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Wednesday, January 31
Impeach Clinton! Impeach Bush! 12 Galaxies Guiltied to a Zegnatronic Rocket Society: Dedicated to Frank Chu Welcome to 12 Galaxies Dedicated to Frank Chu and the people who ask, "what's up with that guy?"
Role Players Get a Place to Play While not persistent -- which means running all the time -- visitors will be able to download a client and launch Neverwinter Nights for play. The server keeps a map of other players who have visited, and gamers can play each another in real time, said Cal Morrell, president of Interplay. Plans for full-fledged MMPGs, running around the clock, are in the works and will operate as a subscription-based model. The cost will be about $10 per month.
Long-Term Breastfeeding Lowers Breast Cancer Risk Women who breastfeed for at least 2 years cut their risk of developing breast cancer by nearly half compared with women who breastfeed for less than 6 months, researchers report.
CMGI Claims Patently Wrong "Several people half-joking told me I should take patents out on crawling the Net and indexing data on other machines," he said. "Our response at the time was we didn't want to stifle the environment. We thought it would not be in the spirit in which everyone was contributing in the common good."
Stock options for laid-off employees? - Tech News - The Seattle-based company said it is setting up a trust fund of $2.5 million worth of stock for laid-off employees. The fund will hold the stock until mid-2003, when it will be sold and distributed to dismissed workers. The company did not disclose details about how it will dispense the proceeds or in what portions. "The individual payouts will vary based on how well the stock does," Amazon spokesman Bill Curry said. "It's an opportunity for the 1,300 people affected to still share in the longer-term success of the company."
TV Guide Online - [In The News] EARLY MORNING DELIVERY: Hoping to narrow the ratings gap with NBC's dominant Today show, ABC's Good Morning America will air a live childbirth Feb. 6 as part of its continuing series on maternity trends in the 21st century. ...According to a show rep, Tuesday was selected because more women tend to give birth that day than any other.

ethan was born on a tuesday.
Tuesday, January 30
'Columbine-style' threat shuts De Anza College Miceli said San Jose police learned of DeGuzman's arsenal at 6 p.m. Monday when a photo lab clerk at a local Long's Drug store called police after developing photos of DeGuzman posing with his arsenal. The girl's father is a San Jose police officer.
Amazon to cut 1,300 jobs, the celebrated online retailer that has never been profitable despite explosive growth, said Tuesday that it lost $1.4 billion last year and will cut 1,300 jobs, or 15 percent of its work force, over the next three months.
Using less power will save money in time -- but there's a cost to...Making Every Little Switch What's most practical is trying those measures as best you can -- like turning off lights and running the dishwasher on air-dry cycles -- and buying a few special things that will save you money without draining your wallet. And when it comes to that, the biggest secret for the smallest way to save juice is probably stopping "power leakage" in your house. All this takes is investment in a few power strips, or low-end surge protectors, at $4 apiece.
it seems Dark Angel is on again...
NewsForge | Theo de Raadt gives it all to OpenBSD Hacking is all he wants to do: hack, mountain bike, and climb mountains, in that order. Characteristically efficient de Raadt looks at the world first in terms of hotspots for programming secure code and second as places with good mountains. - Kentucky cashier falls for fake Bush $200 bill - January 30, 2001 In addition to the Bush portrait on the front, the treasury seal is marked with the phrase, "The right to bear arms." An oil well appears on the back of the bill.
Hotmail founder wants to send a new message Hotmail founder Jack Smith and another Hotmail alum are among the players in a new, stealth e-mail infrastructure company called Godspeed Networks, which hopes to launch its product--whatever it may be--by year-end.
Sega expected to slash price of Dreamcast - Tech News - Sega is expected Wednesday to cut the price of its Dreamcast game console by one-third to $99 to get rid of excess inventory as it abandons the production of the machine, according to sources familiar with the plan.
Slashdot | Running BIND 4 or 8? Upgrade! The Dev was the first of several zillion to point out that security holes were found in BIND. The detailed table of known vulnerabilities will help clarify (and it has tarball links too), but the short version is, if you're running BIND 4 or BIND 8, set aside some time today to upgrade to 4.9.8 or 8.2.3 (not beta, betas of 8.2.3 are vulnerable). And now's a good time to reconsider version 9, too. SecurityFocus warns that the last time a BIND hole of this magnitude was found, it was followed by a "cyber-crime wave." Exploits for these holes were successfully created by COVERT Labs, but nobody seems to know whether they're in the wild yet.
BUILDING A BIGGER, BETTER BART/Experts suggest improving the current system before extending it BART is breaking down and could indeed crumble as ridership grows but, rather than improve the current system, its focus remains on continuously adding to the system. As one analyst puts it, "Continuing to do these extensions is like wanting to build three new living rooms on your house while the roof is caving in." Part Three in a series.
