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Monday, April 30
Orbitz! Check out Orbitz' advanced search engine to search all airlines and over 2 billion fares in just seconds.
Top 100 Wired Schools It takes more than just wires to be a high-tech school.
Friday, April 27
K12Linux in Schools Project - Toaster Oven Terminal Server - Linux Appliance An internet appliance to the EXTREME - a full Linux terminal server built by Bryan G. into a toaster oven.
Thursday, April 26
Sony puts Linux on PlayStation 2 Users will receive a hard drive with built-in 10Mbit Ethernet socket that will plug into the console’s PCMCIA slot, a mouse and a keyboard, as well as a PS2-compatible version of the popular open source operating system. The PS2 Linux Kit will cost the equivalent of about $200 and will go on sale in June 2001.
Tuesday, April 24
Cisco's Chambers cuts salary to $1 - Tech News - in order to save a few jobs at the company, which is in the midst of laying off up to 8,500 employees, the company said.
PROFILE / Gene Cajayon / Filipino American film 'Debut' getting noticed. Education -- The Quest For A Superkid Tom Marton and Danit Ben-Ari of Brookline, Mass., have a cunning strategy for successful child rearing. Like most other parents, they wouldn't mind if their two daughters turned out to be among the next Mozarts or Martha Grahams or Mia Hamms. But essentially, they just want to help the girls get the most out of their lives. The key, they've decided, is the weekends, when they see to it that their daughters do ... pretty much nothing at all.
Monday, April 23 as the title suggests.
Friday, April 20
The Bug Hunter a site devoted to information relating to software quality assurance.
Be a freelance Web builder - Web Building - will publish a series of articles designed to help you make the initial decision, then get started on making Web freelancing your next successful career. We'll start with the basics of setting up a home office, then deliver the dirt on fees and client negotiation.
Tuesday, April 17 Health -- Yoga: A Shopper's Guide Determine which kind of yoga is right for you and use our Web resources to find a class in your area. - Be hairy or pay up - April 3, 2001 Some clean-shaven guys could find themselves in a hairy situation in a couple of weeks. Beard-growing is now mandatory in Macclesfield, North Carolina. Any male without at least some stubble growing by April 15 will be subject to arrest and-or a 25 dollar fine.
Mechanical Hit Counter
Friday, April 13
Americans Work More of Year to Pay Taxes. On average, Americans are working a longer part of the year to pay their federal, state and local taxes -- effectively having to wait until May 3 to earn money for themselves, the Tax Foundation group said on Friday.
Thursday, April 12
Xbox: Perfect for Server Farms? So imagine Apache ported to be an Xbox "game." The port shouldn't be that difficult, since Microsoft is shipping Xbox Development Kits and developers can use the same development tools they use for Windows applications. Unlike porting Linux, you wouldn't need to re-implement the entire operating system, just write an application that runs on top of it, like any other game developer.
Wednesday, April 11
Agenda VR3 review.
Video Business "Although there's a lot of interest in the product, the grim reality is that after six months of looking, we're not able to find funding to continue the operation," Indrema president John Gildred told VB.
Techweb > News > missing server > Server 54, Where Are You? > April 9, 2001. The University of North Carolina has finally found a network server that, although missing for four years, hasn't missed a packet in all that time. Try as they might, university administrators couldn't find the server. Working with Novell Inc. (stock: NOVL), IT workers tracked it down by meticulously following cable until they literally ran into a wall. The server had been mistakenly sealed behind drywall by maintenance workers. : Article info : Session-Based Test Management. A strategy for structuring exploratory testing.
Security flaw found in Alcatel DSL modems - Tech News - Though only theoretical so far, the problem makes the devices potentially vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks. The security problems could allow a hacker to bypass people's passwords and alter the devices, rendering the modems temporarily or permanently unusable, researchers said. A hacker also could potentially install code to gather unencrypted credit card information or read unencrypted e-mail messages, investigators said.
