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Saturday, November 30
  Kevin Spacey Wants Your Screenplay
Big-shot Hollywood celebrities aren't known for their overabundance of selfless goodwill. So when a marquee-worthy star like Kevin Spacey launches a website designed to help the "little guy" break into Hollywood, we stand up and take notice.
Friday, November 29
  AppleCare Document: 61414
JPEG and GIF files without file types cannot be imported into iMovie for Mac OS X. Some images may be available in the Import dialog, some are dimmed. These images can be opened in other applications, like Preview. If Preview can open the files, you can use Preview to export the images for use with iMovie. Follow these steps:
Wednesday, November 27
  Connecting Mac OS X to Windows PCs
Mac users often have to share files with Windows machines, both at work and home. Occasionally, using portable media such as a ZIP disk or a USB portable storage does the job nicely, but for daily use a cross-platform network is more robust. Apple has incorporated technologies into Mac OS X that allow easy file sharing among platforms. And with the release of Mac OS X 10.2, networking became even easier. In this article, we'll discuss how you can share files between your Mac and Windows machines and explore how Windows applications can be run on Mac OS X. All the examples in this article have been tested with version 10.2.1 of the operating system.
Monday, November 25
  Holiday price drop seen for digicams
Prices for midrange digital cameras could drop below $100 next month, according to a new report by market researcher IDC. Prices for digital cameras have been steadily declining as the market grows, but with camera makers competing to pump up holiday sales, more drastic cuts could be in store, IDC analyst Chris Chute said. Cameras with resolution of 2 megapixels--usually considered the minimum for good snapshot-size prints--could be selling for as low as $99 in a few weeks, Chute said. Current prices for such cameras bottom out at around $199.
Friday, November 22
  iRobot Roomba Intelligent FloorVac
On today's show we'll take a look at the Roomba Intelligent FloorVac from iRobot. We'll perform a demonstration of the product, show you how it works, and evaluate its performance. Roomba is a UFO-shaped vacuum cleaner. It's a little more than a foot in diameter, it's 3 inches tall, and it runs on a rechargeable NiMH battery. The battery provides between 60 minutes and 90 minutes of operation per charge, depending on the type of surface it operates on. The bad news is that it takes a whopping 12 hours to recharge the battery, unless you spend an additional $65 for a charger that'll do it in two. Roomba can be a convenient and effortless way to quickly polish up any room with minimal effort. But for serious cleaning you'll need a more powerful vacuum.
Thursday, November 21
  Slashdot | Backup Your Life on a DVD
matt20 writes "I've often wondered what it would take to condense the essence of my life and put it in a searchable format. Well, it looks like that may become a reality. Engineers are working on software to load every photo you take, every letter you write - in fact your every memory and experience - into a surrogate brain that never forgets anything. Here is the article found in New Scientist."
Monday, November 18
  Linux For Kids!
LinuxForKids was created in the Summer of 1999 to promote the use of Linux as an educational and entertainment platform for children. We do this by reviewing available software titles that we find or are submitted to us by our readers. We rate them based on quality and appropriateness for children. We set our target audience to children under the age of 10, since we believed this was the audience for which the least efforts were being made. Right now, this web site is more intended for parents and teachers looking for software. We hope to be able to make it also a destination for children.
Friday, November 15
  Hot Deals Club - updated many times daily with the best deals
Walmart - HOT! - Star Wars Episode 2 VHS or DVD for $10. Similar to the Toys R Us deal, most Walmart stores have dropped the price of Star Wars Episode 2 DVD or VHS to $9.92. Valid through Sunday. Some Walmart stores may want to see the Toys R Us sales flyer before they sell it for that price.
Wednesday, November 13
  Slashdot | Re-Tooling Your Skills for the Future?
nojayuk asks: " Over the decades I've re-skilled myself several times, from mainframe FORTRAN through minicomputer PASCAL to microcomputer C. In between I've done microcontroller development and programming in Assembler, robotics, graphics design and 3-D animation for TV, PC build and repair, Website design etc. Currently I'm looking for work and I'm wondering what new skills do I need to stay in the computing biz. What OSes do I need to know, what technologies do I have to have under my belt for the employers to come hunting for me instead of me passing my obsolete CV around and being told to get lost? I'm looking for advice, not just for next week but for a few years down the line. What can I do to acquire these essential new skills?"
