox console.
Wednesday, November 14
QUIZ: Are you my ex-boyfriend?
Found at evhead
#!/usr/bin/girl -v3 | [ a girl, a browser, and a lot of spare time ]
Zannah is a small, robotic San Fransisco-based marketing team which currently resides in the beautiful city of Seattle. She is hopelessly addicted to Q-Zar, VGL's Tesla Battletech VR, Dance Dance Revolution (arcade), and ParaParaParadise. She can also often be found playing arcade fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom or (her favourite) Soul Edge. She reads over 30 comic book titles on a regular basis, and spends far too much money on music, dvds, and other shiny things.

I re-found this great site.

( blogdex )
blogdex is a system built to harness the power of personal news, amalgamating and organizing personal news content into one navigable source, moving democratic media to the masses. at current, blogdex is focused on the referential information provided by personal content, namely using the timeliness of weblogs to find important and interesting content on the web.

I forgot about this site.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
The Demo has been downloaded over 200,000 times in the first week since its release on November 6th 2001!
Terror 'Mules': Bombs in Bodies
Even if every airport in the United States scanned every bag loaded onto every airplane for explosives, and every passenger went under the metal-detector, a bomb could still get onto a passenger jet, experts say. The Federal Aviation Authority's next generation of holographic body imaging scanners can be trumped too. Welcome to the world of the "terror mule." Criminal groups running drugs and diamonds into the United States have for years smuggled contraband by stuffing it into condoms and having a "mule" swallow the load, or by having it implanted surgically or rectally. The same technique can be used to smuggle plastic explosives like Semtex past security at an airport.
Tuesday, November 13
Planet GameCube News Article: Stores to sell GameCube early!
Nintendo has started shipping GameCubes. (YES!) This is a week earlier than was anticipated. While some stores claim to have been told by their corporate liasons to Nintendo that they will be fined if they sell early, this appears to not be the case. Nintendo has told us that stores are free to sell the GameCube as soon as it arrives, in order to get a jump on the X-Box launching on Thursday. They also said that no store would be fined for breaking the release date. Call your stores! It's possible that the GameCube could be at major stores as early as TODAY, but more likely by Wednesday. If your store claims that they are not allowed to sell them, POLITELY ask them to call their Nintendo rep, and double-check. While it's possible you're going to get some rude managers, and they will refuse to help you, being rude back will NOT get you a Cube. Found via Slashdot, Gamecube Hits US Early.
Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs
The old Weblogs.Com accepted registrations. You'd give it the name of the weblog, its url, and various other bits of information. Then, every hour, it would read all the registered weblogs, and it would list the weblogs that changed in the last hour on the home page and in an XML file. The new must be told when your weblog changed. It doesn't automatically check to see if a weblog has changed.
Monday, November 12
Norman - the data security company
VBS/Fool is a Visual Basic Script. Common for all VBS script is that they make use of MS Windows Scripting Host (WSH) to infect other files. WSH is default installed by Win98 and Win2000. VBS/Fool copies itself into Windows' Startup folder as "RunDLL.vbs", drops "MyPicture.bmp.vbs" in "C:\Windows\System", "C:\My Documents" and "C:\" and modifies Registry to run "MyPicture.bmp.vbs" each time Windows is loaded.

My son's laptop got infected with this virus. Disabled active scripting, should probably get anti virus software.

GameSpot: Game Boy Advance Reviews: Golden Sun Review
Looking back, the Super Nintendo has to be regarded as one of the best showcases for the RPG genre and 2D graphics. Back in the day, the system was home to some of the best games in the genre. You may well be in for a very pleasant sense of déjà vu when you fire up Nintendo's latest RPG offering on the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun. Featuring some of the best graphics seen on the system, a rich quest, and classic RPG gameplay, Golden Sun is a throwback to some of the SNES' best. The game's story puts you in the role of a young man named Isaac from a remote village called Vale. The elders of the village have been caretakers of an ancient mountain temple, Sol Sanctum, which guards a seal on the science of alchemy. When the seal is broken and a group of strangers, who have kidnapped two of Isaac's friends, attempt to release the powers of alchemy on the world, Isaac must venture out into the world and set things right.