Monday, January 29 | binary encoder via techo weenie - Books - It's 50 years for 'Catcher in the Rye' -- but few are talking - January 26, 2001
Just Call Me Mike, Says First Husband Mike, 54, is a lawyer and has plans to take up certain "socio-civic" causes, the newspaper said, adding that he would also pursue his photographic ambitions in the presidential palace. Asked about his role as spouse, he said: "I'll just take photos of her."
Sunday, January 28
Super Bowl XXXV Facts and Figures COST OF THE VINCE LOMBARDI TROPHY: $12,000. WHO MAKES THE SUPER BOWL TROPHY: Tiffany & Co. of New York. COST OF SUPER BOWL RINGS: League pays for up to 125 rings at $5,000 per ring (plus adjustments for increases in gold and diamonds). League also pays for 125 pieces of jewelry for the losing team, which may not cost more than one-half the price set for the Super Bowl ring.
If You Can't Park, You Can't Ride/For a BART commuter in the suburbs, every workday morning begins with a race to claim one of the precious spots in the transit system's inadequate parking lots
Saturday, January 27
Heavy Babies Are Smarter Adults In the biggest study to date examining the influence of birth weight on intelligence, scientists have found that babies born on the heavy side of normal tend to be brighter as adults.
Friday, January 26
O'Reilly Network: Establishing Good Password Policies [Jan. 17, 2001] This article covers several ideas for creating a password policy and configuring login.conf classes to implement policies.
Rumsfeld Planning Missile Defense President Bush intends to move ahead with a national missile defense plan despite objections from Russia and other countries, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Friday. via
InternetNews - Web Developer News -- Microsoft's .Net Campaign Likely Finished Rob Enderle, an analyst at the Giga Information Group, said this week's setbacks effectively destroyed its still-fresh campaign and any Web dynasty hopes. "It's destroyed," Enderle said. "While they're running a big campaign talking about the reliability of MS products is not the time to have major outages at the site, particularly for sites as visible as Microsoft. (The outages) pretty much destroyed their advertising campaign, and any value they might have achieved from that campaign is pretty much gone. "In fact, there's even a risk that the campaign will become an industry joke," Enderle said
Thursday, January 25
OS Has a Face You Can Love The Athena operating system, under development for almost two years by Rocklyte has the ambitious goal of creating an operating system that will run on any device and look like whatever you want. The first beta is out for Athena, which will be a customizable object-oriented interface that can sit on top of any operating system's kernel including Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The modular design enables developers to write one source code base that can be run on all three platforms without rewriting the code.
Death Cycle of Presidents Elected in a Zero Year The conventional wisdom of American campains is that the bottom of the ticket, the nominee for Vice President has little or impact on the election results. However, should an old Indian curse be once again fulfilled, America could be led by a President Cheney or a President Lieberman before the year 2004. Of course there are doubters who find the notion of such a curse to be ridiculous, but in their ranks one would be hard pressed to find the families of eight past American Presidents. via camworld.
Blackbox @ i installed the blackbox window manager on my freebsd box. it's working great so far. some cool features : minimal resource usage, fast and simple interface, and support for multiple desktop environments. one minor problem, i can't alt-tab to another window.
Wednesday, January 24 Takes Aim at Lone Gunmen i'm surfing and watching temptation island (yeah, i know). i see this commerical for new show the Lone Gunmen and i'm interested but i missed the url. so i go to the fox web site. ugh, i couldn't find anything there. no lone gunmen info, no search, nothing. anyways, as usual, i was able to find it using google. errr, fox.
happy chinese new year!
Tuesday, January 23
Software QA and Testing Resource Center - FAQ Part 1
Documentary Details Dot-Com Death Documentary goes inside one of the most prominent Internet flops, whose brief history included a White House visit and being burglarized in a case of suspected corporate espionage. The film, which premieres this week at the Sundance Film Festival chronicles the startup that planned to help citizens interact with government services for things like paying parking tickets online.
Long Day's Journey Into Tights Krista Cope, an actual female who also plays one in EverQuest, found that players often change their behavior toward her when they realize she's a real-life woman and not just a character, but usually in a good way. "Most are happy to find a female gamer, and are fairly friendly," she said. "Several of my guild mates tend to be like protective older brothers. But I enjoy that. It's like that with other RPG games, too. If you are a female playing a female character, the guys tend to treat you better. They seem genuinely excited to see a few real woman players."
Monday, January 22
Fairvue Central >> Features >> First Annual Weblog Awards every vote counts!
Apache Tutorial: Introduction to Server Side Includes This article deals with Server Side Includes, usually called simply SSI. In this article, I'll talk about configuring your server to permit SSI, and introduce some basic SSI techniques for adding dynamic content to your existing HTML pages.
cowan alexander auction and liquidation schedule if you were interested by the last article (i like was).