  11/23: Looking for techie LARGE guys for TV Shoot (THIS IS LEGIT)
I am a booker working at TechTV here in San Francisco. I am looking at putting together a shoot for a new show we are doing. It's a late night show and we plan on doing some parodies. One of these is a parody of the juggies on the Man Show. I am looking for big (and I mean big) guys that are willing to jump on trampolines in their shorts (bikini briefs preferred). It is ideal if you have some kind of tech background though not necessary. This is for real. I am trying to find people in here because really, where do you look for big guys who will jump on a trampoline for a TV show.
Tuesday, November 12
  Slashdot | Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration In 24 Hours
Spencerian writes "UNIX guru and writer Dave Taylor's Teach Yourself Unix System Administration in 24 Hours is a strong "rosetta stone" reference and tutorial for beginning and intermediate Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX system administrators. The book covers fundamental and specialized UNIX sysadmin tasks for three UNIX flavors: Red Hat Linux 7.2, Solaris 8, and Mac OS X, version 10.1.2. Although Mac OS X and Red Hat have advanced in versions since this book was published, it doesn't appear to affect the book's usefulness since many of the tasks involve the venerable UNIX command line." The rest of Kevin's review is below -- read on to see if this book might help you.
  Slashdot | Classic Computer Magazine Archive
savetz writes "I think /. readers will find this of interest: the Classic Computer Magazine Archive serves up the full text from old compter mags: three years of Creative Computing plus every issue of Antic, STart, and Hi-Res. There's also a bit of text from Compute! and Compute!'s Gazette. Everything is there with permission from the publishers."
Sunday, November 10
  TechTV | Selling His Soul Online
Think of your most prized possession. It might be a worn baseball glove, an Atari videogame console, or a faded concert T-shirt. At some point all of these memories, knickknacks, and furniture take over your living space. But would you get rid if it all and start fresh? Meet one man who did, tonight on "Tech Live." John Freyer decided to do just that -- sell it all. But this wasn't just an ordinary garage sale. It became a life sale or, more specifically, Allmylifeforsale. The reason to sell seemed simple enough. His Iowa City, Iowa, apartment was cluttered, in part because he loves to shop. A man who loves to shop? Ladies, he's taken. But because he's a consummate thrift store junkie, his belongings had become a burden. He wanted to sell everything and move to New York City. Starting in fall 2000, he posted 600 items on eBay, ranging from physical objects to experiences.
  All My Life For Sale
Welcome to Allmylifeforsale, an online project that explored our relationship to the objects around us, their role in the concept of identity, as well as the emerging commercial systems of the Internet. Using the public/commercial space of the online trading community Ebay in conjunction with his online catalogue, John Freyer catalogued and sold nearly everything that he owned, from his kitchen cutlery to his personal hygiene products, his Star Wars sheets and finally even the domain name itself.
Wednesday, November 6
  the three stars
serving the filipino american community
  Apple adds DVD burner to PowerBook
The PowerBook line now includes an 867MHz model, available now for $2,299, and a 1GHz model that can both burn and read CDs and DVDs. That model will be available later this month for $2,999. The three iBook models consist of a $999 model with a 700MHz chip, a 12.1-inch screen, a CD-ROM drive, 128MB of memory and a 20GB hard drive; a $1,299 model with an 800MHz chip, a 12.1-inch screen, a combination CD-rewritable/DVD-ROM drive, 128MB of memory and a 30GB hard drive; and a $1,599 model with an 800MHz chip, a 14-inch screen, a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, 256MB of memory and a 30GB hard drive. Joswiak said Apple planned the introduction to try and boost holiday sales.
  Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
The truth is that you can make great photos with a simple consumer point-and-shoot camera, or take lousy shots with the most expensive Nikon. It's not the camera that makes beautiful images; it's the photographer. With a little knowledge and a willingness to make an adjustment here and there, you can squeeze big time photos out of the smallest digicam. To help you down the road to great image making, here are ten tips that will enable you shoot like a pro (without maxing out your credit card on all that expensive equipment).
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