It comes out tomorrow, if you're interested.

PS #11 Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School
My old grammer school.
State Library of North Carolina's START SQUAD
A safe search haven presented by North Carolina Libraries. Join us as we discover the very best stuff on the Internet and in your library. I’m Lee the Librarian and I’ll be your guide. Let’s go!
Honda 'Asimo' Robot Becomes More Human-Like
Honda has refined its human robot ``Asimo'' to gracefully walk down stairs, respond to human commands and even work like a receptionist -- but without the smile. The two-legged, four-foot white and silver Asimo, whose Japanese name roughly translates as ``legs, even,'' was on display on Monday, showing off its new skills.
Slashdot | New AIBO Demo'd
"The new AIBO has been demo'd, and with this version you can watch live footage from it's cameras via radio link, radio control it, give it booster packs, and a whole swag of other goodies." I still dig on AIBO, but until it is smart enough to home in on its base station and recharge itself when its batteries are running low, it's hard to consider AIBO ready for prime time.
Sunday, November 11
The Official Website for Ed Begley Jr.
As the environmental crisis deepens, there are two possible responses: forget it and hope government and corporations will figure it out, or take action yourself. In the "take action yourself" camp, a few outstanding individuals are showing the way. Leading the pack in California is Ed Begley, Jr.
So hi, I'm Jessamyn and I have this website. It started as a place to record thoughts and practice web design and it now looks like a five year notepad. I usually update this page when something's going on, or I have something to say, but right now things seem as low-key as they're going to get so here goes.....
Brainstorms and Raves, weblog about web design, development, typography, Web, Internet, by Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns,
Curiosity about web logs and wondering if clients could use the Blogger-like content management tools for site updating were the seeds. Blogger became the tool, and Brainstorms & Raves was born December 07, 2000. August 17, 2001 was the debut of a new design and domain name, I wrote about why I did all this for its opening post, Design Experiments and Moving, and there's also more in the Colophon about the ideas and philosophy about this new experimental design.
ZDNet: Tech Update: Networking / OpenBSD: The most secure OS around
For example, the entire source code tree for OpenBSD is audited for that most frequent of security problems: buffer overflows. Since 1996, the operating system has had a team of auditors working on finding potential problems and fixing them before they can develop into security holes. OpenBSD, which runs on the Intel platform but has been ported to many others, is also a big believer in fully disclosing any potential security problems to the public as they come up and then immediately attacking and fixing them. Unlike most operating system vendors, the OpenBSD crew is proactive rather than reactive to security problems.
Friday, November 9
Are You A Blogaholic?
Your Score: 52 / 100 YOUR SCORE 52.0% 52.0 points out of 100 AVG SCORE 44.9% 44.9 points out of 100
1411 people have taken this silly test so far. 423 people have scored higher than you. 847 people have scored lower than you. 141 people made the same grade as you.
What does this mean? * 52 points is in the 51 through 80 precent
You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!
IE security hole leads to cookie jar
Microsoft has warned that versions of Internet Explorer can expose consumers' personal data contained within cookies. The vulnerability exists within IE 5.5 and 6.0, but earlier browser editions "may or may not be affected," according to a security bulletin posted to Microsoft's Web site Thursday. The security flaw allows an outsider to break into cookies--tiny electronic files used by Web sites to file account information or personalize pages--through a specially crafted Web page or e-mail. A person could then steal or alter data from Web accounts, including credit card numbers, usernames and passwords.