Gazoontite: Going, Going, Gone Over the next three months, Cowan's firm plans to arrange another four or five dot-com auctions. The companies doing the sales either shut down or decided to scale back their businesses and sell off unneeded equipment as prospects for new investment dry up.
Sunday, January 21
BSD Today: AFTERBOOT(8) Manual Page from OpenBSD The default gateway address is stored in the /etc/mygate file. If you need to edit this file, a painless way to reconfigure the network after- wards is route flush followed by a sh -x /etc/netstart command. Or, you may prefer to manually configure using a series of route add and route delete commands (see route(8)).
hey vic, your 'about me' link on your front page is a broken link.
Saturday, January 20 - News - Personal Technology - GPS owners play high-tech hide-and-seek Geocaching has since evolved into a sport played in 43 states and 12 countries. This high-tech version of hide-and-seek involves looking for and planting caches--usually a logbook to record visits and trinkets such as maps, toys and food. The point of the game isn't what you find in the cache but simply finding it, using GPS (global positioning system) information supplied by the cacher. Once a cache is found, the geocacher can take something and leave something behind for the next person.
Friday, January 19
Clinton Admits False Statements In a deal sparing himself possible indictment, President Clinton acknowledged Friday for the first time that he had made false statements under oath about Monica Lewinsky. He also surrendered his law license as part of an arrangement with prosecutors who had pursued him for six years.
Slashdot | What Do You Do With 1 Million Atari Games? this guy has over a million unopened Atari 2600 and 7800 games sitting in a limestone mine-turned warehouse for sale for a bug a cardtridge. If you still have a machine, check it out (at a buck a cartridge, its quite the deal). Or else you could get the cartridge and make your emulator legal!
Estrada Reportedly May Resign President Joseph Estrada's hold on power fell apart as military and political allies abandoned him and hundreds of thousands of Filipinos threatened to march on the presidential palace at dawn Saturday to force him out. The former movie star, beleaguered for months by corruption allegations, was reportedly negotiating over terms for his resignation. His vice president - who has led the opposition campaign to remove him - on Friday declared herself the new commander in chief of the military.
Thursday, January 18
I forgot my root password, what do I do now? err...
re-runs, catching up on some blogging.
top referrers for DEC 2000 : - - - - - - Personal Side of Being a Sysadmin So you think you've got what it takes to administrate a server farm or office network with hundreds, if not thousands of users on it? The unfortunate reality of being a Systems Administrator is that sometime during your career, you will most likely run into a user (or lus3r if you prefer) whom has an IQ of a diced carrot and demands that you drop everything to fix their system/email/whatever. This article focuses on how to deal with these kinds of issues. We will look at how to deal with day-to-day issues that spring up, and more importantly how not to deal with them. We will go over a number of tips and tricks that will pull your bacon from the coals when stuff happens. Finally, we will look at how to deal with priorities in a triage situation when it all goes wrong. - US - Blackouts ordered for second day in California - January 18, 2001 A Stage 3 electrical emergency also remains in effect, meaning power reserves are expected to fall below 1.5 percent. The California Independent System Operator (ISO), the agency that manages the state's power grid, uses blackouts as an emergency measure to prevent the grid from collapsing. Rolling blackouts involve switching off entire neighborhoods for a limited time to relieve the strain on the system. 1/12/2001 - Valley Talk: Freebies Aren't Forever One thing's for sure: whether you'll be picking up the entire check or just paying the tip, the free ride on many of your favorite sites is about over.
Civil rights leader acknowledges fathering child out of wedlock
Wednesday, January 17
ZDNet: News: Net worm hobbles Linux servers The worm spreads by scanning the Internet for servers based on Red Hat (Nasdaq: RHAT) 6.2 or 7.0 and then attempts to gain access using two common exploits. When it does gain access, it installs a so-called "root kit," which patches the security holes and installs special programs that replace common system functions. Ramen also replaces the main page on Web servers with an HTML file claiming: "RameN Crew--Hackers looooooooooooove noodles."
Rolling Blackouts Begin in Bay Area State officials ordered rolling blackouts throughout Northern California late this morning as power reserves failed to keep pace with soaring demand. It was the first time rolling blackouts have been ordered on a statewide basis. The blackouts are expected to last through the afternoon and into the evening, according to officials at the Independent System Operator, which oversees the energy network.
GeodSoft How-To: Hardening OpenBSD Internet Servers: Contents
Tuesday, January 16
Larry Page's Connections/A conversation with Chronicle staff writer Verne Kopytoff
tip of the day. Alt-Click and you shall receive. I was thinking, gosh, it's pretty much a standard thing on Windows now to have to right-click something, then move your mouse down and click on Properties in order to get to, well, the properties of the thing and do something useful. It'd be cool if there was a shortcut for that -- say, hold down your alt key while you double-clicked on the thing. And then I tried it and, like magic, my idea was implemented.