Tuesday, April 10 | Indrema's mission impossible. He estimates that an Indrema system will be available in limited quantity by the end of 2001. Of course, that depends on somebody coming through with more money. And, as Mr. Gildred himself admits, the chances of that are slim. The Domain Pricing Resource This site is a free resource which lists active domain registrars and their prices.
Monday, April 9 - Web Services - Bandwidth Meter
Final Fantasy Exclusive Footage.
Sunday, April 8
the strangest thing just happened. i walked over to the bathroon to turn off the light and closed the door. i turned to walk away, then noticed the bathroom light was still on. spooky.
Thursday, April 5
Slashdot | Best Way to Get Kids Started in Programming? What language/development environment would be best for kids aged 11-13 who think they want to learn some programming over the summer? And what are some good books they might start with, too? "
Steve Heller's Home Page. Learning to Program in C++. Who's Afraid of C++? Who's Afraid of More C++? Who's Afraid of Java?
Wednesday, April 4
TOMB RAIDER movie trailer... 8)
The newest Dallas Maverick, Wang Zhizhi (R) , stretches as teammate Eduardo Najera looks on during Zhizhi's first practice after officially signing with the Mavericks, in Dallas, April 4, 2001. Wang, who is from the Peoples Republic of China, was drafted by the Mavericks in 1999 and will be the first Asian to play in the National Basketball Association. Najera was the first Mexican-born player in the NBA, and with the signing of Zhizhi the Mavericks have four different countries represented on their roster.
BART Scheduler BART Scheduler is a Palm Pilot app that finds the times for BART trains, given source and destination stations and an approximate time to leave or arrive.
MIT to assign free courses for Web users - Tech News - MIT said in a statement Wednesday that the Web site--MIT OpenCourseWare--would include lecture notes, course outlines, reading Lists, and assignments for each course. MIT did not say how much the program would cost, but The New York Times reported it would cost $100 million.
Tuesday, April 3
More programmers going "Extreme" - Tech News - Mark Windholtz spent the first 12 years of his programming career writing code alone in a cubicle. But now when Windholtz creates code, he does so with a comrade at his side--one of the tenets of the software development methodology called Extreme Programming.
Energy Misers Declare War on Kilowatts / Savers going to great lengths to qualify for PG&E rebates Ted Lesher, a computer programmer living in Atwater in Merced County, worried about the guesswork involved in finding out how to save 20 percent on his bill. So he bought a power meter, and has spent the past months monitoring the energy consumption of his refrigerator, computer and other appliances in the five-bedroom home he lives in with his wife and two sons.
Dads taking on more childcare duties -- except when it comes to homework What you can do? Dads: Make a conscious effort to get involved in your child's daily life. Take turns reading the bedtime story to your child, for example. Or help your toddler get dressed in the morning. Play is great, but recent studies have shown that children whose fathers do their share of hands-on childcare are ahead of the curve developmentally and in problem-solving, social, and verbal skills.
Monday, April 2
Building the Perfect Box: How to Design Your Linux Workstation by Eric S. Raymond in December 1996. This article, written for the Linux Journal, is a guide to building capable Linux workstations on the cheap from generic PC hardware.
Hanging Gardens of Where? To refresh your memory, here are the original Seven Wonders of the World, in order of antiquity:
  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza.
  2. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  3. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia.
  4. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
  5. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
  6. The Colossus of Rhodes.
  7. The Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Judd Purr-Fect As 'Catwoman'
Madonna Announces Concert Tour The superstar will kick off a series of concerts in Europe in June, her spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, told The Associated Press. The tour will hit the United States a month later. No dates have been announced.
The Computer Geek Nutrition Pyramid
Sunday, April 1
Be Inc. Raises Going Concern Doubt, Cites Loss From Operations The company said if it can't raise additional capital to continue its present level of operations, it will have to scale back its business, which could include among other things, a workforce reduction.
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