Until the patch is ready, Microsoft is urging IE users to disable active scripting in the their browser settings. In addition, consumers using Outlook Express should set their preferences within the mail program to allow only "Restricted Sites" to load, according to the company. To disable active scripting in IE, open the Tools menu in the browser, followed by Internet Options and then the tab for Security. Next, open the Custom Level option; in the Settings box, scroll down to the Scripting section. Click Disable under "Active scripting" and "Scripting of Java applets." Click OK, and then click OK again. The flaw was first reported on security mailing list Bugtraq.

jimlog: Jim Gilliam's tech, film and business web log.
Salon on the gaming scene: "With thousands of dollars in prize money at stake, some players are turning to beta-blockers, cocaine and anti-anxiety drugs like Tranxene in their search for an edge." - - [06/Nov/2001:03:09:05 -0800] "GET /d/winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/ c+dir HTTP/1.0" 404 295


Yahoo! Social Science > Communications > Writing > Journals and Diaries > Online Journals and Diaries > Web Logs
Mark Castillo - simplified life online. Listed in Yahoo, sweet!
Thursday, November 8
Gaming Intelligence Agency - Game Boy Advance - Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
The predecessor of Square's Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre pioneered a unique hybrid of tactical gameplay and RPG-style character advancement, and the title is still considered a classic by its many fans. After a brief venture back into pure strategy with Ogre Battle 64, series developer Quest has returned to the strategy RPG realm with the Ogre Battle series' fifth installment: Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.

If you haven't noticed, I'm on a gaming kick tonight.

Advance Wars review on
Advance Wars is an incredibly deep and addictive turn-based strategy game, where you assume command of an army that's out to reclaim a world that's been broken up by warring factions. The battle map is essentially a grid, and moving units is like moving chess pieces on a board -- each of your army's units can move a specific amount of spaces within this grid, and can only attack at a certain distance from specific enemies.

I heard a rumor they might be discontinuing Advances Wars. Do you have your copy?