Net blamed as crisis roils California Charging Up Silicon Valley
Typical electrical power consumption in Santa Clara:
One office building: 5 watts per sq. ft.
One R&D lab: 15 watts per sq. ft.
One semiconductor fab plant: 30-50 watts per sq. ft.
One data center: 85-100 watts per sq. ft. - Geek History thourgh T-shirts
Metafilter | Comments on 5297 Justin's Relationship Resume.
Monday, January 15
Slashdot | 'Matrix' Sequels In Trouble? They've had one of the major actors pull out due to scheduling conflicts and Keanu is rumored to have broken his ankle while in training. is carrying the rumour/style. " Yes, Michelle Yeoh[?] (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) has pulled out - but the other part to remember is that SAG[?] will almost be certainly going on strike, delaying production in any case.
Sunday, January 14
BSD Today: Process accounting with lastcomm and sa Over a year ago, I had an interesting job of tracking down how a root superuser account vanished. Once I was on the system, it appeared that the issue was not malicious and I enjoyed the detective work tracking down the problem.
Saturday, January 13
My AOL | Today's News Unisys, Microsoft, Dell to Create New Voting System.
Friday, January 12
Rent, Own or Rent 2 Own Games - R2Ogames . just like netflix but for games.
Thursday, January 11
the unexamined life is not worth living. so true, so true.
Wednesday, January 10
Flight Tracking Find out the current status of any flights between major cities within the United States. requires java.
Mission Bay It is a destination where people will want to live, work, play and discover at San Francisco's newest neighborhood. Mission Bay will offer spectacular bay and city views creating a unique place of tradition and innovation.
Tuesday, January 9
PS2Faction review of PS2's The Getway.
entertainment : Fresh off her People's Choice Award win, Friends star Jennifer Aniston is a signature away from starring in the low-budget indie The Good Girl, Variety reports. Directed by Miguel Arteta (Chuck & Buck), the film revolves around a married woman whose boring life is turned upside down when she has an affair with a stock boy who thinks he's Holden Caulfield.
Monday, January 8 And in This Corner, From Redmond, Washington ... The demo was full of snazzy graphics but lacked any real news, said a few reporters.'s David Becker pointed out that the Xbox's technical details have been available since March. Wired News also commented on still-missing Xbox information such as price and shipping date.

if you pre-ordered one, the receipt had a sale value of 399 and the ship date as SEP 2001

Diablo II: The Demo - Game News - Gamecenter -
Dad Gets Net Visitation Rights
Slashdot | First Internet Appliance With BeIA - From Sony?
Sunday, January 7
PS2 VCD? I already know that the PS2 can play PS1 games, audio CD's, and DVD's, I was just wondering if it will also play VCD's ? I ask this because I know that the VCD format is much more popular in Asia then here in the U. S. I don't want to spend money on VCD's only to find out later that my PS2 won't play them. Aga Nope. There will apparently be a version of the PS2 in Asia that will play VCDs but the US version will not. Not too much call for it. -Daniel Erickson
Do some sort of check of yourself in which you re-evaluate what exactlyit is that you are working for. If it is fun and relaxation that you areafter, maybe you are actually passing it by without even realizing it.The fun you seek is right there in front of your face, and it would bebest if you take advantage of it now instead of waiting until some magichour at which point you feel you have earned it. Remember: Live in themoment.
New GBA Dodgeball Game On the Horizon Do you remember Super Dodge Ball? Anyone who owned an NES undoubtedly has played this goofy sports game, featuring sets of tiny, chubby players pounding each other with outlandish special throws. It didn't have much to do with dodgeball the way we played it in elementary school, but it was a blast. And now it's coming to the Game Boy Advance, sort of.
Saturday, January 6 - News - Entertainment & Media - Linux to star on silver screen Hall, a consultant on the film, was offered a cameo, but couldn't make it because he had to attend a computer trade show in China. Instead, the role went to Miguel de Icaza, Linux icon and peppy leader of the Gnome desktop project, who in the film presents the hero with an open-source award. Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy also appears in the film's trailers. - News - Personal Technology - Microsoft got game: Xbox unveiled
Thursday, January 4
O'Reilly Network: Adding Users to FreeBSD News: Xbox Design Pictures Revealed. - News - E-Business - eBay goes back online after prolonged outages After a day of lengthy outages, eBay said Thursday that it has restored its auction system and intends to upgrade its hardware in the coming weeks to provide improved service.
Wednesday, January 3
AnyBrowser.COM - Screen Size Tester.
Tuesday, January 2
Technocopia Your Guide to the Technological Lifestyle including Home Automation, Home Networking and more.
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