Philippines Storm Death Toll at 108
Tropical storm Lingling battered the Philippines for a second day Thursday, leaving at least 108 people dead, sinking a cargo ship and virtually shutting down several provinces as it crawled across the country. The death toll included 78 in Mahinog town on the resort island of Camiguin, which suffered its worst disaster in a half-century. With 300 people missing, officials said the overall toll was likely to rise.
Wednesday, November 7
[ a r c h a n g e l 6 0 4 ]
Victor's new site, cool icons! update links later.
Holiday E-Sales Prospects Not Bad
While the prospect of getting a package in the mail has lost much of its appeal, people are probably equally reluctant to take the risk of visiting a crowded shopping mall, he said.
Tuesday, November 6
Dismal Scientist Layoff Calculator
The layoff calculator estimates the probability that you will lose your job by year end 2002. The probability of losing your job is determined by where you live, your occupation, the industry you work in, and if you work for a public company, then how well your company is doing as judged by stock investors. Your performance rating is also considered. The median probability of losing your job by the end of next year is 5%.
Monday, November 5
Certify your gaming smarts:
The University of Washington will offer a certificate in game development this winter. The nine-month evening program is designed for computer programmers who are interested in pursuing a career in the gaming industry. Students will learn about gaming culture and lingo, and study character development and scenarios. They will work with tools such as game engines and experiment with artificial intelligence.
Diamondbacks Beat Yankees to Win World Series
Luis Gonzalez's bloop single completed a thrilling two-run rally off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth inning as the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the New York Yankees 3-2 to win their first World Series.
Sunday, November 4
Xbox Rocks, Gamers Agree
Rumors of the Xbox's shaky stability have been greatly exaggerated. Here at the Xbox Unleashed show, a two-day promotional event for the forthcoming Xbox, gamers have been running the consoles for twelve hours straight and counting, and problems with crashing are nowhere to be seen. In the past week, there was a rash of reports on gaming websites that Xbox kiosks, located in stores such as Babbage's and Electronics Boutique, had crashed and needed to be shut down.
Friday, November 2
Robot Dog 'Bugs' Inventor
Enter the upstart B.I.O. Mechanical Bugs from Hasbro, which hit toy stores in September and sell for $40. Fans and experts say these can herd, feed, flee, fight and even learn on their own, and seem every bit as lifelike as Sony's far pricier mechanical hound. "They're wired to learn," Byrne said. "You can put it in a box, and it can be stymied, then learn to climb out, and it will remember the next time."
It was only a matter of time:
Jennifer Aniston's hunky hubby Brad Pitt reportedly will make an appearance on NBC's Friends later this month playing an old high school chum of Monica's.
Jennifer Lopez makes uncharitable demands
The Smoking Gun has all the evidence. Basically - she was supposed to be filming a brief part of a video for the Marvin Gaye song "What's Goin On" - which is being released as a charity single. But Lopez demanded (amongst other things) a 45 foot trailer, CD player, TV/VCR complete with a white room with white flowers, tables, curtains, curtains, candles and couches, a vast amount of fruit and desserts, over 40 CDs (specified individually) and flowers. She was on set for 90 minutes and didn't go near any of it!
Brain Uses Dreams to Process Memories
``As other people have noted, it's very clear that sleep is not necessary for all memory processing,'' Stickgold said. ``But there are certain areas for which it is clearly necessary.'' Besides procedural learning, research has suggested that REM sleep is needed to ``complete the wiring'' of the visual system, Stickgold added. Sleep may be involved in ``strengthening and integrating and maybe, in some cases, erasing memories from the immediate and distant past,'' he said. ``Dreaming is probably a piece of this process.''
Amazon's virtual credit card a reality
Online retailer on Friday said it was launching a customer credit program, which it billed as a virtual credit card, in a move to lure more customers into its site just weeks ahead of the height of the holiday shopping season. The credit account can be used to purchase goods at Amazon's Internet stores. Customers who sign up with the Amazon Credit Account will be granted three months of no payments with no interest charged on orders over $200 placed through Jan. 21, 2002, the company said.
Jordan scores 31 in Wizards' win over Atlanta
After being held to 19 points in his return two nights earlier, Jordan mustered some vintage moves and a dunk out of his 38-year-old body and refused to let the young Wizards falter down the stretch.
Thursday, November 1
The Yankees' 3-2 win in Game 5
Another jolt of midnight magic, another stunning World Series win for the New York Yankees. Scott Brosius saved the Yankees with a two-out, two-run homer in the ninth inning, then Alfonso Soriano singled home the winning run in the 12th early Friday to give New York a 3-2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks and a three games-to-two edge.
Calif. Gov. Says 'Credible' Threat to Bridges
California Gov. Gray Davis said on Thursday he had received ``credible'' information indicating that the state's major suspension bridges -- including the Golden Gate Bridge -- could be targeted for attack between Nov. 2 and Nov. 7. Davis said it would be up to commuters to decide whether or not they wanted to cross the bridges during the period in question.
Google tests snapshots of Web pages
Giving consumers a peek of a Web page in theory offers a useful clue about the relevance of the information being served up. But piling on many graphics, even small ones, can cause longer page-loading times than one gets with plain text. In addition, Google's test offers only tiny pictures of Web pages, known as thumbnails, which many surfers may find illegible. "We have 50 PhDs on staff," she said, "and they are always thinking up new ideas to try out."
Woman Lay Dead in Apartment for 10 Months
In a particularly striking case, a Hamburg man sat dead on his sofa in front of his television for five years before he was found. The country's efficient banking system, with automatic monthly transfers of rents and pensions, makes it possible for financial transactions to continue in a person's name for years after his or her death.
Xbox due, Microsoft exits Sony-owned mall
Microsoft and Sony may share the competitive stage in San Francisco, but certainly not under one roof. With Microsoft's Xbox gaming system due out in two weeks, the software giant this week closed its retail store in San Francisco's Metreon center, according to a representative for the shopping mall. The building's landlord happens to be Sony, one of the leading video-game makers in the industry. Located in the South of Market area, the high-tech themed shopping and entertainment complex features Sony's "PlayStation" store--billed on the mall's Web site as "the first, and only, completely hands-on game store."
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